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Online shop SEO for your e-commerce platform


Once you invest in the right strategy of e-commerce SEO, you will gain more in the long run, because compared to SEA marketing, a well thought-out SEO campaign has more lasting effects on your visibility in Google rankings. With good SEO, your online shop remains available 24/7 on its good position to all interested parties on search queries, without burdening the marketing budget additionally through click costs. We can help you with this and show you how this can work with the shop systems from Magento, Shopware and Spryker!

First a short excursion: SEO for online shops can be applied to various areas in “real life”. Imagine, for example, that you are a fisherman and need a fishing strategy for long-term success. Which lake do you go to in order to make the best possible yield? Probably the one with the most fish. But how do you get them on the hook? The right tool is crucial. You won’t get far with a fishing rod alone. A lure helps to attract the attention of the first fish. But even then it would take forever until you have enough to live on. That’s why you equip your boat with several fishing rods that attract as many fish in the lake as possible with different baits.

SEO optimisation works the same way in e-commerce – except that the lake is your search engine (e.g. Google), the fish are your customers, the boat is your online shop based on Spryker, Shopware or Magento and each fishing rod with bait is a keyword.

All well and good, but you want to understand more precisely what online shop SEO is and how you can improve your rankings? We will explain and help you!

E-commerce SEO agency

With our SEO for online shops to more visibility


With our professional search engine optimisation, your online shop will finally generate rankings for the right search queries. We set up an individual SEO online shop strategy for you that works. This does not only include keyword research and a few lines of text. As an SEO agency, we take the status quo of your shop system and analyse it in depth to fully exploit the SEO potential of your domain. With the perfect combination of technical performance, high-quality SEO content and modern commerce, we hit your target group exactly where they start looking. To achieve this, igniti’s developers, online marketing strategists and UX designers pull together and take the following detailed measures to optimise your e-commerce SEO step by step:

✓ SEO analysis

In the first step, we take a close look at the content and technical aspects of your existing Magento, Spryker or Shopware shop with an SEO OnPage analysis to determine the current status of visibility. This means: we look at your URL and page structure with the associated meta data, check the loading times and quality of the individual pages as well as other internal and external SEO performance indicators of your shop. The onpage analysis serves to uncover errors and problems that influence your SEO score on Google and stand in the way of search engine optimisation.

✓ Keyword analysis

In order to clarify which search terms should rank for your pages in order to draw an optimal conversion from them, we conduct an extensive and target group-specific keyword research, which requires expertise and logical thinking. Various SEO tools support the selection according to different criteria, such as search volume and ranking potential. As a professional SEO agency, we use, among other things, the Google Keyword Planner and other keyword analysis tools to incorporate the search terms with the highest benefit into your SEO texts.

✓ SEO strategy

Based on the status quo, we consider together with you where and how your content should now be placed so that it enters the organic ranking in the best possible way in line with your product portfolio and prioritise measures for your successful online communication. In doing so, we include both URLs that have already been indexed and those that are yet to be indexed. With a well-founded SEO strategy from igniti, you will receive sustainable resonance for your online shop on the most popular search engines such as Google or Bing.

✓ SEO content creation

Every topic needs qualitative and uniq content! We will gladly take care of that for you. Our SEO copywriters know how to incorporate all relevant keywords into category texts in such a way that both Google and real visitors enjoy reading. Through a clear structure (links), your customers will quickly find the answers to their search queries. The images in your shop are also adapted according to the SEO strategy so that they are indexed during Google crawling.

✓ Product SEO

Your product descriptions should be used for structured data and as SEO content and should be considered in the strategy instead of simply being placeholders. Keywords, internal links and qualitative answers for customers can be placed here compactly and prominently for your customers. In addition to the information content, the text length plays a significant role in product SEO. The better your customers feel advised, the greater the conversion rate for your e-commerce SEO.

✓ Performance SEO

In order for the onpage and offpage optimisations for your e-commerce SEO to take effect at all, the performance must also be right on the server side. We know how to set all the technical requirements for high-performance SEO so that your domain runs like clockwork. This includes maximising page speed (i.e. keeping page load times as short as possible), core web vitals, optimal crawling and minimising the server failure rate.

E-commerce SEO for your online shop

Good SEO content for online shops that the search engines can work with will hold on to the top positions all by itself. Why? Because not only do more and more customers become aware of your shop and take a look at it, but they also linger longer in it in order to extract valuable information from the texts. The Google Bot notices this and therefore ranks the page highly after the E-A-T Update high. A win-win situation with an upward spiral. In addition, detailed product and category descriptions, several high-quality images and a clear structure simultaneously inspire confidence in your brand. In this way, you can gradually improve your Google ranking.

When choosing a shop system from Magento to Spryker to Shopware, there are some special features you should pay attention to regarding SEO for online shops, because when used skilfully, small functional variations ensure higher sales figures. igniti is an SEO agency with a special focus on sustainable B2B and B2C e-commerce. We have a lot of expert knowledge on the topics of Shopware SEO, Magento SEO and Spryker SEO. Each of these shop systems brings different functions in varying degrees.

E-commerce SEO agency igniti

Shopware - das E-Commerce Shopsystem

Shopware SEO

Hardly any shop system offers such good conditions for your online shop SEO as Shopware. he numerous SEO functions offer a lot of scope for increasing visibility with little effort: texts can be implemented seamlessly across the shopping or experience worlds, meta data can be defined for all levels, image file names and alt texts can be individually adapted. To make your URLs communicate better with Google, an SEO plugin helps to insert keywords and remove special characters. In addition, the Shopware SEO offers many advantages such as Canonical Tags, an SEO Router, 301 redirects and mobile SEO.

For a more detailed consultation on your Shopware SEO or its implementation, simply contact us.

Magento Logo

Magento SEO

You want to optimise your Magento shop SEO and generate better rankings? With Magento you have chosen a reliable shop system, which is already equipped with solid e-commerce SEO functions in the basic version. Talking URLs, meta data, redirects – all no problem with a competent Magento SEO agency like igniti. Not only do we deliver quality, engaging content for your Magento shop, but we also monitor your traffic capacity, uptime rate, page speed and all other relevant factors for optimising technical performance.

Do you need support in the area of Magento SEO? With us you will find experienced Magento developers and SEO consultants who always find a solution!

Spryker Logo

Spryker SEO

In e-commerce projects with Spryker we can advise and support you as an SEO agency. With the open source platform Spryker, your online shop already has the perfect technological basis to develop flexibly and sustainably. We optimise the onpage performance of your commerce platform, create unique SEO texts based on keyword research and provide tips for sustainable Spryker SEO. Take advantage of the potential that Spryker offers you for search engine optimisation.

We are here to exploit this potential with you and to ensure that no search query will ever again pass your Spryker SEO optimised shop by.

Onlineshop SEO Consultation

Personal SEO advice for your online shop

Been riding in the slipstream long enough? Step on the gas now and overtake your competitor shops in the race for the most organic clicks. We offer our clients comprehensive, shop system-specific SEO advice and regularly carry out a thorough SEO check to permanently increase visibility on the prominent search engine results pages (SERPs).

Would you also like to benefit from our first non-binding SEO check and uncover your potential? Then let us talk about the focal points in your shop in an initial SEO consultation.

We look forward to bringing you closer to Google’s top ranking!

Why choose igniti as your SEO agency?

With an SEO agency for online shops like igniti, you can sustainably improve the visibility of your brand on the web without high click costs and play perfectly into your customers’ cards. The goal of all SEO measures is first and foremost traffic generation. In order for this to ultimately make itself felt in the conversion and thus your sales, your online shop must offer what your users are looking for. Our central practical knowledge as an experienced SEO agency for online shops, which we have acquired in many years of diverse e-commerce projects, helps you to perfectly link the right content with your products and enrich the shopping experience in your shop.

In addition, igniti’s in-house experts for digital marketing are always up-to-date on the latest trends in SEO for online shops and adjustments to the Google algorithm. Would you like to use this competitive advantage for yourself? Then we would love to become your SEO agency!

SEO agency igniti

What is SEO?

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) comprises various analytical, technical and content-related measures to improve the visibility of a website or online shop. SEO is strategic, data-based and an incredibly important tool for long-term success in digital marketing. In contrast to SEA (Search Engine Advertising), SEO does not involve placing advertisements in order to get a top position on Google, Bing, Yahoo! and co. With this form of search engine marketing, reach is generated purely organically via technical OnPage factors and high-quality content that explains your topics well. First and foremost, texts based on carefully implemented keyword research play a role. This text is also search engine optimised and the fact that you have landed here proves that our measures have worked.


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