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UX design in e-commerce

There is a lot going on in the digital market of online commerce. If you type “buy shoes” into Google, you get 144 million search results alone. With this flood of offers, the customer is simply forced to consider only a tiny selection of the infinite number of online shops for buying the new sneakers and therefore looks at the first ten pages at most. And they indirectly decide for themselves which are the first ten. Because where users spend the most time and the longest time, those are the pages Google classifies as particularly useful for those interested in buying and therefore puts them at the front in order to also offer its users the best experience and guide them to a successful purchase.


Good UX design is the key to successful e-commerce. How else can you stand out from other businesses in the crowd today? Behind the scenes of major online retailers are geniuses of UX design, constantly working to optimise the product in a contemporary way and strategically unite the soul of the brand with the needs and expectations of the user.

UX Design as a Factor for Success in ECommerce

Our UX expertise for your online shop

As an e-commerce agency, igniti naturally also includes a professional team of developers and creative minds who are well versed in all aspects of UX and UI design. Whether based on Spryker, Shopware, Magento or an individual shop solution, whether in the B2B or B2C sector – we make sure that your customers are put in the spotlight and forget the shopping basket value for the sheer joy of shopping, so that your e-commerce becomes a lasting success. From the information architecture to the creation of wireframes and style guides to the development of an interactive user interface for various devices, we are the right contact.


Why and when do you need UX design in e-commerce?

A good user experience is important to meet the needs of the users and to trigger positive emotions in the customers that bind them to the product and the brand. Especially in e-commerce, UX design is more important than ever before, as the competition on the WWW is becoming more numerous and stronger. Therefore, UX experts should not be missing in any e-commerce team, as they have the best feeling for digital trends as well as the needs and expectations of modern customers.

The UX Design Offline Comparison

Everything becomes clearer when you compare it to the “real” world. Imagine you need a new pair of trousers and you are in a big shopping centre with quite a few shops selling trousers. Which one do you go into? Probably the one with the most attractive shop window, the one with a bit of music or the one with the most pleasant light installation. What then makes you stay in that shop? If you know immediately where to find a pair of trousers in your size, favourite colour and desired fit, then your next trip is more likely to be to the changing room than if you have to search haphazardly. There the rehearsal continues. Does the cubicle offer enough space? Is the mirror big enough? Does the light flatter my figure or does the sight rather frustrate me, so that I prefer to make a run for it to the next shop?


The fact is: no product sells itself. Especially if you are still at the beginning and your brand is not yet strongly established, you should attach importance to a flawless user experience and let us advise you as an experienced e-commerce agency, because your competitors are only a few mouse clicks away and on the web you don’t have employees who can persuade customers to “pity buy”. The first impression counts enormously in e-commerce. So use it to your advantage as much as possible and show your visitors at a glance all the areas that are interesting for them and relevant for your company. It will have a positive effect in many respects.


Advantages of a good user experience in B2B and B2C shops:

  • More positive price and brand perception (branding!)
  • Stronger customer loyalty
  • Increase in satisfaction & user motivation
  • Increase in new customers & outreach
  • Reduction of the abandonment rate
  • Increased acceptance and trust through transparency and functionality
  • Higher conversion rate + cost reduction (saving on customer service etc.)
  • Increase in turnover + competitive advantage
  • More profit + profitability!

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UX design consulting for your e-commerce

Are you interested in a UX design consultation?

Just contact us, igniti as an experienced UX design agency, will be able to find out which user experience solution is best for your e-commerce or software project. Our interdisciplinary competent UX design team is sure to have the optimal usability solution ready.


Simply contact us by e-mail or call us right away if you would like to know more. We will be happy to help you.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Our pride and joy


Usability for e-commerce customers

The customer is king – this is not just the slogan of a low-cost textile manufacturer, but above all a fundamental maxim in the real and digital shopping world. When it comes to UX design, UX testing and usability optimisation for e-commerce solutions, our top priority is therefore to focus everything on the potential user of your online shop. Usability aims to ensure that the user feels comfortable throughout the entire experience and can easily navigate through the shop system to the purchase of a product without instructions or help from others. Usability is based on human intuition and psychological findings and is influenced by social factors, motivation, perception, attention, memory and feelings of the user.


Choosing the right shop system is the first step in the user-friendliness of an E-Commerce solution. With Spryker, Shopware and Magento, you are already on the safe side for both a B2B shop and a B2C shop. In addition, we work according to the following basic success factors and approaches that ensure intuitive usability in e-commerce:

  • Be transparent to build trust
  • Save time through simple, practical UX design
  • Use habits, standards & the familiar
  • Visualise hierarchies
  • Form follows function
  • Convey a sense of control and security
  • Allow for errors
  • Focus on the essential

Our e-commerce partners


Increasing sales through holistic customer journey management

A holistic customer journey map serves as the basis for a functioning UX design in e-commerce. With this, we can visually show you at which points and in which chronological order your individual users come into contact with your brand and the online shop – the so-called “touch points”. A user journey map makes it easier for our UX designers to put themselves in the customer’s shoes throughout the entire journey from purchase motivation to the completed purchase and beyond. It also identifies expectations and uncovers “pain points” so that they can be avoided or minimised from the outset. But how exactly can a Customer Journey Map lead to increased sales?


After we have identified your personas and drawn up a detailed profile, each one gets their own personal Customer Journey, as each person will come into contact with your brand differently. Here you can rely on the empathy, creativity and experience of our UX designers. During the conception, strengths and weaknesses of the current customer experience are evenly observed and then the changes of weak points are prioritised according to cost efficiency and with the help of, for example, A/B tests

Using social networks

Since the age of social media, there are more and more possible touch points, which is why setting them up and visualising them is becoming more and more complex and important. If your company is not present on social media platforms nowadays, your chances of a high conversion decrease considerably, because they have long been a very crucial part of every customer journey in e-commerce. Worldwide, almost 2.8 billion people are registered on at least one social network, and so are your potential customers. We are happy to set meaningful Instagram posts for you, which lead to your online shop via a link and can lead to the conclusion of a purchase within a very short time. Also, don’t underestimate the power of online reviews on Facebook and the like. These contribute significantly to the image of a brand. Use these digital marketing opportunities to draw attention to yourself!


Staying close to the customer always and everywhere

With digitalisation, the behaviour of customers has also changed on all levels and the number of ways to reach them as a company has grown many times over. Accordingly, to make a customer journey as efficient and profitable as possible, you have to think in many directions and always go with the change in order to remain omnipresent. Especially in e-commerce, you should also be aware that your customers will not only use one device during the buying process and that the competition is lurking around every corner. Retargeting measures can therefore be very useful touch points, as people need more and more time to think about buying decisions due to the enormous growth in offers. With our UX marketing know-how, you can use this time effectively by delivering a reminder every now and then for products forgotten in the shopping basket.
Use our 360° Customer Journey to get to know your customers as closely as possible and find out which networks they spend the most time on, which devices they use to shop online and how they behave online in general. On this solid basis, your user experience will be maximally efficient for you and your customers.

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