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App Development with Passion and Variety

Mobile app or web app for various applications

We develop a wide variety of applications with the appropriate technologies for concrete solutions as mobile application, web application or desktop application. Together with you, we look at the current challenges in your company and deliver a suitable app as a digital solution. Depending on your individual needs, target audience, functionality, customer and hardware requirements, we will work with you to create the right application for the future of your business.

We use various framework technologies such as Qt, .NET or Symfony to optimize development time and achieve visible results quickly. This allows us to implement simple applications as well as complex applications with a wide range of functionality.

We will work with you to determine which type of app development is best suited for your ideas. We support you with our app developers and the experience from many successful software projects for different industries (references).

App development with the technologies of Qt, .NET, Symfony and ASP.NET

Concrete app solutions with technological diversity

In app development, we rely on technological diversity to meet the needs of different industries and target audiences. Together, we determine which type of app development with which technology will lead to a sustainable result. After all, every use case and every project has its own special conditions and challenges, which we overcome through industry-independent development and diverse solutions.

Device independent Web-App-development | igniti

Web App – Device Independent with Easy Updateability

A web application is always used when simple access to the content via a browser is the appropriate solution. All data, services, and performance of the application are accessible to the user through a web browser, so all that is required is an Internet connection. The application stores only a small amount of data locally. Popular web applications include Office 365, browser games, and instant messaging services. Learn more about our expertise with Symfony and ASP.NET technologies for your web app development.

Individual Mobile-App-development | igniti

Mobile App – anywhere, anytime

A mobile app, or mobile application, is software designed to run on a smartphone or tablet. Mobile apps for iOS or Android can be used anywhere where an Internet connection is not mandatory. This includes, for example, mobile apps that are used in industrial production, logistics or medical technology. Learn more about our knowhow for your mobile app development with the frameworks of Qt and .NET.

Performant Desktop-App-development | igniti

Desktop App – Combining power and local storage

A desktop app is a software application that runs on a PC or workstation. Desktop applications are installed locally and can handle large amounts of data with good performance. Examples of popular desktop applications include Office or Photoshop. We are happy to help you develop your desktop app for use on Mac, Windows or Linux using Qt or .NET frameworks. Learn more about our expertise for your desktop app development.

App Development Success Story


As an app agency, our app developers and UX designers work hand in hand with the goal of optimally integrating your mobile or desktop app into your digital processes. We have many years of experience in designing and developing apps for various devices in different technologies such as Qt, .NET, Symfony or ASP.NET. Our success stories speak for themselves.

Mobile App Development with Qt

Mobile App Development with Qt

App development for various industries

In the ever-advancing digital landscape with the digitization of business processes, a strong mobile presence is essential. This inevitably includes app development. Such an approach enables companies to reach the largest possible target group, strengthen customer loyalty and ultimately increase their profitability. In this context, the decision of whether app development should be done internally or externally plays a crucial role. Choosing an app development agency like igniti that is proficient in various technologies for diverse industries can lead to significant cost savings. Since our development team is already familiar with the technical requirements and challenges, extra work can be avoided and the development process can be shortened. This efficiency can help reduce costs while ensuring the quality of the finished apps.

At igniti, we follow an industry-independent app development approach. Nevertheless, we have gained important experience in certain industries – these include the following areas:

Shopping App

With a live shopping app as a mobile platform, your customers can interact with your sales staff in real time and make purchases directly. Our app development includes key features such as video chat, live broadcasting and instant messaging to create an interactive shopping experience for your users. The main goal of a live shopping app is to make shopping for everyday products flexible in terms of time and location.

Shopping-App development | igniti


App development in dashboard sector | igniti


Developing a dashboard allows you to visually display data in a clear and organized way. Important information is collected, managed, and evaluated. Dashboard applications can display information from multiple sources in a variety of formats, including graphs, charts, tables, and maps. Dashboard applications can be used in a variety of ways, for example, in sales, to support sales processes, or even in the management of technical equipment.

Automotive Industry

Our application development services for the automotive industry enable companies to offer their customers useful and innovative benefits in a variety of areas. These include applications that are used in the vehicle itself, such as cockpit user interfaces, multimedia applications, voice recognition, and more. On the other hand, apps can improve industrial production by being used for quality assurance, for example, to avoid designing with defective parts.

App development in automotive industry | igniti

App development in medical technology sector | igniti


Medical technology

In medical technology, we can provide app development for various application areas and already have experience in this regulated business. For example, we can provide software for intuitive user interfaces for medical devices or develop stand-alone web applications for managing medical devices. Digitization through an app can document, centralize and share all relevant information about the medical devices in use.


Eco-trend apps are software applications that promote sustainability and green living. They include energy management apps, sustainable shopping apps, and sustainable transportation apps. Eco-Trend apps provide users with information and resources to help them make greener choices in their everyday lives to reduce their impact on the environment.

App development in sustainability sector | igniti

App development in Self-Service sector | igniti


A self-service app allows your users to perform tasks or access information and services on their own. Examples include administrative apps, employee portals, customer service apps, and more. These apps provide your users with convenient access to services and information, increasing efficiency and reducing the workload for your business and your employees.

Design Apps

With an igniti design app, you get a software application that allows your users to create and edit visual designs, graphics and layouts. Examples include graphic design applications, photo editing applications, 3D modelling applications, or UI/UX design applications. These applications provide the digital tools and resources to bring their creative ideas to life and make it easy for them to create professional designs.

App development in Design sector | igniti

The igniti app development process – the right path to your app

To deliver a custom app, we first look at existing business processes and opportunities for app deployment. There may be an existing project that we can continue or scale together. Depending on the requirements and size, we will then determine the appropriate project management and type of app development. Our experience in app development has led us to adopt an agile and lean approach, using Scrum or a combination of methods.

Within app development, we rely on a consistent approach in four phases:

Design – The first steps begin with concept and design issues. This involves the visual appearance of the app, such as the user interface, software design, and system architecture. Together, we determine which technologies are most appropriate. In addition, page types, functions, and embedded services are identified and linked during the design phase. As we move into the development phase, we are happy to provide user interface (UI) click dummies and wireframes to give you a first impression of your app design and to consider changes before further implementation.

Develop – As developers we rely on frameworks like Symfony, Qt or .NET. The framework technologies are ideal for creating a modern user interface and offer functions for connecting databases, interfaces and devices to keep the development effort as low as possible. The implementation is done through an incremental working method in multifunctional teams to ensure effective application development with the preliminary work from the design phase. During the development phase, the code is continuously tested and prepared for deployment.

Testing – Once the development phase is underway, we begin test automation as soon as possible. Using continuous integration, the application code is repeatedly checked for errors with every change. At selected points, we perform additional manual tests, which are recorded in a test matrix. For test automation we use tools like Appium or Selenium. To check and ensure the stability of the application, additional load tests are performed. There are a total of four test levels, which are recorded in the Cohen test pyramid.

Deploy – The first step in deployment is to use the CI pipeline to create an executable application from the previously developed code. This is done, for example, by compiling the code. The resulting app is then made available to users in the go-live phase. In the case of mobile apps, the app is made available to users via the familiar distribution platforms of the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. When deploying a web application, the executable application is loaded on a live cloud system such as Azure or AWS, or delivered via custom hosting.

The benefits of digitization through app development

App development plays an important role in digitization, saving time and money. An app allows your company to offer its services and products through a flexible platform that can be accessed by a large number of customers. This allows you to increase your reach, improve customer loyalty and user experience, and ultimately increase revenue. In addition, apps can be used to automate processes and increase efficiency, reduce costs, improve quality, and keep your business competitive.

Improvements from the targeted use of an app always relate to different audiences and process levels. On the one hand, internal processes for employees or different departments can be optimized, and on the other hand, benefits can be created for external processes. For example, through digital customer communication, automation of ordering processes, or flexible and location-independent access to services, data, or a specific function.

The benefits of app development at a glance:

  • Reduce costs and increase efficiency through automation
  • Direct communication and improved information access for all users
  • Expand audience and additional touch points
  • Digital data can be centralized, better archived and distributed

The benefits of digitalisation with app development

App development with passion and diversity - ask us

Let us help you choose the right app for your solution

App development is a key factor in digitalization and can improve your business and processes on many levels. We offer technological diversity through different frameworks such as Qt, .NET or Symfony and advise you on which technologies best fit your needs. As a project partner, we can provide end-to-end application development in a variety of application formats or help you successfully continue an existing development.

If you’d like to learn more about app development at igniti, contact us directly.

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