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You want to know who you are dealing with and what makes igniti a unique and professional digital agency, right? Creative agencies for digital solutions, software and e-commerce have become like sponsored ads on social media – too many to keep track of. Flashy exteriors are no real indication of company values.


We think it’s better to stand out with inner values, expertise, and unique client relationships. Don’t just take our word for it, find out for yourself. Come meet us in person.




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igniti - the agency with a penchant for the vowel "i"

A paradisiacal agency in the heart of Jena, the birthplace of e-commerce, we thought needs a meaningful name. In 2007, we came up with “igniti”, and not just because it sounds so nice. You might be wondering why the vowel “i” appears 3 times in such a short word…


Explanation A: One “i” comes from “paradise” (Jena train station) + two more from “digital”.
Explanation B: All our services are related to IT, internet and innovation.
Explanation C: The domain was still available, and the three “i”s just smiled at us (hihihi).


You will have to get to know us better to find out which explanation is true. Secrets keep things interesting…


The igniti - Solid Software / Learn more about us

We are computer scientists, trainers, interface designers & entrepreneurs.

Igniti Career

What’s no secret is that our team is an ideal mix of highly diverse Ignitians from a wide variety of backgrounds. We welcome anyone who knows their stuff and has a certain level of digital passion, regardless.


Are you looking for a new challenge or to further your career? Then take advantage of igniti’s job opportunities. Turn over a new leaf as a Project Manager (m/f/x) in the field of e-commerce or digital solutions. Or would you rather put your own stamp on the code as a software developer (m/f/x)? We have positions for Qt developers (m/f/x) who know C++, but there is always something to do at igniti for C#, PHP or other programming talents. You can also support us as a software tester (m/f/x) in optimizing individual digital solutions. Is communication more your thing? Advise our clients as a consultant (m/f/x) for PIM or e-commerce or show us what you’ve got as an online marketer (m/f/x) and work side by side with our UX/UI designers (m/f/d). If you still haven’t found what you’re looking for, consider IT Administrator (m/f/x) or Quality Manager (m/f/x).

This is igniti

This is igniti:

» E-commerce for the digital age.

» Custom software development.

» Create rapport with your customers.

» Listen to our clients, always.

» Think sustainably.

» Share knowledge.

» Promote teamwork.

» Embody our high standards.

What we don’t do:

» Specialize in one area.

» Work in a noisy, open offices.

» Enforce fixed working hours.

» Always say yes and amen.

» Keep information to ourselves.

» Fob off customers with 0815 solutions.

» Give up coffee and treats.

» Drink warm beer.

Consistent quality thanks to DIN ISO 9001:2015 certification

Our process-oriented approach to quality management ensures that all essential processes are coordinated, allowing us to work faster and more efficiently. With its efficient organizational structure and certification, igniti offers you unbeatable advantages.

igniti DEKRA ISO9001 Certificate

Our pride and joy

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We are here for you


Frank Rub, Managing Director

Frank Rub, Managing Director

This is Frank, our boss. His heart has been in e-commerce since the nineties. In 2001, he took the leap into self-employment by programming and optimizing software. In 2007 he founded igniti. Anyone who has ever seen him live usually remembers him. Not only because of his 1.97m height, but also because of the way he communicates with customers and employees. His positive charisma is contagious.

Stefan Lehmann, COO

Stefan Lehmann, Managing Director

Our Managing Director Stefan may not be nearly two meters tall, but his inner size is hard to beat. After his studies in communication and media technology, he first worked for the store system provider ePages, where he discovered e-commerce and the IT business as his passion. In 2011 he joined igniti and since then he is responsible for the satisfaction of the team and the quality of all company outputs. Nothing escapes his control – neither the smallest customer project nor igniti’s most important company figures. Always with a bow tie on his neck and a smile on his lips, he keeps things running smoothly at Frank’s side and keeps us happy. We wonder how, with the dual responsibility of being a fully employed father of four, you can still always seem so relaxed.

Marc Hörmann - Head of E-Commerce

Marc Hörmann

Head of E-Commerce

Sebastian Kratz - Head of Digital Solutions

Sebastian Kratz

Head of Digital Solutions

Anna Kästner - Sales Consultant

Anna Kästner

Sales Consultant

Earl Flanagan - Sales Manager igniti

Earl Flanagan

Sales Manager

Katrin Tiedemann - Project Manager E-Commerce

Katrin Tiedemann

Project Manager E-Commerce

Marcus Heller - Project Manager E-Commerce

Marcus Heller

Project Manager E-Commerce

Jens Rössel - Project Leader Software

Jens Rössel

Project Leader Software

Henryk Schmidt - Project Leader Software

Henryk Schmidt

Project Leader Software

Sascha Tetkov - Software Developer

Sascha Tetkov

Software Developer

Michael Reichenbach - Senior Software Developer

Michael Reichenbach

Senior Software Developer

Falk Schilling - C++ Software Developer

Falk Schilling

C++ Software Developer

René Sachse - UX Designer

René Sachse

UX Designer

Oliver Keinert - E-Commerce Consultant

Oliver Keinert

E-Commerce Consultant

Anna Wegner - Online Marketing Manager

Anna Wegner


Valentin Mayr - Senior Business Consultant

Valentin Mayr

Senior Business Consultant

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