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Desktop App Development by igniti

We develop desktop apps as a customized solution for your company and your continued business success. Technologically focused, we create your application software for different user groups and application areas with established frameworks such as Qt or .NET.

Whether it is software for medical technology, graphic and design programs, measurement applications, testing software or applications for data visualization and analysis. With us you get an individually aligned software with the right technologies and the appropriate know-how.

By using suitable frameworks, we are able to develop your desktop applications and deploy them on all common operating systems. In this way, we create high-performance software for your target group that offers users an optimal user experience. Thanks to the native orientation of the software and the user interface, your users will immediately find their way around and can process complex data with maximum performance.

Desktop app development at igniti

igniti services for desktop app development

Our expertise in desktop app development

We have the expertise, the right tools and specialized developers for your unique desktop app. Using the Qt and .NET frameworks, we can deliver software development with complete project takeover or scaling for existing teams. Programming using the frameworks gives us high flexibility for this with optimal development effort.

The .NET framework allows us to develop software for different operating systems such as Windows, Mac or Linux, mainly using C# as the programming language. The object-oriented programming language allows automatic memory management with many advantages for software development.

The developer platform Qt provides us with versatile tools to design, implement, test, deploy and manage a platform independent software. The large Qt community provides comprehensive documentation and many sample solutions to facilitate implementation. The framework itself is developed in C++, which in turn offers significant advantages for hardware-oriented programming.

In addition to the creation of desktop apps, both frameworks also offer the possibility of cross-platform development. This makes it possible to use your application on mobile devices, for example. The data and information of your app can thereby be centralized in the cloud and used for different platforms. If you are interested in mobile app development, visit our mobile app development page.

Services for your desktop app development:

  • Software development with Qt and .NET
  • Compatibility with Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems
  • User interface (UI) and user experience (UX) development
  • Integration of third-party APIs and services
  • Software testing and troubleshooting
  • Maintenance and support
  • Security and privacy compliance
  • Cross-platform development

Our experience in application development

A successful desktop app requires not only know-how and suitable technologies, but also the appropriate experience. We have already implemented extensive application software for various customers and know the requirements of different industries.

At igniti, all our implementation processes are based on the experience of our successful desktop app projects. Depending on individual requirements, we offer the appropriate project management for the entire implementation at the same time. We employ agile and lean methods, use Scrum and work incrementally in specialized teams. If necessary, we also combine different methods and continuously adapt.

For these exemplary application areas, we can deliver modern desktop app development:

  • Communication software
  • Administration software
  • Image processing
  • Control software
  • Device management
  • Data processing software
  • Graphic programs
  • Calibration software
  • Data visualization
  • Analysis software
  • Measurement applications
  • Testing software

igniti experience in application development of desktop apps

Our joint path for your unique desktop app

We place special emphasis on a holistic approach to desktop application development, which we apply from the initial idea to the finished product in the following steps:

At the beginning of desktop app development, important concept and design questions about the planned software are answered. These relate on the one hand to the visual design – i.e. the planned user interface – and on the other hand to the software design and system architecture. Together we find out which technologies are best suited for this. In doing so, we already take into account the planned functions that are to be covered by the software in the future.

In this first process phase, we already make a precise adaptation of the application software to the needs of the users. With the transition to the development phase, we are happy to provide user interface (UI) click dummies and wireframes to give a first impression and to consider change requests before full implementation.

In the development phase we rely on established frameworks like Qt and .NET to keep the development effort as low as possible. Both technologies are suitable for the creation of a modern user interface. Software development is done using an incremental approach in multifunctional teams to guarantee an effective realization with the results from the design phase.

With the start of development, continuous testing of the already created code, Continuous Integration and preparations for deployment begin as soon as it is possible. The goal is to realize specialized software with exact adaptation of functionality to its users.

Test automation is performed after the project start, as soon as it is reasonable and possible. By means of Continuous Integration, the project is checked for errors recurrently whenever the code is changed. Manual tests are additionally provided at selected points, which are recorded in the test matrix.

For testing and test automation we use well-known tools like Squish or Ranorex. In total, the software passes through four test levels, which are recorded in the well-known test pyramid according to Cohen and are implemented in this phase. Quality assurance through various test procedures remains a component in all phases of our project implementation.

The first step of deployment is to prepare the application for installation. This involves packaging the application to ensure that all the necessary files and components are included for successful execution. Typically, the application is packaged into an installation package, which is an executable or archive file.

The first step of deployment is to prepare the application for installation. This involves packaging the application to ensure that all the necessary files and components are included for successful execution. Typically, the application is packaged into an installation package, which is an executable or archive file.

Advantages of Desktop App Development

Advantages of individual desktop app development at igniti

A major advantage of desktop applications is that they can be tailored to a specific use case and need. In contrast, standard software often does not offer the flexibility needed to meet your exact requirements. Developing your own desktop application ensures an effective workflow when digitizing your processes. In addition, customized development enables optimal performance and the best possible use of your hardware, especially with regard to device interfaces and their technological requirements.

An individually tailored desktop application has many advantages for your company and your competitiveness. In contrast to prefabricated software products with unneeded functions, with customized solutions only the parts that are actually needed are developed. This makes it possible to be flexible and scalable and to make subsequent optimizations. The use of desktop apps always makes sense when data has to be stored locally for security reasons or due to certain regulations. Or cannot be sensibly outsourced to a cloud due to the volume of data.

We help you implement your individual desktop apps

With a desktop app for Windows, Linux and macOS, your company can complete complex tasks more efficiently and quickly. In addition, you can provide your employees and end customers with a secure and functional digital solution that combines several advantages. In addition to offline availability, this includes high performance, optimal hardware access and individual customization.

We program holistic software for you, from simple applications to the development of high-tech software for regulated business areas. For this, we rely on suitable framework technologies such as Qt or .NET. If you need a latency of less than one millisecond, we develop software that is even faster than the flash of your camera!

Consulting for the implementation of individual desktop apps

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