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Building Human Connections in a Digital World


Are you at home in the digital world? Searching for an excellent career in a collaborative, playful, creative community? Want to change not only your employment situation, but the world as well?  

Then welcome to igniti and digitalization with passion! Igniti (a member of the Mindcurv Group) prides itself on having an open, inclusive and innovative corporate culture where creative exchange is encouraged and every voice counts. Our friendly, flexible, stimulating workplace is searching for committed colleagues seeking empowerment to make independent decisions and the daring to act upon their own initiative.

Interested? Then please have a look at our current open positions and kick start your future today! 

One Agency. Two Teams. Three Points. 4th Floor.
About us:

Welcome to igniti – a digital agency based in Jentower. From our name, you can tell we have a certain penchant for the letter “I”. Why? Because we are over 80 experts in the fields of information technology, the Internet and innovation. We are particularly interested in the inner, core values of customers and employees alike, as we seek harmonious alignment of our principles and ethics.

Our expectations: You put your personal and professional skills to the test, contributing to digitization across various industries! With igniti, you can choose your own individualized career path from a variety of outstanding options. Be in direct contact with our esteemed customers and their customers, using your creative talents or demonstrating what digital magic you can conjure out of code!

In the end, it’s always about delivering strong digital solutions tailored to customer needs. We are eager to see how your expertise can support business growth and development!

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Current jobs



Lead C++ Software Developer (m/f/x)Senior C++ Software Developer (m/f/x)


Project Lead / Account Manager (m/f/x)

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At Igniti, We’re Not Just Developers, Testers and Project Managers – We’re Ignitians!

The Ignitians form two tribes, Soft-is and Shop-is. Soft-is develops, test and implements sophisticated software solutions for a wide variety of devices, making the world an easier and more digital place. Shop-is employs our e-commerce technologies: Spryker, Shopware and Magento, with which we build individual commerce platforms. We use many programming languages, such as PHP, C, C#, C++, Java and framework applications such as Qt, boost, MFC, .NET or SPRING, to optimize customer outcomes.

Company optimization advanced significantly in 2021 as igniti joined the Mindcurv Group, allowing us to leverage the synergies and benefit of a half dozen companies through technology exchange and cooperation.

We seek interesting people to work on innovative products and who share the desire to digitize the world! We look forward to hearing from you!

We Don’t Want You to Feel Constrained by Labels but They Are Helpful for Job Descriptions …



…for you 1 and 1 is not 2, but 10
…the first thing you think of when you think of a sprint is SCRUM
…you can do at least one common programming language in your sleep
…your digital toolbox consists of more than Microsoft Office
…for you, tolerance starts with operating systems
…then find your position in software development!



…you are not afraid of bugs
…functionality trumps everything
…you can easily empathize with various user types
…99.9% security is insufficient
…you enjoy annoying developers
…then find your position in software testing!



…you can keep your cool in stressful situations
…you have internalized “think first, act last”
…for you, risk and security belong together like Tom and Jerry
…you like to stay on top of things, if only to have a better overview
…a deadline is not a variable for you
…then find your position in project management!



…you can make a heartfelt, intelligent argument
…you don’t believe in problems, only solutions
…people can hear your smile
…your parlance is as sharp as Tony Stark
… it’s inconceivable that # was once called „Pound“
…then find your position in Consulting!



…4cbbc7 for you is a color
…you dream in pixels and formats
…you always have a sharp eye for detail
…you don’t ask CI for the missing A
…you’ve harnessed chaos creatively
…then find your position in UX/UI design!



…your hobby is paper work
…order is your middle name
…you always anticipate and plan accordingly
…believe processes are to be followed
…you demonstrate resolve corralling colleagues
…then find your position in Operations & Administration!


Grow With Us

Do you believe that autonomy and cooperation are the winning combination for the development of personal abilities? At first glance these seem to be two conflicting values, but we are convinced that in the right measure they drive each other to positive effect – for example, increased trust in the team and in oneself.

The right working environment is an important aspect for your personal development and well-being. That’s why we pay attention to respectful, open and humorous interactions, to ensuring that you have the necessary tools for productive work with qualitative results and to maximize the possibilities for you to shape your work day.

At igniti, every new team member is welcomed uniquely and encouraged in their skill development. We want to make sure that each individual Ignitian feels firmly integrated into the greater whole and can grow beyond their current abilities.

We’ve Been Remote Working Since Before It Was Cool!

igniti pretty much avoided the Corona Home Office Conversion Chaos of 2020 by being decentralized to begin with. As a modern work environment in the digital agency world, remote working and home offices have long been standard for us. As we only hire people we trust to give their all for the team regardless of location in the first place.

We don’t insist on a “9 to 5” week or compulsory office attendance. At igniti we adhere to the principle “communication is key”. Need a change of scenery? Grab a laptop and work remote. Have a pet that doesn’t like staying home alone? Bring them to work. Prefer to keep Vampire hours? No problem Drac, talk with us and we’ll find a scheduling solution that suits everyone involved. Our primary focus is on correct results, met deadlines and reachability by customers and colleagues during core business hours. How that happens is entirely up to you…

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Why igniti as an employer?


Consultations en

Check icon en  Flexible Workplace and Times

We don’t insist on a “9 to 5” week or compulsory office attendance. At igniti we adhere to the principle “communication is key”. Need a change of scenery? Grab a laptop and work remote. Have a pet that doesn’t like staying home alone? Bring them to work. Prefer to keep Vampire hours? No problem Drac, talk with us and we’ll find a scheduling solution that suits everyone involved. Our primary focus is on correct results, met deadlines and reachability by customers and colleagues during core business hours. How that happens is entirely up to you…

Project diversity

Check icon en  Excellent Project Variety with Well Known Clients

Between the e-commerce and digital solutions teams, there is never a dull moment at igniti! Our customers are global household names across a wide variety of sectors and entrust us with their challenging projects. Every digital solution we offer is unique and always offers you something new.

Further education academy

Check icon  Continuing Education & the “igniti Academy”

You can never have enough knowledge and skills. We offer you the opportunity to further your education with and through us. Tell us your interests you and will match you with colleagues in the field, lectures and workshops. Take private or group English lessons with our in-house instructor. Know something we don’t? We’d be delighted if you shared your expertise with us as well!

Events by igniti

Check icon  Regular Social Events & Spontaneous Foosball Rounds

At igniti, we like each other and spend time together outside of work. Whether it’s team events like beach volleyball, climbing, trampolining and go-karting, or enjoying a few cocktails and/or beers from the company lounge (Tuesdays, after 18:00 and Fridays’ after 16:00 only, strictly enforced), or a few rounds of table football at the video wall, we know how to have fun.

Fruit, coffee and beverages are available for you

Check icon  Drinks and Snacks are on the House

In our colorful communal kitchens you’ll find amazing coworkers, drinks and snacks! How do you like your coffee? Our automatic espresso/coffee machines will make it anyway you like. Fancy a healthy snack? Twice a week we stock up with a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables. In the mood for something less healthy? Cookies, candies and snack foods can be had as well as an inexhaustible supply of water, tea, mate and filter coffee.

Jentower digital agency igniti

Check icon  Unbeatable Location & Spectacular View

Jentower is not only the iconic landmark of our paradise city, as the tallest building in the state, it offers utterly unmatched, spectacular, 360-degree panoramic views of the whole surrounding region and is a popular tourist destination. On a clear day you can see forever and we’ve got the top office floor! Not only is Jentower close to everything, it IS the City Center. The building itself houses restaurants, hotels, cafés, shops, banking, a fitness studio and more than enough parking spaces. Taking the train? Good! igniti provides employees Job Tickets. Save money and the planet!

You could work
for these client

Working student group of companies igniti mindcurv group en

Your professional career start – Become a working student within the mindcurv group!

Do you have a passion for IT or e-commerce? We offer you a wide range of opportunities to become involved in the Mindcurv Group as a working student in the areas of IT, digital business, economics or design and to gain a lot of practical experience. You can complete your studies at the educational institution of your choice and at the same time work at igniti in different business areas, regardless of location. Become part of an international team and get to know new cultures. Together we realise national and international customer projects. Digitisation is our greatest passion – we have many areas in which you can contribute your knowledge.

Learn more about the opportunities as a working student in the mindcurv group

Your perfect start with the e-commerce degree


Student paradise Jena, (Germany’s second sunniest city) offers countless opportunities to fully immerse yourself in the world of e-commerce. Jena being where e-commerce was born.

Jena is known worldwide as an innovation hotspot with many digital companies of great renowned, as well as their adjacent systems. Jena provides a leg up for every stage of your e-commerce journey – be it Freshman, Master’s or Post. Opportunities for hands-on, practical experience abound as a working student in any number of local companies.

Learn more about the opportunities as an e-commerce student.

E-commerce studies EAH jena

Do we want to get to know each other better?


We are Geli and Susanne, your contact persons if you have found an interesting position for you at igniti.

In order to get to know each other (digitally), all we need from you is a current resume. You can then expect a response from us in any case. The subsequent personal meeting will take place in two rounds, currently via video call, otherwise over a cup of coffee.

We look forward to seeing you!

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