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UX in digital marketing

Marketers and UX designers work towards a common goal: a customer-centric business strategy. Because no one else decides on the success or failure of your online shop than your customers. What would a strong online shop be if no one uses it because it disappears somewhere on the back pages of the search engine results and the online ads from search engine marketing do not reach the potential buyers?


Our UX marketing solutions

Between the masses of competition and the most diverse advertisements, however, it is also not an easy game to assert oneself. The veritable media overload that people are exposed to on a daily basis these days means that a lot of things are simply ignored if you don’t hit exactly the right nerve. As an agency for digital online marketing, we know how and where you can still reach your customers. With igniti, your advertising budget is used in the right place, as we position campaigns in such a way that Google and social media users find their way to your online shop as quickly as possible when they need to buy.

To this end, we offer you the following online marketing measures to fully exploit all opportunities for visibility on the web:

  • Holistic content marketing
  • Integration into online marketplaces
  • Performance Marketing
    • Social media ads
    • Affiliate marketing
    • Remarketing / Retargeting
    • Search Engine Marketing – SEA
    • OnPage SEO
    • E-Mail Marketing (Newsletter)

UX Marketing Solutions for ECommerce

UX marketing consultation for your e-commerce shop

Are you interested in a UX marketing consultation?

Just get in touch with us. As an experienced UX design agency, igniti will be able to find out which digital marketing solution is best for your e-commerce project. Our interdisciplinary, competent UX design team is sure to have the optimal conversion solution ready.
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We are a Google Partner

Regular Google training courses keep our employees up to date and enable them to provide our customers with the best possible advice. They prove their knowledge in the Google certification programme through recurring exams. This enables us to constantly expand our qualifications in the areas of search engine advertising (SEA), mobile advertising, advertising on Google Shopping, display network advertising and video advertising for your performance marketing campaigns and to constantly optimise the goals set.

Our pride and joy


Good user experience (UX) markets itself

The most valuable marketing strategy always starts with the product, by optimising the user experience, because this has a lasting effect. The better an experience with an online shop is, the more present it remains in the memory and the higher the probability of retention. The online marketing, performance marketing and UX design specialists at igniti know exactly which KPIs count in B2B and B2C E-commerce and how these can be achieved with various measures. First and foremost, this includes the conversion rate, the total website traffic and the time on site. We make all these factors visible and tangible for you with various tools, so that you always know what customers need to visit your shop for and where there is still hidden potential. With a scalable Spryker, Shopware or Magento shop, your marketing performance is also made easily measurable – watch with us as your figures climb upwards in the long term!

A good user experience also has a positive and strengthening effect on branding and ultimately profits. With on-page SEO from igniti and a high-performance shop system from Shopware or Magento, your new UX design will be a no-brainer, because not only we as a UX agency know that a good user experience is the be-all and end-all these days. Google also knows this and therefore positions pages with low loading times, qualitative information and attractive design higher up in the search results. And since advertising doesn’t only work online and good experiences are worth even more when shared, your satisfied customers will tell others about your online shop and recommend it to their friends and family. It’s that easy to make yourself known without spending a lot of money on offline and online ads!


If you think that your KPIs still have potential to go up, we can show you exactly your potential with the user view and thus generate hypotheses through UX tests that will most likely drive up your traffic and conversion.


User Experience UX in Digital Marketing

Conclusion: UX & & UI strengthen your brand image

The user interface is like the packaging of a product in the online world. Visual elements (layout, colour design, buttons and images, etc.) determine whether interest in a website or online shop is aroused or whether the browser’s back button wins out. When the UI design is convincing and the customer stays, the UX design kicks in, aiming for deeper customer satisfaction. To achieve the “Joy of Use” in online shopping, the structures must be designed in such a way that the customer has no questions about how to use the site and finds what they are looking for quickly.

Why UX marketing from the e-commerce agency igniti?

UX Marketing Agentur für Ihren E-Commerce

Your experienced agency partner with vision

igniti takes into account all proven best practices of UX design and adds a lot of personal experience from previously managed projects of satisfied customers from various industries. The optimisation of the UX design should be integrated into every marketing strategy in order to let online users perceive a platform positively and to strengthen customer loyalty. Your online shop can now also profit from our experience in the long term! As your personal agency partner for UX and online marketing, we freshen up your branding in the long term and set company goals higher, bit by bit.


Extensive knowledge in online marketing with an eye for detail

We are an official Google partner and constantly educate ourselves with regard to the latest adaptations of algorithms and online marketing trends in order to always be up to date for our clients. In this way, we achieve the best results in the visibility of your online shop with targeted marketing campaigns and SEO measures. With professional tools we get detailed insights into performance data and always know exactly when we need to turn which screw to stay at a profitable level.


A holistic user experience with sensitivity for your customers

Our UX designers and marketing experts know what makes your customers of tomorrow tick. We bring a large portion of empathy mixed with psychological and market-relevant knowledge, which enables us to always address your customers individually and on the right level. With igniti, your customers are accompanied in an all-round coordinated way from the need to buy to the conclusion of the purchase, so that a consistent and positive overall impression is created. We would be happy to advise you on your options without obligation!

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