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E-commerce and UX design – how can they fit together and does it even do that? In a word, yes! The solutions of a UX agency for user experience design (UX design) accompany us in the best case from the moment we have awakened a need in ourselves. Whether it is the desire for a filter coffee maker to make your coffee at home taste like the coffee from the barista around the corner, or a new pair of sneakers because your current ones have given up the ghost and lost their soles.

The services of an e-commerce UX design agency are important for both the customer and the retailer. If the retailer’s online store does not offer a high-performance user experience that meets the user’s needs, the likelihood of a purchase will be very low. Ideally, the prospective customer has already become aware of the retailer through its high visibility during the search process. As a result, the shopper finds all the important information about the product through optimal usability and develops confidence in the purchase. As a result, the UX design fulfills its role in customer retention. We all know the marketing newsletters or performance marketing campaigns from a UX design agency aimed at getting you to return to the store where you just bought a coffee maker.

Our services as a UX design agency

As a UX design agency, igniti offers you capabilities for your e-commerce customers with full expertise and that certain something that turns browsers into buyers. We’ve known your future customers since yesterday and know exactly where and how to reach them with the right UI and UX Design in E-Commerce! Igniti takes care of all aspects of the user experience in a competent, brand-loyal and perfect way to meet the needs of your current and soon to be users!

Our goal is to make your e-commerce project a unique, interactive and user-friendly shopping experience on all devices! Because only with satisfied customers can you achieve or exceed sustainable business goals. With a UX agency like igniti, you not only get the fish on the hook, you land them in the boat as well.

  • UX Consulting
  • Design of a sustainable UX strategy
  • Target group analysis and persona creation
  • Planning a customer journey and experience map
  • Creation of user scenarios and use cases
  • Definition of usability for an optimal user experience
  • Unique, interactive and easy-to-use designs for all devices
  • Inventory analysis of existing UX designs
  • Optimization of existing user experience processes

mpressed by our services and processes as a UX agency and ready to get started? Then contact us and we will be happy to schedule a free initial consultation for UX consulting.


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Certified UX designers for your success

UX Zertifikat XDi
The igniti UX designers can officially call themselves Certified UX & Usability Specialists having participated in a UX seminar conducted by XDi. The certificate is recognized by the German UPA, the professional association for user experience and usability professionals, and enjoys international recognition.
Benefit from our UX consulting and our UX design know-how – contact us.

UX Design Project Management Three

This is how the UX agency igniti creates your new user experience design

After an initial UX consultation, we analyze your target audience in detail and create personas that represent them as accurately as possible. Based on this, we develop a digital customer journey and experience map, describing possible user scenarios and use cases. On this basis, we can define customized features, content, structures and navigation designs for your Spryker, Magento or Shopware platform. We also ensure an accessible shopping experience for users with visual, auditory or motor impairments. In order to optimize the user flow, the prototype is subjected to several usability tests with real people before it is aesthetically fine-tuned. With consistent typography, images, video content, graphics, illustrations, and sounds, our design experts make your user interface design appealing.

To get your UX-optimized commerce platform in front of as many people as possible and keep the conversion rates high, igniti will employ all the necessary UX Marketing tricks. As a UX design agency, we always keep your customers in mind when developing the design for your project and pay close attention to the details in the overall concept. From social media ads to packaging, we design everything in a clear concise manner in keeping with your corporate identity.

The igniti UX Design Project Management


Customer Journey





UX Test – from prototype to the real world

How does a UX design agency know if it has correctly analyzed the target group and implemented the findings in the design concept in an appropriate and focused way? Even though you can usually rely on the intuition, experience, and tact of the UX designers, testing with a real test person of the respective target group is very useful in the project. This way you can observe the actual behavior when interacting with the product or application in order to uncover potential for improvement and maximize the conversion rate. This empirical approach to evaluating a prototype for usability is called UX testing.

This is done in a usability lab or with a tool directly on site at the UX agency. In a UX test, all eye and mouse movements, clicks, and screen sequences are recorded, as well as the statements of the test subjects, while a moderator conducts the UX and usability tests.

Are you interested in a UX test? Then contact us and we will help with all our agency know-how.

UX Design Testing

What is UX Design

What is UX Design?

In the digital age, more and more customers prefer the commerce platform and mobile applications to stationary retail. The employee service from the store must therefore be transferred to the virtual world through solutions from a UX design agency. The difference: Online, the customer is on his own and his impressions. The personal advice is taken over by technical and visual elements of usability. The aim is to provide user-guided navigation that leaves no questions unanswered for the customer when shopping.

User experience includes everything that users expect from a product, service or shop system, experience during interaction and associate with it after use. Good UX design therefore aims to evoke positive emotions, ideas and impressions that remain in the memory and evoke trust and interest in the brand. In the best case, this positive emotional state leads to actions, such as the purchase of a product, and in the long term to the renewed use of the platform, the services or the system.

It is undisputed that no successful marketing strategy of a digital company should lack the right user experience design. The best app idea, the funniest game and the shop with the best products will all be unsuccessful if they are not aimed at the user or the customer and his virtual behavior. But what is the right UX design for your own project? Unfortunately, there is no universal answer. Designer Steve Krug would say, “Design is a complicated process and the honest answer to most of the questions I’m asked is, ‘It depends.'”

UX requires you to design the right thing correctly

A UX design is created through a complex process in the interplay of three autonomous, opposing domains: the economic, the technological, and the aesthetic. The synthesis of these different goals creates a useful tension that leads to new inspirations and design ideas. The perspectives of business, agency and technology are indispensable, because UX and UI are not just about doing something right, but above all about designing the right thing. The challenge is to find the balance between pure design strategy and direct technical implementation, as well as between the needs of the user and the business. But the key to success is to be consistent! And this within the product classes, the system (also compared to older versions) and against the expectations/mental models of the users. This starts with the wording, continues with the design of the control elements, and extends to procedures with serial processes such as login and checkout. Consistency does not mean uniformity, but rather uniformity in the behavior of different looking objects. Form follows function.

UI and UX design – a crucial difference

An extremely important component in the creation of a complete user experience is the graphic design of the user interfaces that serve as the contact between the user and all relevant digital devices. This part of the process is called user interface (UI) design.

It involves the design of all elements of an application that are audible, visible, and tangible to the user. This includes not only the coloring, typography, and layout of a platform or software, but also the touch screen or keyboard and mouse used to operate it, as well as any voice and gesture controls or tactile user interfaces. However, there are exceptional limits to creativity, as a UI design should be as simple and efficient as possible, and as complex as necessary. The goal is a visually appealing and functional (intuitive to use) user interface that optimizes both the user experience and the conversion rate. A user interface designer is therefore responsible for creating a high-quality look and feel when interacting with a platform, application or software.

UI and UX Design Where are the differences

A UX agency, on the other hand, must be able to think further into the user’s mind and understand their emotions and thoughts. A good knowledge of the target group is therefore essential. UX designers develop comprehensive strategies for how potential users can become aware of a product in the first place, how it can be designed to be understandable for everyone (usability), and how it can be remembered in a positive way. They build the complete and wobble-free framework, which the user interface designers then refine.

UX as a whole and UI design as a part of it have in common that both are applicable to almost all products and that the user is the focus of interest. While UX can exist without UI, UI only works on the basis of UX design.

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