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Process Digitisation


Many work steps often involve simple, technical and concrete solutions that can be realized with the help of process digitisation. It is not always necessary to completely digitize and automate the entire system, but rather to sustainably optimize important process steps in the company. We help you to implement your ideas for targeted digitisation with holistic services and concrete solutions.

Solutions and services for process digitisation and process automation:

  • Sales Platforms
  • Digital archiving
  • Mobile applications
  • Dashboards
  • Connectors
  • CRM & ERP Integration
  • Information Management
  • Business Intelligence Solutions

Digitisation must be tailored to your specific needs and processes. This is the only way to create added value for your company, your employees and your customers. We place great emphasis on solid planning, concrete goals and a comprehensible strategy, which our experts implement with the appropriate technologies. For the technical implementation we rely on suitable framework technologies such as Symfony, .NET or Qt.

Services of process digitalisation | igniti


Digitalization of business processes


Successful projects of digitalisation of igniti

There are many ways to digitize processes. Sales processes, for example, can be made easier and faster with digital ordering platforms. Digital HR platforms holistically improve the organization and management of employees. Web applications can provide device-independent access to relevant data, and mobile applications can improve quality control in production regardless of location.

Our successful digitisation projects in various industries:

  • Development of a platform for the management of medical devices
  • Integration with third-party ERP systems for the dental industry
  • Live shopping web application (Link) for the retail industry
  • Digital archiving for the entertainment industry
  • Mobile app for quality assurance in automotive manufacturing
  • Implementation of digital payment systems for logistics companies
  • Analytics dashboard for food distribution

Together as a team, we have successfully implemented a wide variety of business process digitalisation projects in various forms (references). We do not necessarily specialize in specific industries, but we are ready to take on any new challenge of your digital transformation – from the first design ideas, through development, to testing and final deployment.

Industry-specific process digitisation

Each industry has its own unique requirements. That’s why we tailor every digital solution to your industry, taking into account the existing landscape and addressing the needs of your target audiences. We offer you a holistic portfolio with all the services you need for a future-oriented business.

Medical Technology:

As a service provider, we develop web applications in interaction with deployed medical technology as well as stand-alone software for intuitively usable user interfaces for medical devices. We are familiar with the requirements in the regulated business field of medical technology and have already supported digitization projects here. For example, with a service portal based on a modern web application or mobile app.


The automotive industry is in the midst of a digital transformation. This affects both the equipping of vehicles with intuitive user interfaces, for example, and industrial production itself. We deliver solutions as process digitalization for various areas, for example as a mobile app for quality assurance in production.


Digitization is an important trend in the retail sector and is increasingly coming into focus. Process digitalization helps to make the shopping experience safer and more convenient for customers. We support the development of mobile apps with various technologies, for example for live shopping experiences. In addition, we have experts and experience for holistic sales digitization and e-commerce.

Entertainment industry:

Media and entertainment products are constantly changing. Many products are being digitally transformed into new forms. Whether streaming platforms, smart TV apps or digitizing analog media, we support you with the right technology know-how, for example, to digitize old and sensitive analog media with the necessary quality and automation.

Sales & Logistics:

Digitization or digital support in sales supports sales through accurate and central documentation of important key figures. With the help of a dashboard as an information and sales platform, sales employees can be supported sustainably. In addition, analog ordering and payment systems can be set up more effectively, more customer-friendly and faster through a digital solution.

Industrial production:

Within industrial production, processes can be specifically improved with digitalization. For example, through mobile apps for automation or quality assurance in various production steps. Digital applications can also be used for visualization and analysis. An IoT platform can bundle, evaluate and feed back information.

We support you in the digital transformation!

Process digitization means using suitable technologies tailored to your company in order to simplify complex tasks in everyday work. The goal is to make existing processes faster and more effective and to align them optimally for the future.

When business processes are digitized, analog data and procedures are replaced and put into digital form. For example, through a web platform in HR management as a tool for central employee management, a dashboard with KPIs as a supporting sales channel or a mobile app for quality assurance in production. However, process digitization always involves a targeted transformation and automations at different levels. This includes all business areas from production to administration, management to sales and customer service. We support you step by step in analyzing your business processes and help you with practical solutions for the operational challenges in your company.

Digital transformation means and involves the following for your company:

Digital transformation for your company

Why is process digitization relevant to your business?

Benefits of digitalisation | igniti

Digitization serves to secure the company’s own competitiveness, meet current customer requirements and simplify everyday work. Complete process steps, sub-processes or individual procedures can be made more efficient and productive through digital solutions. Once implemented, applications and systems can not only replace analog processes, but also create the basis for future improvements.

Benefits of digitization on the business process:

  • Increased effectiveness and productivity
  • Improved transparency and overview
  • Savings in time and costs
  • Potential for scalability
  • Better user experience and customer flexibility
  • Lower error rates and thus higher quality
  • Modern, digital and direct communication
  • Access to information at any time from anywhere

With the help of digital solutions, many processes can be better monitored. The associated optimization leads to greater transparency, tasks can be recorded more accurately, and data can be digitized and made accessible in compressed form. In addition, the digital provision of information can lead to better and faster analysis and evaluation of data. This not only saves time and costs, but also leads to a better user experience for all users.

We have the experts to turn your ideas into reality

We have more than 15 years of experience in process digitisation with customers from various industries. Trust our experts and we will support you in the process of digitisation with the help of web platforms, portals, specialized software or digital trading platforms.

Our common goal is to make complex processes and tasks in the company easier and clearer. We tailor digitisation initiatives and projects to your needs and requirements, so that your employees, partners and customers receive added value in the form of digital information, applications and functions.

Consultation for process digitalisation in your company

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