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Technologies for your web platforms and web portals


For platform and portal development, we rely on appropriate frameworks such as ASP.NET and Symfony. Thanks to the framework technologies, we can accelerate the entire development and deliver visible results in a short time. We work with you to assess your project’s needs and requirements and select the appropriate technology.

Framework solutions for your web applications

Choosing the right technology is critical to the success of your web application. Every planned web application has its own requirements, functions and purposes to fulfill, which are considered from the beginning and are included in the technology selection. We compare these factors and decide together which framework is best suited in combination with other features. With Symfony and ASP.NET we have the optimal tools and specialized developers to implement your web platforms and web portals.

Choosing the technology to develop your web app is an important process that requires careful consideration of various factors such as performance, scalability, extensions and development effort. We have the experience and know-how to help you choose the right technology for your web platform or web portal.

Plattform portal development igniti

Our framework solutions for your web platform or portal project

ASP.NET für Plattform und Portal Entwicklung

ASP.NET extends Microsoft’s .NET development platform with specialized tools and libraries for building Web applications. This framework technology allows us to develop dynamic websites, web applications and web services that can be migrated and configured with great flexibility.

Symfony is an HTTP framework based on the PHP programming language that provides a collection of reusable, standalone components for developing web applications, APIs, microservices, and web services. Symfony is a widely used framework with a large community and therefore enjoys a high level of acceptance. This leads to continuous activity and development.

Softwareentwicklung mit Symfony als PHP-Framework für Plattform und Portale | igniti

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