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NET Framework Software Development at igniti

The .NET Framework is an open-source development tool and one of the main components of the .NET software platform from Microsoft and Windows. We use the .NET framework to develop specialized and custom software for various application areas. This includes stand-alone applications, web-based applications or device software as digital solutions for your business.

With the .NET framework we can realize software development for different systems like Windows, MacOS or Linux and with different programming languages. The .NET technology is mainly implemented using the C# programming language. We create mobile applications with the associated cross-platform technology .NET-MAUI.

We can establish these services for you with the .NET framework:

  • Specialized and custom software
  • Standalone applications
  • Device software with C#
  • High technology software
  • Cross-platform software development
  • Mobile and Desktop Applications


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We help you in .NET development with experienced experts.

Process Steps of a .NET Development

We provide you with specialized and customized software in various application areas. Whether it is high-tech software for medical technology or semiconductor production, complex device software or simple stand-alone applications. We take over the entire development process for you, from the first concepts and designs to programming, testing, deployment and support.

Using the .NET framework, we can develop almost any type of application for you. In the process, we will bring your planned project safely across the finish line and within your time and cost budget. Both small and large companies have found us to be a reliable implementation partner for .NET projects. You can learn more about our software development and projects in our references.

We have experience in classic and agile development according to Scrum, and if the circumstances of a software project require it, we also offer customized combinations of methods.

Key benefits of .NET software development

An important advantage of the framework is its combinability and compatibility with other Microsoft solutions. NET development is often done in the object-oriented C# language, which enables powerful, secure, and robust applications. Code written in C# also has automatic memory management, which brings additional benefits to the software implemented with it. On the one hand, the technology provides more programming interfaces, utilities, and class libraries for developing different applications. On the other, it provides a runtime environment (Common Language Runtime) that makes software based on a .NET framework run.

Die Vorteile der Entwicklung mit .NET auf einen Blick:

  • Integration with Other Microsoft Solutions
  • Compatibility with other operating systems
  • Ability to use multiple programming languages
  • Very good maintainability & scalability
  • High security & reliability
  • Modularity & interoperability
  • High flexibility for digital solutions
  • Widespread use & high acceptance

Thanks to modular programming and functional extensions, we can ensure excellent maintainability of our software solutions and high scalability.

.NET Programming igniti

Why develop with the Microsoft .NET Framework?

Areas of Application .NET Framework Programming igniti

One of the main advantages is the extensive compatibility with other Microsoft solutions. In addition, programming in the type-safe C# language allows us to develop extremely powerful, robust applications with a high level of operational reliability. Programming with Microsoft .NET is particularly well suited for developing application software that will run on Windows servers, for example.

In combination with the .NET Framework or the .NET Core and the used technologies MVC, WCF, Web API, Entity Framework as well as ASP.NET, we develop modern device software and stand-alone application software for various industries for our customers. This includes high-tech software for the medical, aerospace and semiconductor industries.

Important features of .NET development


When using the MVC pattern, requests are passed to a controller that is responsible for working with the model to perform actions or retrieve data. The controller selects the view to render and exposes the model. The view renders the final page based on the data in the model.

Windows Communication Foundation

Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) is a class library for building service-oriented and distributed applications. The framework allows data to be sent as asynchronous messages from one endpoint to another. WCF has been part of the .NET Framework since version 3 and has been updated with each new release.


The Multi-Platform App User Interface (MAUI) is one of the newest features in the .NET universe. It is based on Xamarin, formerly Microsoft’s technology for mobile development. It enables the creation of cross-platform apps with a single source code. With MAUI, we can build apps that run on Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows.

Software Development .NET Contact igniti

Interested in .NET software development?

Need a new professional business application and software solutions? Standard software is not an option for you? Then our developers will help you implement it using the .NET framework. As an expert in .NET software development and a provider of .NET solutions, we create specialized software for our customers based on Microsoft’s .NET framework. No matter what kind of software you need, we will help you with your project and your planned application.

Feel free to contact us if you want to know more. We are happy to help you and look forward to hearing from you.

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