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Software Development with Symfony as the Leading PHP Framework

Symfony enables the development of customized and reliable applications such as web platforms or web portals. With this technology, we can efficiently implement high-performance web and mobile applications or integrate existing systems into user-friendly overall solutions.

Softwareentwicklung mit Symfony | igniti

The Symfony framework is an established and powerful framework for PHP application development with a large community and regular enhancements. As specialists’ software developers with many years of Symfony expertise, we support you in your projects and digital transformation.

Symfony development at igniti offers you security, productivity, and flexibility. The Symfony framework is widely used, has a large ecosystem and very good documentation. This allows us to save time and resources by reusing certain PHP development components. Thanks to the open-source nature of the framework, the source code is always available. This provides traceability, the ability to fix bugs independently and to modify or extend the code itself. Automated tests ensure the functionality and robustness of developed applications.


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We develop web-based applications using the PHP framework Symfony

Entwicklung webbasierter Anwendungen mit dem PHP-Framework Symfony

We have a seasoned team of Symfony consultants, testers, and developers with the experience and expertise to get your development across the finish line

No matter what form of web and application development you need. As experts, we can support your development with Symfony and PHP, provide holistic consulting, or deliver complete project takeovers.

We can deliver these solutions using the Symfony PHP framework:

  • Process Digitization
  • Web Services
  • Web Applications
  • Portal development
  • Platform development
  • Headless Commerce
  • API Development
  • Sales Platforms
  • List generators
  • Configurators

Efficient and Modular Symfony Development by igniti

Symfony is a modular framework technology. There are over 100 official Symfony components that can be combined. Development with Symfony is very efficient, especially due to the reuse of standardized components.

Both simple and complex applications can be implemented with high quality in a short development time.

The framework’s flexible orientation makes it an effective tool for implementing digitization projects quickly and robustly. The use of best practices guarantees not only stability, but also the maintainability and updateability of your applications. The clear and consistent structure achieved with Symfony is a decisive advantage, especially for complex projects. In addition to the official Symfony components, we can integrate additional libraries and features in the form of our own modules and third-party bundles to extend the Symfony base of your application.  

Effiziente und modulare Symfony Entwicklung

High development productivity with Symfony

Symfony’s excellent documentation and active community make it easy to work with. In development, this allows us to achieve a fast ramp-up with individual projects and quickly achieve tangible results.

In addition to the very clear documentation on the Symfony website, there is other important content such as certifications, trainings and tutorials that support development with Symfony.

Due to the framework structure, less infrastructure is required for development. Symfony provides important basic functionality that can be built upon in a modular fashion to create a finished software product. Modules and components are added as needed, so that only the necessary content flows into development. The framework can be used to create simple applications as well as very complex programs. Symfony also provides easy portability to other infrastructures.

The benefits of Symfony development at a glance:

  • Powerful framework for web and mobile applications
  • Efficient and structured development due to modular design
  • Large and active community
  • Regular updates and large feature set
  • Very high scalability of the applications
  • Developed applications are stable, maintainable and updatable
  • License free open source solution
  • Extensible through custom extensions

Design and implementation of web applications with Symfony

Symfony als PHP-Komponenten und Framework | igniti

We have several technologies at our disposal for designing and programming your web applications. One of them is Symfony, a set of PHP components and web application framework.

By using Symfony as a technical base, we are very flexible, because Symfony consists of less design and architecture specifications than semi-finished software (e.g. CMS). With the help of the framework we can tailor your application exactly to your needs. The framework is rebuilt individually for each project. Every part of the application can be tailored to the technical requirements and needs of your customers.

How we work with Symfony in development

Symfony is a unique toolbox – there is a Symfony tool for every requirement and for every domain. With Symfony, we are flexible and can always use a different tool for different challenges.

We then simply leave out certain parts and features that we don’t need, keeping development lean and effective.

Our development process is agile, allowing for a high degree of flexibility. This ensures effective implementation for your successful digitalization.

With the PHP framework Symfony we can provide you with the following services:

  • Consulting, planning and design
  • User experience and user interfaces
  • Symfony backend development
  • Frontend development using a modern JavaScript framework
  • Code reviews and testing
  • Deployment
  • Staff training
  • Maintenance of Symfony applications, portals and platforms
  • Development and enhancement

Symfony development and consultation

Interested in software development with Symfony?

Are you looking for a competent and experienced Symfony agency? We can help you with your digital solutions, automation and digital transformation. The igniti Symfony development team creates custom web applications, platforms, portals and much more with agile Symfony web development.

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