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Comparison of classic and agile project management

Today, e-commerce projects are usually part of a holistic digitization strategy and are becoming increasingly complex.

Agile project management

Our agile project management allows us to deliver results early in the project and respond flexibly to new requirements. This ensures maximum efficiency and very high quality. The Agile Manifesto (Agile Manifesto 2001) describes the core values of the agile project management approach:

  • People and interactions are more important than processes and tools
  • Working software is more important than comprehensive documentation
  • Collaboration with the customer is more important than contract negotiation
  • Responding to change is more important than following a plan

Of course, we all find the values important, but we value them differently.

Classic project management

Classical project management is based on a standardized process and follows a more monolithic approach. At the beginning of a project, a defined product end state is described, and its implementation is planned in detail. However, the larger the project, the more likely it is that challenges will arise and change the scope and resource requirements. Therefore, it is necessary to build a time buffer into the project management from the beginning.

Agile project management with Scrum | igniti

Agile classic project management infographic best practice | igniti

Our best practice in project management

In order to minimize the disadvantages of each methodology, we like to use a hybrid approach. This combines the classic and agile methodologies. We start with a requirements engineering and design phase.

The advantage of this approach is that at the end of this phase a rough budget framework can be estimated and made available to the customer as an investment plan. After gathering functional and non-functional requirements, we develop an initial product vision that is ready for launch. The so-called MVP approach (MVP = Minimal Viable Product) contains the most important requirements for the product (e.g. the online shop). After completing the requirements engineering and design development, the implementation phase begins. Here we work sprint based.

This is what our project managers prefer to work with

From everyday project work – Classic vs. agile project management

Everyday project life in the agency - classic and agile project management | igniti

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