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Technologies for your software development


We implement your software with established and suitable framework technologies such as .NET or Qt. With these two frameworks we can develop functional as well as user-oriented application software or realize highly specialized software close to the device for you. Together we look at your needs and choose the right technologies to meet them.

Framework technologies for your software

Choosing the right technology is critical to the success of your software. Each planned application has its own requirements, functions and purposes to fulfill, which are considered from the very beginning and included in the technology selection. Together we decide which framework is best suited for your software development. With Qt and .NET as well as the programming languages C+ and C++ we have the optimal tools for effective programming.

We have the experience and know-how in software development and will help you choose the right technology for your software development.

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Our framework solutions for your software project

Qt Software igniti

Qt is a platform-independent framework that provides us with a variety of tools for designing, developing, testing and managing software. It is developed in C++ and has many advantages for hardware-related programming. The large community offers extensive documentation and many sample solutions. Qt is versatile, flexible, powerful, reliable and suitable for the development of desktop apps, mobile apps as well as embedded systems.

The .NET technology is a developer platform with a multitude of tools, programming languages and libraries for individual application programmes. There is a large ecosystem of manufacturers, developers and tools, which ensures constant variety and a growing range of functions. This technology allows us to develop software for various systems mainly with C#. In the .NET universe, mobile applications can also be created with the .NET MAUI application.

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