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B2C E-Commerce

Now it’s getting emotional. Because it’s about giving products and their representation a character that is remembered. Over time, end customers have become accustomed to a high feature standard in which 0815 online shops have little chance of conversion. Therefore, an online shop today must inspire the customer with many different functions, such as shop-the-look, wish list without registration or digital purchase advice and keep them in the B2C shop.

The emotional B2C platform with igniti

We know how to bring logic and emotion together for success. This includes not only the selection of the right B2C shop system and its integration into your existing system landscape, but above all the collaboration of talented developers and empathetic UX designers. With igniti, you can create the best user experience to differentiate yourself from the competition and create great emotions with your customers.

  • Free initial consultation
  • Conception through sketches, wireframes and prototypes
  • Apply usability principles to achieve goals effectively, efficiently, and satisfyingly
  • Development of an optimal customer journey and experience map
  • Search, filter and sort optimization
  • UX research (product analysis and testing)
  • Interaction design for web, tablet and smartphone
  • Information Architecture
  • User-centered design & user interface design

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B2C store consulting for your e-commerce

Are you interested in a B2C shop consultancy?

As an experienced B2C e-commerce agency, igniti can help you find the best shop system for your project. Our interdisciplinary e-commerce team is sure to have the optimal B2C shop solution for you.

If you want to know more, just contact us by e-mail or call us. We are happy to help you.

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Objectives in B2C e-commerce

In most cases, B2C e-commerce appeals to a broad mass and aims to attract as many interested users as possible to the e-commerce platform and, in the best case, convert them into buyers with the next click. Therefore, it is especially important to focus on the end customer when implementing and designing a B2C shop. Customer-oriented e-commerce solutions can only be successful with powerful shop systems. As an official partner of Spryker, Magento and Shopware, three market-leading providers of B2C and B2B e-commerce shop systems, we have been building successful and innovative online shops with our customers for years.

With a good B2C shop, you can significantly increase your sales not only in the brick-and-mortar store. The costs for manual sales, customer service and marketing processes will also be significantly reduced. A PIM system can make your product data effective and clear, so that your sales force can access detailed information anytime, anywhere. In addition, B2C e-commerce offers the opportunity to get to know your customers better. For example, you can find out which devices they use, how, when and where, and adapt your marketing strategy and UX design accordingly. Finally, an online store that looks good and is intuitive to use builds your brand.

B2C E-Commerce

Requirements e-commerce platforms B2C

Requirements for B2C e-commerce platforms:

  • High-performance system with extensive B2C components
  • Performance, scalability and flexibility
  • Search und Recommendations
  • Marketing automation for personalized, target-group-specific customer approach
  • Powerful CMS for the benefit of content commerce potentials
  • Product Information Management (PIM)
  • Software compatibility and connectivity to internal infrastructure (open standards)
  • Secure and high-performance cloud infrastructures with auto-scaling during peak loads

Stand out from the crowd with storytelling

Telling a story with an online shop… How is that supposed to work? In fact, storytelling is not an easy task, but it is a guarantee of success if you use it skillfully. E-commerce heavyweights such as AirBnB or IKEA, which are now worth billions, have recognized this trick and turned their end customers into protagonists. In this way, emotions and urges are awakened in them that can increase the probability of purchase many times over if the story is well and, above all, authentically implemented. This does not mean that you should literally tell a story in your online shop. Storytelling in B2C e-commerce is about providing buyers with incentives that inspire them, remind them of their own experiences or that they can build on. This automatically leads to the fact that positive values are attributed to the company or brand, such as reliability or sustainability. The most obvious storytelling element is an image. For example, a strong man next to a self-made piece of furniture can suggest that you can become a talented handyman yourself with the tools of the brand xy. Trends such as “augmented reality” or “shop the look” have also become an integral part of the online world. The embedding of a story can take place in B2C e-commerce on various levels and in various contexts. Let us show you all the ways in which you can inspire and expand your customer base.

Successful together in e-commerce


Cross-channel B2C e-commerce for the "Always On" society

The way people shop has changed dramatically since the introduction of smart devices. The vast majority of the German population (more than 80% – and growing) now owns at least one mobile device that allows them to surf and shop online anytime, anywhere. We know how you can benefit from this development. As a B2C e-commerce agency, we are happy to advise you on the trends in the online shop business and show you not only how to jump on the ICE of digitalization, but also how to reach your goal successfully. One thing is certain: Multi-track driving is not a sin, but rather an imperative in modern B2C e-commerce.

The advantages are obvious: Unlike local shops, online shops are not tied to opening hours and can therefore generate sales 24/7, 365 days a year. In a society with an always-on mentality, where people shop on the go or on social networks on a smartphone or tablet while watching TV or streaming, this is also highly appreciated. Give your end customers the ability to order your products online from the comfort of their sofa, on the train, or during a quick lunch break. With an omnichannel marketing strategy from igniti, you can reach your target audience at the right time, in the right place and with the right tone.

Based on individual data and artificial intelligence, we maximize the number and variety of touchpoints with your customers to increase their willingness to buy and loyalty to your products. Then nothing stands in the way of a unique shopping experience in your B2C store.

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