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Shop system selection

Choosing the right shop system is the basis for the success of your own online shop. In accordance with the strategic orientation of your company, we will work with you to find the right technology and identify how you can reach your customers, what measures you need to take to achieve this and how you can scale these with your new shop system. Through our many years of experience in the implementation of B2B and B2C e-commerce shops with reliably satisfied customers, we know the importance of a consistently stable and sustainable system architecture.



This is how we find the right online shop system solution for you too:

1. you send us the requirements in the form of design wishes, the required B2C or B2B range of functions and interface connections for your upcoming e-commerce system.
2. igniti’s IT consultants and e-commerce specialists analyse your profile, advise you individually on suitable shop system options for the Magento, Shopware and Spryker systems for technical implementation and design your software architecture.
3. Based on this, we can honestly assess the scope of your project and provide you with a fair offer.

From now on, you decide whether you want to take the next steps further with our support. igniti’s expertise includes not only consulting on shop system selection and the development of B2C and B2B shop systems, but also the professional implementation of a powerful PIM system as well as customer-oriented shop management and digital marketing. Depending on the conditions and the time frame for the launch of your ecommerce project, we can go to market either with a classic approach or with an MVP that can be flexibly developed further through agile project management.

Shop system selection

Shop system selection for your e-commerce

The right shop system for every requirement profile – whether B2B or B2C platform

The requirements for a B2C and B2B online shop can be as different as the target groups themselves and each shop system offers different functions, design elements and scaling options. Our focus is on the shop systems of Magento, Shopware and Spryker. We have gathered our knowledge in various e-commerce projects and know very quickly which of the three shop systems is the best variant for you to map all processes and design elements as desired.

Basically, every shop solution should meet the current security and legal standards, have a certain technical performance, enable mobile display and be able to integrate all popular payment methods. A shop system becomes future-proof in particular through flexibility, scalability and a good front-end design.

Magento, Shopware and Spryker have rightly prevailed over other shop systems on the B2B and B2C market, because they both offer many advantages in addition to the basic requirements, a wide range of features and individual adaptations, so that they are almost the right shop solution for every project.

Why configure the shop system together with igniti?

Versatile industry experience with Magento, Shopware and Spryker

We have a knack for success in modern online business. As a long-term partner of the three market-leading shop system providers, igniti has proven itself and built up extensive e-commerce expertise. Today, we can proudly offer our clients individual advice on choosing the right B2C or B2B shop system and let them benefit from our professional service throughout the entire digital journey.

Entering e-commerce strategically from the very first step

Deciding on the right shop system is the first and decisive step towards digitising your B2C or B2B online business and the basis for all further developments. Changing course at a later stage would be very time-consuming and costly for your company. With our know-how, you are comprehensively advised right from the start, so that strategies and ideas can be implemented with sufficient security and foresight. With an experienced e-commerce agency like igniti, every step towards long-term success is a success.

Your reliable digital partner for all questions and wishes

Never feel left alone on your way into the digital future. Are you facing a problem, have questions or want to implement a new idea? At igniti, your contacts are always there for you and will support you in all technical and creative matters relating to B2C and B2B shop systems. We always think in terms of solutions and weigh up all the options for you, taking into account current trends.

Shop system selection for your e-commerce shop

Our pride and joy


The advantages of open source shop systems like Magento and Shopware

When choosing a shop system, it is not the costs that should be decisive, but above all the future viability of the technology. What possibilities are offered for further development, configuration, design, etc.? In this respect, open source software is way out in front.

But what actually is open source software? Open source means “open source”, i.e. the source code is freely accessible to e-commerce developers all over the world. Because of this, we are not the only ones who have always appreciated open source shop systems. There is a large community that constantly improves the software and expands it with high frequency with new modules, variants, optimisation suggestions and solution approaches, which other systems usually cannot offer. In addition, open source systems also have tangible strategic advantages, such as independence, flexibility, innovation and often a high degree of internationality. Whether and why an online shop based on open source would be worthwhile for you in the long term is something we would be happy to explain to you in a non-binding consultation.

Our shop system solutions for your e-commerce

What does a B2B shop system need to be able to do?

In B2B online sales for entrepreneurs, there are a number of differentiations to be made in comparison to a consumer shop in terms of the features that a business customer shop system needs in any case to enable your users to shop efficiently. In our experience, buyers value the following functions most in high-performance business shops, in addition to the usual search and filter functions.

A Shopware shop as a B2B solution

The Shopware open source shop system has all of these necessary B2B functions as well as many other possible out-of-the-box extensions that we can implement for you according to your requirements. With igniti as your Shopware agency at your side, your entry into digital business will be a lasting success and you will soon be able to experience how free and flexible B2B e-commerce can be. Or use our Showare B2B consulting service first and get your customised demo shop.

A Magento shop as a B2B solution

Magento also fulfils all the above-mentioned requirements for a future-proof B2B shop system, but others stand out above all with its Advanced Reporting feature, which allows you to evaluate your company’s data particularly comprehensively. In addition, various extensions can make shopping here very individual and optimised for the customer, for example through personal offers, product catalogues or payment methods. Would you like to know more about the B2B possibilities that a Magento shop has to offer for your e-commerce project? Do not hesitate to contact us.

A Spryker Shop as B2B solution

All B2B companies that think big should definitely consider Spryker’s scaling possibilities more closely when choosing a shop system. The Spryker Commerce OS with B2B Suite gives you and your customers the greatest possible leeway in customising the shopping experience and ensures a particularly straightforward, barrier-free enquiry and approval process. In addition, a Spryker B2B shop offers maximum flexibility in operation, so that you can quickly adapt to new situations. We would be happy to give you a personal outlook on how your business could develop in the future with Spryker B2B.

    • via article numbers
    • easy to compare
    • customised & staggered
    • special offers, discounts & rebates
    • Indication of availability
    • Detailed descriptions
    • Details of technical specifications
    • Comparison and configuration
    • 360° views
  • ORDER:
    • With efficient approval process
    • Option for quick orders via CSV upload
    • Precise information on delivery time
    • Individualisation or personalisation of purchases
    • Recurring order
    • (Cross-departmental) wish lists & notepads
    • With payment term / via financing

What should be considered for a B2C shop system?

If private individuals are your main target group, then you should focus on other features when selecting a shop system, even if the basic requirements remain the same. Private online shopping is emotional and intuitive and should be fun for the user. Since online shops for end customers are much more widespread, the range of shop systems is also larger and a certain standardisation has occurred over time. In order for a shop software to be able to keep up with the masses, basic functions for end-customer shops are a must.

However, if you want to offer your customers more than just an 0815 online shop, but would rather stand out with a few extra features, you have to reckon with additional effort. Put this in the hands of e-commerce experts. We look forward to getting to know you and your B2C e-commerce project and to giving you an insight into the world of possibilities in end-customer commerce, which we can incorporate into your online shop if you wish.

Functions of a B2C shop:

  • Multiple filter options
  • Product comparisons
  • Multiple product images
  • Responsive design
  • Shopping cart
  • Different payment methods

A Shopware shop as a B2C solution

Shopware is an excellent shop system solution with many possibilities, high flexibility and low complexity. Particularly noteworthy here is the central control of multiple sales channels. This means that you can always reach your target group wherever they are. Search engine optimisation is also particularly successful, as the content can be seamlessly integrated into the commerce through various SEO functions. As a Shopware agency, igniti knows how to fully exploit the potential of the functions and plug-ins in order to achieve maximum success in the end customer market. We will be happy to advise you on how to create a Shopware shop.

A Magento shop as a B2C solution

You want your end customer business to go through the roof fast? Magento Commerce is a perfectly suited shop system for aspiring, smaller businesses that want to take off digitally and need to regularly adapt to changing conditions. The possibilities to make your B2C shop unique are limitless. At the same time, the system manages to keep security standards continuously high. We will be happy to find out whether the shop system is the right solution for your project with the help of a requirements catalogue. You are also welcome to contact us for an initial consultation and a Magento demo.

A Spryker Shop as a B2C solution

Your product catalogue is already so huge and your sales markets so diverse that you would actually need several shops, but in the future you see yourself growing even more? There is an answer to these challenges: Spryker. This Commerce OS system is holding its own at the top in the competition for big thinking. Especially for innovative, visionary business models, Spryker Commerce OS can be warmly recommended as a B2C online shop solution. Here you should not expect a standard, but maximum individuality coupled with high-performance technologies such as the Spryker Glue API and a backend that can manage an unlimited number of frontends simultaneously. For more information about the possibilities of a B2C shop on Spryker, please contact us.

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