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Platform Development Utilizing Modern Technologies


We bring your ideas to customers in a technically focused and direct manner. Digital transformation using modern web platforms and portals, allows you to secure long-term competitive market advantages. We employ web apps to create custom solutions specifically tailored to the needs of your target group.

Your web portal or web platform is much more than just a website with “simple functions”. Web apps are used to digitally map your business processes and innovatively respond to customer needs. This includes self-service portals, dashboards or administration platforms with interactive usage options for varied users.

Already have an idea for process digitization and looking for an implementation partner? As web platform experts, we will realize your vision using the most appropriate technology such as ASP.NET or Symfony.

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Our Platform and Portal Development Services

Process digitization and web apps are our core services for your web platforms:

Process Digitalization

Process digitization replaces analog data and documents digitally, resulting in step automation – employed for example, in order execution – greatly simplifying and speeding the activity. Simplified rights management and improved quality control can also be realized with the deployment of special applications.

Web Apps

A web app runs within the browser providing particular services and functions. Once your device is connected to the Internet with a browser installed, you can access your platform any time, instantly. The latest app version is always retrieved from the server making version compatibility concerns a thing of the past.

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Our Web Development Technologies


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ASP.NET extends the .NET developer platform with tools and libraries specifically for creating web apps and is used to develop dynamic websites, web applications and web services that allow for cross-platform migration and configuration.


Symfony is a PHP-based HTTP framework with reusable standalone components to build web applications, APIs, microservices and web services. The widely used framework technology enjoys high acceptance and a large support community. Subsequently, there is constant activity and development.

Software development with Symfony as leading PHP-Framework

Our process steps towards your Platform Development

Design – Transforming Platform Ideas into Visual and Technical Concepts

Web development begins with important concept and design questions. These relate to software design, system architecture and visual design – i.e., the planned user interface. Together, we’ll assess and employ the most suitable technologies for your business.

We will determine available page types and how planned functions and services are to be interlinked and embedded, including the customer journey conception, adapted to the specific needs of your target group. With development phase transition, we happily provide you user interface (UI) click dummies and wireframes giving you a user first impression and time to evaluate and propose change requests before full implementation.

Develop – From Design to Web Platform First Function

In development, we only use established frameworks such as ASP.NET and Symfony. Both technologies are optimally suited for the creation of modern user interfaces and offer more than sufficient functions for database and interface connections, thus keeping development efforts to a cost saving minimum.

The platform is implemented incrementally, with multifunctional teams employing design phase findings to ensure effective development. There is ongoing testing of the created code and preparations for deployment during the development stage. The goal is to develop a responsive and powerful application for you.

Test – Complete Quality Assurance in All Platform Development Phases

We begin test automation as quickly as possible at development start. Using Continuous Integration, the platform is recurrently checked for errors whenever code change is made. At selected points, we perform additional manual test operations recorded in a test matrix.

For test automation, we use familiar tools such as Appium or Selenium. To check and ensure the stability of the application, additional load tests are performed. There are a total of four test levels, which are recorded in the well-known Cohen test pyramid. Quality assurance testing is a component in all phases of project implementation.

Deploy – Your Web Platform from Staging to Going-Live on Any System or Device

With deployment, we ensure the go-live of your web platform on the agreed date. Before roll-out, we preform extensive web application software testing before transfer to the target system, pending your final approval in the staging environment.

One critical implementation step is compiling the code and transferring the finished software product to the target platform. This can be done classically as an archive or via container. Alternatively, flexible deployment with well-known cloud hosting services such as Azure or AWS is possible. Post deployment, we continue to ensure the operation of the platforms and portals as well as taking responsibility for updates and maintenance as required.

What Are Web Platforms and Web Portals?

A web portal or web platform is a specially developed web app that simplifies complex business processes and issues through digitization. The applications can be accessed with any Internet-capable device in the browser and provide targeted information, functions and interaction options for your users, customers or employees.

What Functions Can Platforms and Portals Preform?

Process digitization with the help of web platforms and portals can greatly simplify work steps and their processes. A personnel platform, for example, can consolidate the organization and management of employees and their needs within the company. A dashboard can help you to centrally bundle, visualize and analyze data generated from your business. A management platform, on the other hand, can improve the organization of technical devices as well as their use and maintenance. Overall, there are many areas where web apps can be used effectively to increase efficiency.

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What Are the Advantages of Web Platforms and Web Portals?

An important advantage is that all users have access from anywhere, with a browser-enabled device and an Internet connection. Users access to information and services is fast and flexible.

No update or compatibility issues. The latest version is available always and everywhere, as the Internet connection continuously runs the most recent version of the platform provided centrally via a cloud. Thus, eliminating worry regarding lack of end device compatibility and the need for user updates.

Powerful and effective. The web app architecture results can fundamentally lower hardware requirements on the end device, as calculations are handled by the cloud. This means that even the least powerful end devices can display computationally intensive applications. The data used is held centrally and only relevant data is stored on the device itself. This saves storage space on the devices used and improves performance.

Clear and intuitive. With the help of modern UX design, conclusive usability can be realized, constantly improving communication and interactions with users. The structure and functionalities of the web app are thus specifically aligned with the needs of the users.

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Our Experience in the Development of Web Platforms and Web Portals

With the extensive experience of countless projects for a variety of customers behind us, we help you to realize the most suitable web platform in accordance with your ideas, wishes and needs. For the sustainable success of your web app, we jointly develop a well thought-out concept that consistently addresses the needs of the users. During implementation, we proceed iteratively to flexibly react to possible changes and fluctuating requirements. Thus, we develop web apps from proof of concept to the finished gigaplatform, with more functions than a Swiss Army Knife.

Please contact us to arrange for a free consultation regarding your platform development and portal solutions.

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