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UI Design


The UI design of an online shop or software application provides your customers with the opportunity to interact on various digital devices and ensures that the “dialogue” can take place in a targeted manner. The more functional and intuitive an interface is designed – in other words, the better the USABILITY – the more likely it is that users will interact.

The questions our user interface designers ask themselves during development are therefore above all: How do people in your target group think, what do they want to achieve and how can the interface force the right reactions in the user?

Interface design as an interface for e-commerce and software applications

The goal of a good UI design in commerce is to make the online shop accessible to a large group of users and to help them fulfil their user experience in a simple way. The user interface must therefore be visually appealing, clear and harmonious (LOOK) on the one hand, and efficient and only as complex as necessary on the other. In this way, the user’s interest in and trust in the product is first awakened, and a positive mood is created so that they can then place their desired order easily and without much thought.

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What is a User Interface (UI)

On a date, you want to make the most of your first impression. The outfit is carefully chosen, the hairstyle is right and you always try to say the right thing at the right moment. The advantages here are that communication is two-way, you can adapt to the situation and, in the best case, you speak the same language as your counterpart. In the dialogue between man and machine, things are different. These communication partners could hardly be more different, because one has perceptions, emotions and intuitions and the other has none of that. A “machine” or system is based on codes that can only react to concrete actions of its user and only in a pre-programmed way. To overcome this barrier, a suitable interface is needed – the user interface.

With our user interface design know-how to your online shop success

User experience is very subjective, but as experienced UI designers we know which general user requirements for a user interface will lead your online shop to success:

  • Conception and strategy for the available technical functions, for an interaction of your target group.
  • Adherence to optimal page performance (short loading times are a must!)
  • Maximum efficiency in user guidance from the purchase process and interaction (avoid detours, be understandable)
  • User-centred interface design (meaningful and contemporary)
  • Fulfilment of brand promises and expectations
  • Consistency

UX without UI? Without us!

Let’s think back to the initial date situation as a comparison. You meet for a candlelight dinner and have nothing ready to light the candle with. You also notice that you have forgotten the perfume. The romance quickly evaporates, doesn’t it? That’s kind of what UX Design feels like without a customised user interface. Without the tingle and the magic of seduction. It can be done, but somehow something is missing!

The UI designers at igniti give your Spryker, Magento or Shopware online shop that special something with an innovative UI design, so that shopping becomes a positive user experience for your customers that stays in their minds. Just like in everyday life, it’s not just about doing things the right way. People want to have a certain pleasure in everything they do, to be entertained and to be individual. This is exactly what a user interface and a modern interaction design does with an online shop.

Don’t be a mood killer – let the UI design agency igniti bring your online shop to life.

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Are you interested in a UI design consultation?

Just contact us. As an experienced UI design agency for software and e-commerce shop systems, igniti will be able to find out which user interface solution is best for your project. Our interdisciplinary competent interface design team is sure to have the optimal usability and user experience solution ready.

Do you need help with usability optimisation? Here, too, we can contribute our experience and make your online shop or software perform better.

Simply contact us by e-mail or call us right away if you would like to know more. We will be happy to help you.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Our pride and joy


User Interaction Design (IxD) makes online shopping a tangible experience

User experience, usability and a modern interface design are now a matter of course for successful commerce platform solutions. But how exactly does the UI design make a shop system like Shopware or Magento an individual, exciting shopping experience?

Colour scheme, layout, fonts, images and graphics make for an attractive interactive product page. However, since the mobile use of end devices is becoming more and more important, the FEEL or the JOY OF USE is also crucial. The interaction designers of a UI design agency ensure that your users can interact intuitively with every relevant element on their screen – by clicking, swiping, tapping, pressing or dragging. Facilitating features such as press-and-hold quick views of items, an interactive price range slider, or a “remember” button for the product also make online shopping fun. By observing the following IxD best practices, we bring B2B and B2C online shops to sustainable success:

  • WORDS: Buttons and labels should provide as much information about the product as possible with few words. You have to find the middle ground between overload and obscurit.
  • VISUAL IMAGES: A UI design with graphics, images and symbols complements the text to make your products clearer and easier to understand.
  • PHYSICAL OBJECTS / SPACES: The appropriate hardware with which an interface is to be used, such as a mouse or the touchscreen of a smartphone, as well as the environment in which it will be used, must also be included in the UI design process.
  • TIME: Meanings can be ascribed to media such as animations, sounds and videos. Similarly, it is important that users can monitor their progress and jump back and forth during interaction.
  • BEHAVIOUR: In the context of the previous elements, this is about the sum of human and product reactions.

Flexible Software Interface Design with Qt

The development of graphical user interfaces (GUI) is a complex and demanding process, where any facilitation by intelligent tools can help to get faster and better results. The software interface developers at igniti rely on the proven cross-platform C++ framework “Qt” to create special user interfaces for a wide variety of e-commerce solutions. Qt provides several combinable technologies for UI design, which facilitate integration into all platforms and offer many possibilities in data visualisation.

The extensive components integrated in Qt enable designers and developers to work together smoothly, efficiently and creatively. Thanks to the real-time display (WYSIWYG), every graphical element of the UI (e.g. dialogue window) can be directly created, adapted and tested in different styles as it should look when output on the end device. Even afterwards, adjustments can be made to the created interfaces in an uncomplicated and dynamic way. The Qt translation tools help to translate the applications into all local languages.

These are just a few of the advantages that Qt offers in the user interface design process. Especially if your e-commerce solution needs to be optimised for different devices, using a flexible framework like Qt makes a lot of sense. Your customers will also be delighted with the results and the user experience.


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