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Digital Marketing


Are you looking for a digital marketing agency for high performance digital marketing? Our team of experts in shop management, performance marketing and SEO will develop long-term solutions for your e-commerce project that will drive growth and revenue.

Nothing is as constant as constant change in the digital environment. Changing customer needs, new technologies, tools, SEO measures and, of course, legal regulations require a continuous development process. In order to achieve the goals you have set for your online shop, we can help you with the operation, maintenance and, above all, the ongoing optimization of your activities. We attach great importance to the examination of user behavior. A comprehensive web analysis shows which channels users use to visit your company’s website and how they interact with it. This provides a wealth of insights for digital marketing and can be used to make decisions about the further development of your online store. Through easy-to-understand dashboards and reports, we provide you with the ideal decision-making basis for continuous optimization of your online store. To provide you with the best possible support, we can also monitor the performance of your features and systems.

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Our Digital Marketing Solutions


It’s easy to generate reach, traffic and conversion in your online store. However, external influences and the competition usually play no role. To help our clients deliver relevant content to their target audience at the right time, we offer digital marketing solutions and strategies for businesses.

When developing digital marketing solutions and strategies, we first listen to our clients, ask questions about their products and services, and then create an individual and customized campaign for the relevant content in the appropriate search engine or social media channels.

Online Shop SEO

Generate organic visibility for your online store with our high-quality SEO content. With us, you can buy unique copy that targets customers with carefully selected keywords and misses no relevant search query, as well as optimize your entire e-commerce SEO – both in terms of content and technology. With our experience, we will create a customized SEO strategy with lasting effect, so that you can improve your Google Ranking verbessern and never have to give up your top position again.


SEA Campaigns

SEA is a great way to expand your reach and increase your conversion rate. With the right keywords, you can reach your target audience and place your ads where potential customers search for your products. As an SEA agency , igniti supports you from planning and implementation to support and optimization of your campaigns for the search engines Google, Bing, in Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising.



In order to drive search engine users to our clients’ online stores, we use performance marketing techniques in addition to SEO. For example, we can use Google Ads to directly influence the user’s search in the search engine. We can implement digital marketing campaigns in social media networks such as Facebook or Instagram to introduce users to the products in a controlled manner.


Web Analytics

Web analytics can be used as a basis for optimization and to support marketing activities. Through a clear definition of goals and continuous data collection, you can steadily increase the conversion rate of your online shop. As a web analytics agency, igniti can plan and implement your tracking concept and thus create the basis for data collection. We can also assist you in selecting web analytics tools and analyzing the data.


Business Intelligence

BI is used to connect data from multiple sources, view it holistically, and use it for analysis. Structured use of the data generated in digital sales can give you a competitive edge. The basis for this is clean and reliable data tracking as well as flexible analysis methods. The information collected through web tracking provides insights and recommendations for your e-commerce channel. As an expert, igniti offers the right BI solutions for your sustainable success in digital sales.

Business Intelligence

Data Analysis in Digital Marketing

Data analytics digital-marketing

Data analysis is essential for digital marketing. Only with comprehensive analysis can marketing campaigns be targeted and regularly reviewed.

Our Services as a Digital Marketing Agency

In order to implement a successful online marketing strategy for our clients’ online shops, we have a wide range of digital marketing services at our disposal. Do you want to develop your online shop with individual measures or have it analyzed for wasted potential? In addition to further development, our digital marketing services include the identification of current problems and weaknesses in generating reach and traffic. Thanks to the individual possibilities in our service portfolio, we can put together the right digital e-commerce marketing setup for every challenge and brand.

  • Advice and digital analysis on how to achieve your goals
  • Audit of existing online marketing efforts
  • Setting up accounts such as Google Ads, social media & email marketing accounts
  • Selection of appropriate campaign types for your online store products
  • Implementation of campaigns & ads
  • Landing page optimization
  • Dashboard creation & reporting
  • Support and optimization

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