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The PIM system for your product data


What is PIM?

A PIM (Product Information Management) system can simply be described as a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system for your online store’s product data. With the help of a PIM system, data can be managed, configured, structured, enriched and translated .


By supporting product management and marketing, you can create a product experience that meets customer expectations across channels. It helps companies collaborate and map workflows and approval processes.


Do you want to prepare your product data more effectively for output in different sales channels and have a better overview of the future? Contact us for an initial discussion about your PIM solution.


What is PIM? - the PIM system for e-commerce

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How does a PIM system work?

Learn the functionalities and benefits of a PIM system (also called product information management system) as your product data becomes increasingly complex. See how easy it can be when a PIM centralizes and optimizes product data across all sales channels.

Why is a PIM it worth using?

A Product Information Management (PIM) system is a very useful tool to effectively serve the multitude of systems, channels, and touchpoints in an ever-changing environment, and to prepare content and data for the channel in the best possible way and still make it available in a coordinated manner. The ability to maintain centralized data not only saves time and money, but also ensures a fast time-to-market in e-commerce, which has a positive impact on sales. Therefore, a PIM solution for managing product data is always a strategic decision for a company.


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Our services as a PIM agency


✓ Installation of the PIM software

Whether on-premise or in the cloud: we install the software according to your requirements. In doing so, we take into account all boundary conditions with regard to storage, speed and security requirements and adapt the software to your IT infrastructure in the best possible way.


✓ PIM Workshops

The implementation of a PIM system is a collaborative partnership. PIM workshops are used to develop core implementation concepts and answer key questions. Together, we determine your online store’s requirements for the PIM system and tailor the PIM software and processes to your data needs.


✓ Data migration in the PIM System

Before the implementation of a PIM system, product information from an online store is usually scattered across many systems. As a PIM agency, we help to create a plan for the initial transfer of data from third-party systems to the PIM system, and design technical options for managing the data transfer.


✓ Creation of SEO-relevant texts

Once all the relevant product information has been compiled in the PIM, missing descriptive text is usually easy to spot. If you have several thousand products in your assortment, this can be an enormous time consuming task. We can help you with text robots and generate SEO relevant texts with your data at the push of a button.

✓ Key-user training

After we have installed and set up an ideal PIM instance together with you, we as a PIM agency will introduce the basic concepts to the end users in your company and show them all the tricks of the trade. In this way, users are not only introduced to the new PIM solution, but also learn how to use the PIM software from day one.

✓ PIM contact person for questions

Especially in the first period after the PIM system has been implemented in your online shop, more and more questions about the operation arise or small changes in the setup have to be made. We will not let you down and will continue to provide support for your PIM system even after it goes live.

PIM system consulting for your ecommerce

Are you interested in a PIM system consultation?

Contact igniti, an experienced PIM agency, to find out which PIM solution is the best for your project. Our interdisciplinary PIM team is sure to have the optimal product data solution for you.

Simply contact us via e-mail or call us if you want to know more. We are happy to help you.

We look forward to hearing from you.


The PIM project management of igniti

With igniti you have a PIM agency at your side that stands for agile PIM project management . A PIM project is implemented by us through workshops in which we build on each other’s topics. For each e-commerce PIM workshop we conduct with you , there is preparation and follow-up work to ensure smooth progress. Between the workshops, we work with you and the data on a PIM test instance and develop the perfect agile PIM solution together!


At the beginning of a PIM project with igniti there is always a kick-off meeting to get to know you as a company and the structure of your data around the existing systems. After taking stock of the existing data sources and sales channels in your company, we create the basic concept for the e-commerce PIM system . In the subsequent scoping workshop, we define the scope of the project and determine which tasks and processes will be handled by the PIM system in the future. Once these steps are complete, we work with you to define the catalog structure and data model. Once these hurdles have been overcome, igniti designs and implements all interfaces to third-party systems in which product information is generated or consumed.


After the first agile workshops with igniti and a large amount of coffee, the next steps towards a fully-fledged Product Information Management system for your B2B or B2C online shop and all other output channels are further workshops with increasingly intensive cooperation. Processes and a data model around the assets are defined . Subsequently, the migration will be started. After these important preparations on the way to a successful e-commerce PIM system, you as a company can put your new data processing into operation.


Once your Product Information Management system is up and running, you will be able to process, centralize, enrich, and display your product data from existing data sources for the appropriate sales channels. PIM project management is not complicated, but it is complex .


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PIM selection packages

PIM FAQ - 9 questions about the PIM system


What does PIM mean?

PIM is an acronym for Product Information Management and was originally used in the automotive industry to document all components internally with specifications. With the growth of online commerce, various PIM software systems for product data and product information are increasingly being used in e-commerce.


What does a PIM do in e-commerce?

The PIM system is a database application to store and maintain product information and then make it available to the various stakeholders. It mainly communicates with ERP and online shop systems.


What is product information?

All product data and information displayed to the customer before, during and after the purchase process in the online store. This includes textual or numerical information such as sizes, colors, or fabric properties, as well as media such as images, test certificates, product videos, or user manuals – anything that can be used in a B2B or B2C Onlineshop zum Einsatz kommen kann.


For whom is PIM software useful?

For those who want to centrally manage their product data for the online store and distribute it across multiple channels and systems (web store, mobile, apps, print). However, a certain minimum size of product inventory or level of detail is advantageous.

How much does an e-commerce PIM cost?

Depending on the PIM vendor, there are even royalty-free versions. Many features of the “big brother” are often included. Otherwise, some PIM solutions start at less than $50,000. For some other product information management systems, licensing costs are based on the company’s revenue.

What are the advantages of a PIM for the buyer of the products?

By streamlining internal processes, new product data can be maintained more efficiently and published more quickly. The process also keeps the quality of product information at a high level. The buyer knows what they are buying and is less likely to return the item.

Akeneo Solution

Which PIM does igniti GmbH rely on?


We are an akeneo partner and use this open source PIM system because of its proximity to our e-commerce-solutions with the shop systems Spryker, Magento and Shopware ein. Akeneo is one of the world’s leading providers of PIM software and is characterized by its industry independence and outstanding usability. Thanks to the best-of-breed approach, the majority of projects do not require additional individual developments. As a result, costs for additional development are eliminated and employees can be quickly integrated into the PIM database for product information.

Who works with a PIM system?


In short, content, product, and e-commerce managers, as well as marketing and sales. The work steps are divided into enriching and consuming processes.


An example of a PIM system:

    1. The product innovator creates their initial ideas for the data in the PIM.
    2. The information is then reviewed and possibly adjusted by engineers. The new product goes into production.
    3. During production, more product characteristics (product data) is created.
    4. The first prototypes of the product are tested by the laboratory and certificates are issued, which are also stored in the PIM.
    5. An external photo agency creates product images, which are also loaded into the PIM.
    6. Finally, marketers create advertising and descriptive texts.


All this information is now customized and transferred to the respective sales channels.

PIM agency igniti

The PIM selection is large – Which PIM systems are represented on the market?

Each vendor has its own approach to the PIM database. For example, while most applications deliberately do without price list maintenance, other systems deliberately integrate it. There are industry-specific and industry-independent vendors, as well as open source and proprietary PIM applications.


There are also major differences in usability (from highly intuitive systems to very outdated interfaces), user and role management, add-on modules such as file managers, and process integration (such as workflow integration).

The following PIM systems are available:

  • Akeneo
  • Contentserv
  • Datafactory by Stünings
  • eggheads Suite
  • Computer science
  • MasterPIM
  • Pimcore
  • Stibo Step
  • Medici Street

and many other systems.

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