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Web App Development by igniti

With Symfony and ASP.NET technologies

We develop modern web applications with technological diversity and passion. A web application provides you with a need-based solution for the individual challenges in your company. The application helps you to optimize specific business areas such as administration, sales, customer service, marketing or production

With igniti’s web application development, you get a ready-to-use application in the form of a web portal or web platform with versatile application possibilities. The web application can be accessed from any device via a web browser without installation. This gives users access to important functions and services wherever there is an Internet connection – at home, on the road, or at work.

Unique challenges require unique solutions. We transform your projects and ideas into a suitable web application using the framework technologies Symfony and ASP.NET. This ensures optimal development with fast results that can be extended at any time.

Web App development with Symfony and ASP.NET at igniti

Web App development at igniti

Our expertise in web app development

In web application development, we work with you to understand your needs, goals, and desires. We take these into account holistically to provide you with a flexible application with appropriate project management. At the same time, we ensure that the web application fits seamlessly into your existing business environment.

For the implementation we focus on the two frameworks ASP.NET and Symfony, which are perfectly suited for the creation of web applications. No matter if real-time technology, web API, microservices, MVC or web interface. Thanks to our know-how, we know the technology environment and can realize solutions for many different purposes and industries. From simple tools to complex applications with many features and services for different target groups.

At igniti we offer a complete project realization, or we help you with the development, replacement or extension of an existing application. We work with you to determine the appropriate project management approach based on your requirements. We use agile and lean methodologies for project delivery, including Scrum or a combination of methods.

Experience in web application development

For more than 15 years we have been dealing with digitization and web technologies. We have successfully implemented projects of various sizes and types for different industries. To this day, we work independently of industries and accompany you through all important phases of web application development. From the first concept ideas to the final deployment.

Our experience in implementation helps you to use web applications in a versatile and successful way. For example, in sales digitalization, business organization, quality assurance, customer service, order processing and many other areas.

For these application areas, we can develop web applications as a solution in your company:

  • Administration platforms
  • Content Management Systems
  • IoT platforms
  • Business Intelligence
  • Data analysis tools
  • Customer Portals
  • Web video services
  • Communication Platforms
  • E-learning portals

We are not a pure web application agency, but deliver the appropriate solution depending on your needs and project. This includes, for example, mobile apps that work without an internet connection and have other possible uses. Learn more about our mobile app development here.

Application areas of a web app | igniti

Our joint path to your unique web application

We take a holistic approach to planning and implementation. We want to incorporate your wishes into the project, cover the requirements with targeted functions and meet the needs of your target groups. At the same time, we design and build your web application so that it can be scaled and expanded in the future.

The first step is to address key concept and design issues. These relate to the visual appearance of the web application, such as the user interface, software design, and system architecture. Together, we determine which framework technology is best suited. In addition, page types, functions and embedded services are defined and linked during the design phase. As we move into the development phase, we provide you with user interface (UI) click dummies and wireframes to give you a first impression of your responsive web application and to consider change requests.

As specialized developers, we rely on frameworks such as Symfony or ASP.NET for web application development. The framework technologies are best suited for creating a modern user interface and offer enough functionality for further connections to keep the development effort as low as possible. The implementation is done through incremental work in multifunctional teams to ensure effective application development with preliminary work from the design phase. Throughout the development process, the code is continuously tested and prepared for deployment.

After the start of the development phase, we start test automation as soon as possible. Using continuous integration, each change to the web application code is checked for errors on a recurring basis. At selected points, we also perform additional manual testing procedures. vor, die in einer Testmatrix festgehalten werden. Für die Testautomatisierung nutzen wir beispielsweise Selenium oder andere geeignete Tools. Um die Stabilität der Web App zu prüfen und zu gewährleisten, werden zusätzliche Lasttests durchgeführt.

For deployment, an executable app is generated from the previously developed code using a CI pipeline. With a web app, the executable application is loaded on a live cloud system such as Azure or AWS or deployed to a server via individual hosting. In parallel, we ensure that the deployment server meets the correct system requirements to run the web app. In addition, we ensure secure configuration using the deployer application and ensure that all security updates and patches are installed.

These are the benefits of web apps for your business

Web applications support your business at multiple levels, helping you improve processes and connect employees, customers, and partners.

Benefits of a web app | igniti

A key advantage of a web application is that it is accessible to users anytime, anywhere, because web applications are accessed and operated through a browser. Whether on a tablet, smartphone, or desktop PC. A web application works regardless of the device and operating system used. Quick and easy browser access means you can reach more potential users at less cost. They work anywhere there is an Internet connection and a device with a Web browser installed. In this case, the application stores little data locally and the web application starts within the browser window without any prior installation or setup.

Another advantage is the handling of security vulnerabilities. For example, with a native application, security vulnerabilities can only be fixed by downloading or upgrading to a newer version. With a Web application, the security update is built right into the software and made available through the Web server. This means that all users automatically have access to the latest and most secure version of the application.

You have an exciting idea for a web app – we support you with our developers in the implementation

Web applications can cover an important part of your digitalization. They are an optimal solution for the current challenges in your company. Thanks to the framework technologies we use, such as ASP.NET and Symfony, you will get fast visible results with optimal development effort.

The implementation of the web application using the right framework technologies offers you flexible complete solutions. From simple applications to complex applications that can be accessed quickly and easily via the browser.

Consultation for your web app development at igniti

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