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Shop management for your online shop


An e-commerce project is not finished with the development of the online shop. In order for it to perform as well as it potentially can after the launch, it needs continuous shop management. This includes not only all online shop marketing measures to keep your B2B or B2C online shop permanently visible, but above all customer care as well as the testing and expansion of functions to keep up with the latest technical developments.

In addition to their e-commerce skills, igniti’s shop management consultants have several years of professional experience in the retail sector and are therefore familiar with the processes and requirements of retail companies. With our advice and instruction, you can efficiently translate these from your usual business into the online shop.

With igniti to your individual online shop marketing strategy

We are happy to pass on our comprehensive shop management and online marketing know-how so that you too can soon implement your individual digital marketing strategy in a sustainable manner. Learn from igniti how to advertise across channels and how to combine the individual disciplines in the best possible way for an optimal and successful online marketing mix – always under the premise of sustainably increasing traffic and conversion rates for your commerce. Benefit from our shop management expertise in the current technologies and realise personalised user experiences with us that enable sustainable traffic and growth.

B2B and B2C e-commerce with the right focus

The customers of your online shop should always be at the centre of every e-commerce project. The better they feel looked after and the more often they come into positive contact with your brand, the more it will pay off for you in the end. We show you how you can permanently monitor user behaviour by means of multivariate tests and optimise your online shop for the individual devices. In this way, the success of your commerce solution is continuously maintained during ongoing shop management operations.

Shop management for your online store

Shop management solutions for your online store in e-commerce

Are you interested in our shop management support?

Just contact us, igniti as an experienced B2C and B2B e-commerce agency, will be able to find out which shop management measures are best for your online shop marketing and answer all your questions in detail. Our interdisciplinary and competent e-commerce team is sure to have the optimal marketing approach for more traffic and conversion.

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Our services as shop management consultants


Keyword analysis

The research and evaluation of keywords in alignment with search volume for your online shop is one of the first shop management steps for an optimal content basis and healthy growth in link building. We provide our clients with a detailed introduction to the use of Google Analytics and other SEO tools as well as the use of the right keywords for the visibility of your online shop.


Not only keywords play a role in search engine optimisation. We show you effective measures with which you can keep your shop organically visible, increase rankings and increase the chance of more traffic. After all, search engines such as Google are the biggest points of contact when it comes to obtaining information about new products or content-related questions. Especially in the first phase of a customer journey, the search engine plays a decisive role for the further course of traffic in your B2B or B2C online shop.

Content management

Nowadays, appealing, well-used digital content is the be-all and end-all in any Internet sphere, including e-commerce. It serves as a supplement to SEO measures, as these are usually not enough to attract enough attention – especially if your online shop is still relatively new. How you can best plan the digital image, text and multimedia content of your B2B or B2C shop, which content management tools and systems are most suitable for maintaining and analysing it, is something our shop management consultants can help you with.

Content marketing

Once you have collected and planned enough high-quality content, it’s time to start marketing it so that it can fulfil its function. Find out together with us how you can find the right content marketing strategy for your existing content in order to give your customers further informative and/or entertaining incentives to spend time in your shop in addition to the products. This could be a blog or tutorials, for example, which can be distributed via various channels.

Email marketing

There are many different reasons and ways to reach your customers via emails. We show you at which specific points you can get your customers’ attention with which email marketing measures. Be it a birthday, thank you or trigger mailing. We know when is the right time and which is the right approach to awaken the desire to make a purchase in your online shop or to remind people of forgotten purchases, but also which legal requirements have to be observed.

UI Design (User Interface)

The user interface design of your online shop must suit your customers. It is not about having the most colours or the craziest layout, but about reconciling intuition and familiarity with your corporate identity. Our e-commerce consultants and UX designers can tell you which colour scheme, typography and layouts best suit your products and customers. Modern and coherent, but not overloaded is our motto. For a B2C shop, it can also be a bit more emotional.

Conversion optimisation

The goal of good shop management is, of course, to increase conversion at the end of the day. If your customers feel well looked after and advised, you build trust in your online shop and the more positive touch points there are, the greater the likelihood that a purchase will be made sooner or later. igniti’s shop management consultants can provide you with comprehensive advice on how you can continuously optimise your conversion.


As part of our shop management instruction, we will also be happy to carry out A/B tests for you, which will provide you with a solid basis of argumentation for various adjustments to your B2B or B2C shop. If the new idea does not show significantly better performance than the existing version, you re-focus. In this way, costs and time are always used efficiently. An A/B test makes sense in e-commerce when your traffic is high enough to get valid results. Use your resources in a targeted and profitable way with our advice and the right tool.

Account Management

With igniti, you get your personal shop and account manager who is always there when you need him. Whether it’s to answer specific questions, bring in new ideas and inspiration, take an external look at a project, provide the missing voice in a decision or present alternatives. With igniti’s e-commerce team and your dedicated contact person, you can always feel on the safe side and well advised.


Would you like to know whether all the effort involved in shop management has been worthwhile in the end, which changes have been particularly effective and where there is still potential to further optimise conversion? We take a look at the facts and figures for you, analyse and evaluate the measures taken on a KPI basis and, together with you, think about how your e-commerce business can grow sustainably.

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