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Embedded software development and supporting device software

Using Qt, .NET & Qt for MCU technologies

We are deeply passionate about embedded software development for devices that aligns perfectly with your specific needs. Whether your device has a full operating system, a lean operating system, or no operating system at all, we are your partner to turn your vision into reality.
Examples of embedded software development can be found in automotive infotainment systems, medical technology, aerospace, industrial control systems, IoT applications, and many other application areas.

To make the entire development process efficient, we rely on framework technologies such as Qt and .NET. Additionally, our focus is on development with the embedded Linux operating system.

Embedded software development by igniti

Our services for your embedded software development and device software:

No matter what device you use and what demanding development requirements you have – we offer software solutions that are perfectly tailored to you. At igniti, we have the know-how and experience for embedded software, hardware-related software development and supporting device software.

  • Embedded software on the device
  • Mobile app & desktop development for device support
  • Device interaction & device integration
  • Development with Qt, .NET & Qt for MCU
  • Development with Embedded Linux

Embedded software development for devices

One of our main focuses is software development for devices with operating systems. We guarantee a first-class implementation of simulators for complex devices, independent of hardware availability. With this flexible approach, we can provide you with efficient software solutions without the need for costly hardware. Let’s push the boundaries of what’s possible together to bring your devices to life.

Embedded software development for devices

App development for your device support

App development for your device support

We also develop software and apps – both desktop apps and mobile apps – that support your devices and their operation with additional functions, controls and data handling. To make the best use of time and resources, we rely here on frameworks such as Qt and .NET. Our services include, for example, driver development as well as the seamless integration of your devices into IoT environments, databases and cloud systems. For e-commerce operators, we offer a specialized Qt-Commerce Connector that facilitates the connection of your Qt software and devices to your commerce platform.

Seamless device integration for optimal performance

Our team of experts has mastered the versatile art of device integration. We ensure that your devices are optimally integrated into your embedded interfaces such as CAN (automotive) or other systems.
In addition, we offer you the option of networking different devices using our central control software, giving you full control over your devices at all times. Of course, integration in cloud environments is also no problem for us. Create an ideal connection between user and technology thanks to unique device integration software.

Seamless device integration for optimal performance

Intuitive device operation thanks to smooth software interactio

Intuitive device operation thanks to smooth software interaction

Smooth interaction with your devices is our focus. We offer both device interaction on the device itself by developing user-friendly graphical interfaces using Qt and Embedded Linux or Qt for MCU. In addition, we enable device interaction via apps that allow data visualization, charts, reports and more. Our desktop and mobile app development experts will help you achieve full support for your devices. Experience a smooth software interaction through our pioneering solution.

Two examples of our comprehensive embedded software development

Let have a look on two examples to illustrate our comprehensive capabilities for embedded software development and supporting device software:

System Camera:

  • On device: we develop a graphical user interface that lets you tweak your camera settings during photo shoots.
  • In the App: Our mobile and desktop app allows you to transfer and post-process photos and videos on your phone or tablet. Then, you can conveniently upload your shots to the cloud.

Aerospace sensor:

  • On device: we take care of firmware development and algorithms for your sensor.
  • In the App: Our experts develop interfaces, drivers and a special app for sensor testing. We also provide evaluation and visualization of sensor information, test protocols, and automation for sensor verification.

Embedded softwaredevelopment consultation by igniti

Start your embedded software development with igniti

You have other fascinating devices in your portfolio and need support in embedded software development or would like to have embedded software developed? Together we turn your vision into reality. With our highly qualified embedded software development we set new standards for your devices. Contact us today and start your way to the optimal software solution.

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