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Web analytics allows you to better understand the users in your online store and optimize for a higher conversion rate. While the data from your shop system shows the data for successful deals, web analytics can show the entire customer journey of all users on your website and thus show the success of your online marketing measures. In order not to lose track of the amount of data, one of the most important questions is: What goals do you want to achieve with web analytics for your e-commerce?

Whether it’s Google Analytics or another tool – igniti advises you on the selection, implements tracking and supports you in the analysis of your data – for a better understanding of your data and the optimization of your marketing.


Web analysis agency igniti

What is web analytics?

With a web analysis, you collect information about the behavior of users on your website or online shop. You can evaluate this information and use it to optimize and measure success. Important key performance indicators (KPIs) are, for example: the development of the number of visitors and the user path, i.e. which path the users take through the various subpages to the destination.

With web analytics, you can check your goal achievement and answer questions such as: How does the user come to my site? On which page does the user leave the online shop – and is there a reason for this? Web analytics can also be used as a tool for SEO, SEA, social media and all other digital marketing measures.

Procedure web analysis

Success with web analytics

Web analytics is not a one-time measure, but a continuous cycle of measuring, analyzing and optimizing. With the right approach and an overview of your data, you can derive concrete measures to optimize your website and your online marketing. These measures can then be reviewed and further optimized with the help of the data.

Our services as
a web analytics agency

For a comprehensive user analysis as the basis of your optimizations, we accompany you as a web analysis agency from the objective to the implementation of the web analysis. Our goal is to provide you with comprehensive advice and to be at your side as a competent partner.

For this purpose, we offer the following services for web analysis:

  • Audit of existing web analytics tools & tracking integration
  • Consulting and conception
  • Selection of suitable web analysis tools
  • Implementation of tracking
  • Creation of dashboards & reports
  • Consolidation of data through business intelligence
  • Analysis of the data, derivation of measures and examination of the achievement of objectives

Web analysis consultation onlineshop

Are you interested in a web analysis consultation?

As an experienced web analytics agency, igniti can work with you to find out how your web analytics is best structured. Our web analytics team is sure to have the optimal web analytics solution ready and will be happy to support you in implementing tracking.


Simply contact us via e-mail or call us right away if you would like to know more. We will be happy to help you.


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What goals do you want to achieve with web analytics?

Simply integrate Google Analytics into the online shop and you’re done? Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. Because of the amount of data available through your website and the success in marketing, it’s easy to get lost in the tool.

First of all, you should consider what goals you want to achieve with web analytics. Which data is used to optimize e-commerce and which is used to optimize online marketing measures. Based on these goals, it can be determined which tools are used and what should be tracked. The tracking concept also includes the decision as to whether, for example, Google Analytics is to be integrated directly or whether the Google Tag Manager is used.

After the tracking has been implemented and the analysis tools receive data, dashboards and reports can be set up. Here, too, it is important to keep looking at the defined goals and to adapt the reports to both the goals and the target group.

The goals are known, the data is there. Now the actual web analysis can start. By analyzing the data, measures can be defined and implemented to optimize your e-commerce. The connection of the data from the web analysis and the shop system can be achieved with Business Intelligence.

Your web analytics goals

The steps for building web analytics

By defining the goals of web analytics in the first step, the next steps are easier. Instead of integrating any web analysis tool, a tracking concept is created on the basis of the goals and the tracking is implemented. After the creation of dashboards and reports, the web analysis and optimizations can start.


Steps to web analysis

Advantages of web analytics

Through the ongoing cycle from data collection, analysis and evaluation to the planning and implementation of measures, the online shop can be optimized in a targeted and continuous manner. Potentials can be identified and the success of e-commerce is visible and measurable.

The advantages of web analytics are:

  • Forms the basis for optimizing your e-commerce
  • Overview of the current performance of the online shop
  • Decision-making basis for marketing measures
  • Not just a gut feeling, but concrete data
  • Understanding the target audience by analyzing the behavior on the page
  • Increase in conversion rate and sales

Web analysis tools

Web analysis tools: Google Analytics and Co.

A variety of web analysis tools are available for web analysis. Which one is right for you depends on your goals and also on how complex the integration into the online shop may be.

Despite the criticism and the fact that data collection by cookie tools is no longer complete, Google Analytics continues to be the most popular tool for web analytics. For an easy and fast implementation, the Google Tag Manager is available on the one hand and plugins that integrate the Tag Manager on the website without much effort on the other. Plugins are also available for Google Analytics alternatives.

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