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Qt Commerce Connector: Revolutionize Your E-commerce

Do you want to seamlessly connect your Qt applications to e-commerce platforms? Then the Qt Commerce Connector is the solution for you. This innovative extension was developed by igniti to easily integrate e-commerce functionality with Qt. The Commerce Connector leverages the Qt API while seamlessly integrating with the Qt Toolkit to open up a world of e-commerce opportunities for you.

In doing so, the Qt Commerce Connector offers a range of interfaces to popular e-commerce systems such as Spryker, Magento or Shopware. As a Qt Professional Service Partner, we can also extend the module’s functionality to other e-commerce systems at any time to provide you with a customized solution.

You already have an idea and want to try out the Qt-Commerce-Connector? We offer you a location-independent demo, advise you free of charge and show you personally what all is possible with the Qt Commerce Connector.

Qt Commerce Connector application from igniti

Maximize the potential of your Qt applications with the Qt Commerce Connector

Qt Commerce Connector Process

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Find out how you can revolutionise the world of headless commerce together with us and the Qt Commerce Connector!

Our development project has already impressed at the Qt World Summit 2023. Discover how the Commerce Connector can not only improve your coffee experience, but also provide comprehensive support in automating your business.

Flexibility and functionality – tailor-made for your project setup

With the Qt interfaces of the Connector, all the important functions of an e-commerce system are available directly in your QT application. These include the product search, the query of product information, the management of the shopping cart and the checkout process. As a long-standing Qt partner, we can flexibly extend these functions with custom features to meet your individual business requirements.

Commerce Connector offers all the important functions of an e-commerce system

Commerce Connector integrates seamlessly with Qt applications on mobile, desktop or embedded systems

Impressive user experiences for all platforms

A major advantage of the Qt Commerce Connector is its versatility. It easily integrates with Qt applications on different platforms such as mobile devices, desktops and embedded systems. This cross-platform capability allows you to create customised user experiences and integrate additional service features into your applications.

Practical use cases: The potential of the Qt Commerce Connector for your business automation.

An innovative sales channel for modern coffee machines with touch display:

The Commerce Connector allows you to effortlessly integrate e-commerce functionalities into your QT-based interfaces and thus offers real added value in the design and implementation of your user experience.

For example, it enables you to select and order consumables such as coffee beans or cleaning agents directly on the machine with little development effort – natively and reliably connected to your e-commerce or merchandise management system.

This ensures smooth operations, satisfied users – and thus more turnover through first-hand upselling activities.


Commerce Connector in use: coffee machines with touch display | igniti

Commerce Connector in use: state-of-the-art medical devices with touch display | igniti

More efficiency and better care for medical device manufacturers:

In the medical field, the Qt Commerce Connector also proves valuable. Medical devices equipped with this module allow doctors to order consumables and treatment licences directly from the device, for example. The integrated e-commerce experience improves user satisfaction and streamlines the procurement process. This leads to a better user experience, better patient care and increased efficiency for medical device manufacturers.

Take advantage of igniti’s Qt Commerce Connector consulting today

For the maximum of your Qt application

Request a free demo and let us advise you on what is possible with the Qt Commerce Connector. Our experts will show you how you can optimise your individual e-commerce system flexibly and functionally. We look forward to hearing from you!

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