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Are you looking for a Magento agency that can help you with consulting, development and implementation of your commerce project? Then igniti is the right place for you! We are specialized in Magento, one of the leading shop systems. As a Magento agency, we can create an agile and transparent B2C or B2B online shop based on the latest version “Magento 2”. Are you still using Magento 1? We can help you migrate from Magento 1 to Magento 2.

With more than 260,000 installations worldwide and a market share of 26%, Magento is one of the world’s leading providers of e-commerce solutions. Magento Commerce is an open-source e-commerce shop system that offers high flexibility, excellent scalability and stability, as well as years of experience, enormous distribution and a global presence. At the end of 2015, the company took a big step into the future with the launch of Magento 2, a new version that incorporates the experience gained from countless commerce projects.

With innovations such as a multi-layered software architecture, significantly improved performance, and optimized usability for users and merchants, Magento 2 sets new standards and makes Magento 2 attractive for use in B2C and B2B commerce. The new version was developed with the user in mind. As a result, an optimal user experience has been ensured at all points. Complex processes such as checkout or customer re-registration were deliberately kept lean. This has a lasting effect on customer satisfaction and conversion rates.

Create Magento shop - Magento agency igniti

Magento – Perfect for B2B and worldwide e-commerce rollout

Magento Commerce offers extensive B2B functionality. Features such as support for price requests, the creation and maintenance of hierarchical company accounts, a quick order function via SKU, the management of order credits and an advanced role rights system are provided. Magento continues to expand its B2B capabilities to meet the growing demand in this area.

Another reason for its success is the ease with which you can internationalize your online store. With little effort, you can quickly roll out to different countries. The correct mapping of different tax and currency types ensures that you can serve different markets on all continents. With Magento Commerce as your partner and igniti as your Magento agency, you benefit from the extensive know-how of projects implemented worldwide. This means you are prepared today to react quickly and easily to tomorrow’s trends.




Corporate headquarters

Culver City, USA

E-commerce application area

• B2B E-Commerce
 B2C E-Commerce

Target group

Companies international



Software Model

open source


over 200,000 members worldwide

License Model

free licenses (CE)
commercial licenses (EE)

Magento update 2.4.6

New in March 2023: Magento 2.4.6 

In addition to fixing eight security vulnerabilities, the new Magento update includes significant performance and scalability improvements. More than 300 quality improvements and enhancements, reduced response times and better GraphQL performance comes with version 2.4.6. Magento Open Source introduces support for PHP 8.2 with this update, although PHP 8.1 remains fully supported. However, this ends support for version 7.4. 

With the update, some security gaps were closed. In particular, errors in the logs for admin actions were fixed and validation problems with reCAPTCHA in connection with payments were corrected. In addition, Magento has introduced two-factor authentication and now requires confirmation by email when changes are made to admin users.

With version 2.4.6, Magento improved its accessibility in terms of adapting some buttons to best practices. Regarding GraphQL, some response times were shortened and the performance of category tree rendering was improved. 

Are you considering using the option for your shop and upgrading to Magento 2.4.6? Then contact us for an individual consultation or let us start directly. We support you in the renovation of your Magento 2 shop to prepare you ideally for the e-commerce peak season. 


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Magento consulting from the Magento agency igniti

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Just contact us, igniti as an experienced Magento agency, will be able to find out in a consultation which solution is the best for your project to effectively create a Magento shop according to your goals.

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Magento 2: The E-Commerce Platform


Flexibility, performance and scalability are important factors when choosing the right shop system. That is why the development of Magento has consistently focused on these points. The result is an innovative, multi-layered software architecture that impresses.

The development approach used here solves many typical problems of rigid architectures. Dependencies between modules are reduced to a minimum. This not only increases the stability of the system, but also greatly simplifies the development of new extensions. In addition, an integrated, automated testing system helps maintain high code quality and accelerates quality assurance processes. This reduces development time and time-to-market. Another benefit of the new architecture is the improved extensibility of the system.

Compared to Magento 1, version upgrades are much easier, faster and cheaper.

Magento software architecture: presentation layer, service layer, business logic, resources

The most important Magento features for your online shop in e-commerce


Multishop capability

Manage shops with different product, customer and checkout data on different hierarchical levels in a Magento installation.

The Web Sites layer

Operate different online shops, each with its own customer & article master on a Magento instance and maintain them via a common backend.

Magento multishop for e-commerce

Magento Stores & Storeviews - Internationalization with Magento


Control multiple stores with different categories and items. Your customer uses a checkout and a joint customer account for all stores.


Offer your Magento store in several languages and different designs and meet the requirements of your users in this area as well. The article master remains the same in all store views, so that the maintenance effort for you is low.

Import/ Export with Magento

The higher the order volume and the number of your customers and products, the more useful and likely it is to connect to your internal systems. Out of the box, Magento offers several options for connecting to third party systems as well as high performance data exchange.

Categories/ Products/ Filters

Easy management of product data and categories gives your store managers the flexibility to respond to the needs of your target audience. Present your products and categories in a user-friendly way and increase your sales through better usability. Your customers can quickly find the right product by using additional filter criteria such as color, size, or more specific product features.

Magento products & categories arrangement in the online shop

Magento Customer Account Marketing Personas & Online Campaigns

Product Marketing with Magento

In addition to tiered pricing, time-limited specials, or coupon codes, you can also create product bundles or shopping cart pricing rules to best market your products with a customized campaign plan.

The customer account

Transparent mapping of user data builds trust and improves service after the sale. In the customer account area, you can not only make all of the customer’s stored data available for review and modification, but you can also increase satisfaction by displaying orders, including delivery status, tracking, and reorder options, and encourage the customer to make their next purchase.

The Magento CMS

Create additional content with the built-in Magento CMS. Thanks to simple and intuitive operation via drag & drop, your shop managers can take over the maintenance of the pages themselves and thus react quickly and easily to desired changes.

Payment modules

Use a variety of modules to allow your users to choose from the most common payment methods and thus significantly increase your conversion rate.

Magento payment process via modules

Magento Mobile first approach for your e-commerce

Mobile First – Responsive-Design with Magento

More than 50% of all Internet users today are on the go on their smartphone or tablet. Online shop operators who do not react to this will lose customers in the long term and be overtaken by the competition. With Magento 2, the included themes were developed with a mobile-first approach. A blank theme and a sample theme offer good foundations to implement your own shop layouts quickly and efficiently.

The Magento 2 Highlights


With Magento 2, high-performance e-commerce applications can be developed. Lean processes lead to a high execution speed and the server-side integrated Varnish cache reduces loading times for shop visitors. Furthermore, the optimized frontend with compressed images, optimized CSS and JS files and the improved browser caching promises short loading times for the client.

What this means in numbers, Magento delivers at the same time:

Add product to cart 45% faster *

Average 25% faster loading times in the catalog view *

15% faster browsing in the catalog, homepage, category and product view *

*compared to Magento 1


For growing companies and markets as well as internationalization projects, easy scalability is an important success factor. Magento 2 is well equipped for these requirements. The separate front-end and back-end layers allow independent scaling of the two systems, as required. This allows different, complex hosting environments to be set up for optimal load balancing and improved performance. Furthermore, important processes such as checkout and order management can be outsourced to independent databases to increase execution speed.


A novel system for managing dependencies between individual modules facilitates development and quality assurance. This sustainably improves the stability of the system. The new system for automated testing helps to keep code quality high and saves time in quality assurance.

Intuitive Administration

The more extensive a system, the more difficult it is to administer. Nevertheless, it has been possible to further simplify the administration in Magento 2. Important processes, such as the creation of new articles, are possible much faster in the new version than before. The modern administration area has been completely redesigned and is now more intuitive. This simplifies the transition for experienced Magento Commerce users and new employees can also familiarize themselves quickly.


Functions such as the automatic assignment of search engine optimized URLs, extensive options for maintaining meta data as well as a generally search engine-friendly shop structure increase the visibility of your shop in the search engines even with standard installation.

Magento 1 to Magento 2 – Migration or Relaunch?

Magento 1 to Magento 2 – migration or relaunch?

Despite, or perhaps because of, the immense success of Magento 1, it was time for an update in 2015. The range of functions has been constantly expanded by numerous new features while at the same time continuously fixing bugs and thus increasing quality. However, the core of Magento, based on the Zend Framework, remained the same from the beginning and was not adapted to the increasing requirements. With the new version, the core has been restructured from scratch in order to be optimally equipped for the complex requirements of the market in the long term. For this purpose, the best-of-breed approach was pursued in the compilation, which combines several frameworks in Magento 2 in order to have the right solution ready for every application.

However, the total departure from only one basic framework offers disadvantages when updating from version 1 to version 2. The updates are more like a relaunch than a migration. Since support for Magento 1.x has been completely discontinued, shop owners are under pressure: do I have to upgrade or can I continue to operate the online shop? First of all, the online store will not be shut down or deactivated. However, systems that are no longer updated are popular targets for hacker attacks, as known vulnerabilities are no longer closed. During the transition period, the global community will certainly continue to support closing critical gaps but will no longer be able to be as proactive as the manufacturer itself.

For security reasons, it is therefore advisable to take the path of the update. Since Magento 2 is already very well established on the market, we as an Magento agency have developed efficient processes to carry out the upgrade with minimal possible effort, so that it does not amount to a relaunch. We are happy to advise you on the scope of the update from Magento 1 to Magento 2.

The benefits of migrating from Magento 1 to Magento 2

As part of this change process, operators have the opportunity to analyze the current store and review it for user needs. Technology choices, functionality, and design can all be reviewed and optimized for the latest criteria. Learn the benefits of migrating to Magento 2!

  • Learn the benefits of migrating to Magento 2!
  • Higher performance
  • Better scalability
  • Further developments of the Magento extensions
  • Better software architecture
  • Stability & Security
  • Shop frontend from scratch responsive
  • HTML 5, CSS3, PHP 7, jQuery, require JS
  • Extensive and intuitive CMS functionalities based on PageBuilder
  • Numerous Marketing features out of the box

The Magento migration steps

Migration of data

They were aware of the complexity of the update and provided a data migration tool for the most important data, which migrates the crucial shop data to Magento 2.x:

  • Orders
  • Article
  • Categories
  • Valuations
  • Steer
  • Store Configurations
  • Localizations

The tool is self-sufficient and can be run in parallel to the live operation of the current shop. However, for the migration and development process, our processes always include a prior mirroring of the system to avoid any disruption to live operations.

Migration of (3rd Party) Extensions

The migration of the extensions is preceded by an analysis. It must be verified whether:

  • The Magento extensions are still needed or whether the function may already be out of the box.
  • There is already a productively tested version for Magento 2 available for the extension. This is already the case for many extensions.
  • Extensions for which there are no alternatives are still needed or have to be designed and implemented in-house.

The upstream analysis allows a concrete estimation of the effort, since in-house developments are very time-consuming, but not always absolutely necessary.

Migration of adaptations (in-house developments) 

Magento has developed a migration tool for individual developments, but only the structure can be migrated. Manual adjustments post migration are necessary and must be taken into account. Custom development is usually a strong driver of complexity. However, migration costs can be significantly reduced by complete documentation and compliance with important standards.

Migration of the theme / Templates

Unfortunately, there is no migration tool for the themes as the structure has changed fundamentally. Mobile first was not yet an issue with Magento 1, but will be strongly pushed as progressive web applications advance.

There are two options for the templates:

  • Complete theme redesign:
    Completely redesigning the theme is the most time consuming and expensive option. In the end, however, it will look the most like the old theme. It is up to you to decide whether it is worthwhile to go this route when migrating a possibly outdated theme. At this point, it may be worth at least attempting a redesign.
  • Customize an existing theme:
    There is still the Magento Marketplace, where themes can be had for free or for a fee. This offers the possibility to search for similar themes, which can either be used directly or adapted slightly.

Features of Magento Commerce Suite

The company is not only active in the field of Magento Digital Commerce, but also offers other products for your processes. The following tools and applications support you with innovative solutions in the design of your online shop business in e-commerce:

Commerce Order Management

Presented for the first time in 2016, the Magento Order Management System developed very successfully. As a central data hub, it routes orders and thus enables omni-channel services such as ship-from-store. The project “Shop & Fly at Frankfurt Airport” is listed as current best practice.


This SaaS fulfillment platform is already connected to the world’s major logistics providers, allowing you to streamline and automate your entire fulfillment process. Convince your customers with speed and service in the delivery of products after the purchase in an excellent store.

Business Intelligence

Carry out in-depth analyses of your shop and the sales processes present there. Use this BI solution with various 3rd party connectors as a supplement to existing analytics tools. The dashboards, which are preconfigured in the standard system, make it easier to get started by mapping the most important reports.

Social Media Features

This function acts as an interface between your shop and Facebook in order to easily and quickly carry out and expand new offers and promotions on your Facebook channel. Increase your reach through an intelligent social media strategy.

The Comparison: Magento Open Source vs. Magento Commerce

Magento Open Source (formerly Community Edition) already offers you extensive features in the standard version, with which you can operate a future-proof and stable online shop in a user-centered and scalable way.

This royalty-free version enjoys worldwide popularity in the implementation of predominantly small and medium-sized e-commerce solutions and is supported by a constantly growing developer community. Currently, there are already over 3,000 Magento extensions to extend the standard solutions, which usually save effort and costs in the further development of the shop.

The Enterprise Edition is the flagship and, taking into account license costs, suitable for medium to large Magento store solutions with high traffic, revenue and ambitious growth targets.

The standard scope of Magento Enterprise Edition includes additional features such as:

  • Rich Merchandising Suite (RMS)
  • Persistent shopping cart
  • Full Page Cache
  • Performant Indexation
  • Optimized product search with Solr
  • Advanced CMS Management
  • Gift lists and wish lists
  • Bonus points system
  • Advanced Data Encryption
  • Logging of administrator activities
  • Extensions for user management and order management

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