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Spryker thinks ahead: Promising e-commerce has a name

At the German e-commerce technology provider Spryker, the name and logo were by no means chosen randomly, but represent the business model of the founders Boris Lokschin and Alexander Graf. With the experience gained from over 150 successful e-commerce projects from the companies Project A Ventures and Rocket Internet, they have set themselves the goal of doing things differently digitally. The Spryker e-commerce platform should be as fast and dynamic as an antelope, because nowadays agility in the competition for the most successful online shop is worth more than sales strength.

Since its foundation in 2014, Spryker Systems GmbH has rolled out its service globally within a very short time and has gained more than 120 Spryker partners. We are right, because: The modular platform Cloud Commerce OS offers B2B and B2C merchants and manufacturers an innovative solution, high flexibility and scope for the individual design of complex business applications. With over 900 freely combinable modules, scaling and agility have been taken to a new level. You could say: more individualization is not possible without in-house development. At the same time, the security and stability of the frequently tested and applied basic architecture remains very reliable and allows a quick start with its out-of-the-box functionalities.

Implement your e-commerce platform with igniti and Spryker

Are you looking for an agency that will help you sustainably with the consulting, development and implementation of your project? Then igniti is the right place for you! We specialize in Spryker, one of the leading e-commerce systems, and can create an agile, transparent B2C or Spryker B2B Shop shop based on the modular Cloud Commerce OS platform. Do you have individual requirements for your project? This is also feasible for us! Let’s talk about your requirements and design a solution that stands for a sustainable future.





Berlin, Deutschland


Application area
B2B, B2C, marketplaces


Target group
companies international




Software Model
open source


Our services as a Spryker agency

As a Spryker agency, the Spryker E-Commerce System gives us a free hand in the development of powerful platform solutions for modern and innovative business models. So that you have to make very little effort to get your new customer or business shop off to a good start, you can entrust us with all the trappings with a clear conscience, because igniti is your E-Commerce agency with a 360° view. As your partner, we start with A and B for analysis and consulting, and follow the path to W for maintenance, in order to together reach the big goal of our partnership: satisfaction.


As a Spryker partner, we can offer you the following services in the areas of consulting, planning, implementation and post-launch development:

Spryker Agency Services

Conception and strategy

For your e-commerce platform to take off digitally, it needs a sustainable strategy that extends from the lead to the sale of your company’s products. For us, this way of thinking is daily business and not the final horizon! Trust our experience in strategy and conception from various e-commerce projects and industries for B2C or B2B.

Spryker Implementation

With a modular approach to commerce solutions, our technology’s headless architecture and API-first approach allows us to develop a flexible, customizable, and sustainable platform for any size business or project. For example, our developers can connect different frontends such as shop, mobile or voice to the backend via APIs to implement a solution for your needs.

Storefront and UX Design

User experience is the be-all and end-all of any e-commerce project. We need to understand your target audience and how to support their behavior. We create personas for you based on a precise target group analysis, serve all possible touch points such as SEO for online shops and navigate users through your Spryker shop with an intuitive UX Design until the successful purchase.

Migration to Spryker

You already have an online shop that you would like to relaunch because it no longer meets the growing requirements? We take over the migration of your old shop system for you and revive your digital business. Whether Shopware, Magento, SAP Hybris Commerce or another e-commerce system – with igniti as your Spryker partner, the change is quick and easy.

Spryker PIM & CRM

Our PIM consultants will be happy to advise you on the benefits and use of the Akeneo PIM system. To make things even easier for you, we are happy to take over your entire Spryker product data management with Akeneo. And what about CRM? The shop system already provides a powerful tool to keep all your customer data up to date. We’ll show you how!

Commerceofür B2B & B2C

We build your platform according to your individual goals. Our portfolio is already well positioned in both areas, so that as a Spryker partner we can apply our wide-ranging experience bundled in your project. Whether emotional B2C cross-channel E-Commerce or a particularly slim B2B online shop for companies with individual features for wholesale – we can implement every area professionally with the Commerce OS platform.

We are Spryker Solution Partner

Spryker Solution Partner

Spryker Consultation igniti en

Are you interested in a Spryker consultation?

Contact us at igniti, as an experienced Spryker agency and one of the first official partners, will be able to find the best solution for your project. Our team is sure to have the optimal Spryker solution for you.

Simply contact us via e-mail or call us if you want to know more. We are happy to help you.

We look forward to your inquiry and partnership.

Why is Spryker suitable for your commerce project?

Unlike ready-made shop systems, Spryker provides cloud-capable modular technology for the development of sophisticated e-commerce platforms and is characterized by its modular design, with more than 900 API-based modules. The combination of existing, independently functional components enables the development of very individual and flexible e-commerce solutions with simultaneously reduced budget, time investment and architecture risk. The high degree of flexibility offers ideal conditions for the future of changing markets, growth and the internationalization of platforms.

Spryker Commerce OS Applications

Spryker Highlights:

  • High degree of expandability and integration of external components due to modular architecture with minimal interdependencies
  • High performance and scalability through intelligent separation of front- and backend
  • The customization of in-house development with the stability of a mature architecture
  • Data-driven business and marketing strategies through central data hub

For whom is Spryker suitable?

Spryker sees itself as a link between complex, risky in-house developments and monolithic, difficult-to-adapt standard shop systems such as e.g. Magento and hubris. This also results in the area of application and the potential customers of Commerce OS. The target group are large companies whose business models do not fit into a standard system and meet individual requirements. This includes solutions for marketplaces, individual products, the automotive industry, and the food and pharmaceutical industries. Most of the applications for which the system is suitable cannot yet be put into words. And that’s exactly what it’s all about: being extremely flexible and innovative for the future in a constantly changing and unpredictable commerce market. This is what Spryker Cloud Commerce OS stands for.

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Spryker as a B2B commerce platform

With the B2B Suite, you as a company have the opportunity to respond to the wishes of business customers and create a familiar shopping experience that your customers know from the B2C environment.

Let your business customers benefit from a powerful shopping cart with shopping list functions, company accounts and customer-specific prices.

As an experienced partner and Spryker agency, we are happy to advise you on detailed questions in the business sector and look forward to hearing from you.

Technology as a value driver

For many online store owners, software and technology is just something that has to work. “Never touch a running system” is an old IT adage. In the case of the current e-commerce market, it is an outdated wisdom. Companies like Amazon, Zalando and others make it clear: Those who are not innovative, who cannot flexibly adapt to the constantly growing and changing requirements of the market, will eventually be left behind. Like no other software, the Spryker Cloud Commerce OS provides the basis for meeting these requirements. To see technology not only as a necessary evil, but as an opportunity and to use it as an innovation to face the tough competition and to always be one step ahead.

Spryker in contrast to other systems

Comparing Spryker to shop systems is like comparing apples and oranges. It is clear that shop systems such as Magento, Shopware and others already offer a large number of available functions out of the box. At this point, the commerce solution cannot and does not want to keep up. Because that’s what it’s all about: mapping business models and processes that no standard e-commerce system can fit into.

Spryker Comparison Shopware Magento

Our Commerce References


Features von Spryker im Detail


Due to the modular design, this system solution achieves unprecedented flexibility. All components work with minimal dependencies and can therefore be easily extended, added, removed or changed. This allows new features to be developed quickly and cost-effectively.

Easy integration

Spryker offers various options for seamless integration into the company’s own processes and the wider system landscape with external systems such as e.g. ERP, CRM and PIM. In this way, all relevant data is immediately distributed to the important connected systems.


Mobile designs and fast loading times are an important factor for a successful business as smartphone usage increases. The frontend of the Commerce OS, designed as a lightweight, enables the best conditions for optimized display and performance on different devices. The connection of hybrid mobile apps (Android, iOS, Windows) is also prepared.

High performance and scalability

The unique digital architecture (intelligent separation of frontend and backend) ensures very short loading times even for demanding solutions. The high performance makes it possible to completely dispense with full-page caching. This saves a lot of development effort and the user interface remains highly flexible and customizable at all times. The architecture also ensures high scalability of the entire application, which means that your system is optimally equipped for changing conditions, especially growth and internationalization.

Multichannel and internationalization

Success in different markets and channels – no problem with this solution. Due to the high flexibility and adaptability, applications for marketing and sales campaigns can be easily developed via various online or offline channels. An international strategy is facilitated by the central core and customizable country stores and themes. Central, cross-border roll-outs are just as possible as individual country shops.

Web Tracking & BI

Measuring and analyzing visitor flows is indispensable for the further development of an online shop. Spryker makes the integration of well-known web tracking tools easy and flexible. So you always have your traffic in view. And for the sustainable optimization of your business model, Commerce OS also offers the basis for comprehensive Business Intelligence solution. An integrated data warehouse collects all internal and external data from various tools for further preparation and analysis.

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