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B2B E-Commerce


It is not only the private shopping experience that has moved more and more into the digital environment in recent years. Even sustainable entrepreneurs are now taking advantage of B2B e-commerce and are increasingly buying their machinery, materials, spare parts and office supplies online via B2B shops. The reasons are obvious: a B2B shop saves time and money.

When buying in large quantities, it is important for business owners to get the best value for their money, as well as efficient and convenient processes. To make your B2B online store profitable for both sides, you should know your customers’ needs and accept the resulting requirements. The right e-commerce shop system, a clear PIM system for the mass of product data and a passionate B2B e-commerce agency like igniti at your side will then help you to successfully implement this for your business customers.

Creation of a B2B shop

Before you jump in at the deep end and start building a B2B online store for your company, or if you are in the process of bringing your current e-commerce shop system up to date, igniti offers a free B2B shop consultation for your e-commerce. If you decide to work with us, we will find the optimal shop solution for your company and integrate it into your existing system environment – whether with Magento B2B, Shopware B2B, Spryker B2B or a completely individually developed platform. Our IT specialists, PIM experts and UX designers work hand in hand to optimize, personalize and automate every single process. This is how igniti makes B2B commerce a sustainable investment for you.

  • At the beginning you will receive a free B2B shop consultation incl. demo of the standard B2B functions in Magento, Spryker and Shopware
  • Conception and implementation of your e-commerce shop solution including all functions in the existing system landscape
  • Usability and responsive frontend design for your online shop
  • PIM consulting and implementation
  • Search und Recommendation Engine
  • Personalization
  • Marketing Automation
  • Performance Optimization
  • Advice on choosing a suitable cloud infrastructure or other hosting approach

B2B shop steute | igniti

B2B store consulting for your e-commerce | igniti

Interested in a B2B shop consultancy?

As an experienced B2B e-commerce agency, igniti will be able to find out which shop system is the optimal solution for your business customers. Our interdisciplinary e-commerce team is sure to have the optimal B2B shop solution for you.

Feel free to contact us by email or phone if you would like to know more. We look forward to helping you.

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Opportunities of a high-performance B2B shop in e-commerce

  • Shortening the distribution chain
  • Development of another sales channel
  • Access to a new target group of customers
  • Cost reduction through process optimization
  • Better availability in customer service
  • Detailed function for data analysis
  • Support of sales staff in the field
  • Update and organization of product data
  • Expansion of marketing potential

B2B E-Commerce Shop KPI's

Setting priorities for your B2B shop correctly

In B2B e-commerce, the priorities are different from those in the consumer market. In order to intensify and expand your existing business relationships (increasing customer value), you must guarantee your customers maximum comfort and productivity when shopping in your B2B shop. The marketing of the products (increase of the shopping cart value) is actually only on place 2 of the priority list in sales to business partners. When executing orders in the online shop, a B2B customer does not focus on emotional appeal and aesthetic presentation, but rather on rational functions such as product availability, technical specifications, prices and delivery times. There is no question that flawless usability must be guaranteed on all end devices, whereby the most frequently used device of B2B customers remains the desktop / laptop, followed by tablet and smartphone by a large distance.

Another challenge is adapting your B2B store for international customers. A wider delivery radius usually means different languages, currencies, new tax rates, and legal frameworks. In many ways, B2B commerce can learn from and align with the many B2C e-commerce stores. Unfortunately, business-to-business online commerce is still about five years behind the curve, despite the potential. Analysts and industry experts agree that the future of B2B e-commerce is definitely on the Web, and every company should explore its options for a Web site.

1. Gain trust

In B2B sales, long-term thinking and repeat purchases are even more important than in B2C. The business customer usually needs to buy the same products on a regular basis to keep his business running, so trust in your B2B business must be particularly high. This is achieved through reliability and transparency. Always give your customers insight into product availability and inventory, but don’t give everyone all the information about your B2B store. End customers should be able to see the product range, but not get information about personalized tiered pricing, for example. Use a registration process with a business license or VAT number to ensure that only verified buyers with a business purpose can buy from you. This has the positive side effect of increasing the incentive to register as well as increasing trust.

2. A race against time

In B2B business, buyers do not have time to browse, compare and think. Deadlines and budgets have to be met, so efficiency is a very important keyword when using a B2B shop. In most cases, you know exactly what part or product you need before you buy it. The only question is where to find it and who can deliver it the fastest. Customers do not want to spend hours clicking through a huge selection of products and end up ordering the wrong one. Powerful, intuitive search and filter capabilities, such as item numbers or QR codes, as well as easy direct and repeat ordering via CSV upload, provide a major e-commerce advantage. Recommendation engines and target-group-specific personalization can also help cut through the clutter and save time and money.

3. Customer-specific prices and graduated prices

Just as in traditional trading relationships, B2B vendors should be able to offer customer-specific and tiered pricing in e-commerce. Every buyer wants to be able to negotiate prices based on volume or get individual discounts. In addition, online price transparency is intensifying competition, and dynamic pricing is now a matter of survival for every B2B company. So model your prices from the start, for example, by product lines, regions, segments/industries, special pricing, and so on. Despite the dynamics and complexity of a B2B pricing module, the performance of the B2B shop must not be compromised.

4. Simplify approval processes

In companies, purchasing decisions usually depend on several instances. The mapping of the customer’s purchasing organization, including an extended rights and roles concept, is therefore a necessary feature for the acceptance and use of an e-commerce online shop. To make digital approval processes in B2B shops as efficient as possible, fixed user roles must be set up in the creation process. These roles can be reassigned or transferred again and again.

Successful together in B2B e-commerce


B2B e-commerce requirements | igniti

Requirements for a B2B e-commerce platform

  • Powerful system with extensive B2B online shop components
  • Software compatibility and connectivity with internal infrastructure
  • Performance, scalability and flexibility
  • Search and Recommendation
  • Product Information Management (PIM System)
  • Powerful CMS to develop expertise online
  • Marketing automation for personalized, target-group-specific customer approach
  • Secure and high-performance cloud infrastructure with autoscaling during peak loads

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