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Software Tester Jobs for
Individual Software Solutions


Quality assurance is as important as software development itself. At igniti Gmbh, good software testers are indispensable to ensuring our software reliability. As a tester, you’ll be the final quality assurance before going live.

IT is a passion that we share. Digitalization is our driving force at igniti and you will actively help shape where we are headed. With us, you can utilize your skills in software testing and test automation. With the support of our experienced ISTQB certified software tester colleagues, you will master every challenge – making software testing even more fun.

Software tester Jobs and career at igniti

Software tester igniti culture

Our values and culture

Nothing is as constant as change, especially in the digital context. We think that’s a good thing! While most ignitians who start their careers with us stay with us, our team members, company and corporate vision are continuingly evolving. We greatly value the expertise and experience of our staff and use employee feedback to help shape company progress! To ensure our invaluable talent pool remains fresh and innovative for the foreseeable future, continuing education in your area of interest will always be actively supported and encouraged.

We strive to create an inspiring, productive environment for you with powerful technologies for individual software development and enough creative breaks to recharge your batteries. You will work independently in a self-determined manner, but always with the full support of your team if needed.

Become a software tester - Jobs and career at the digital agency igniti

Your Job Opportunities as a Software Tester (m/f/x)

As a software tester, you will work directly alongside the Softwareentwickler software developers to minimize or eliminate human errors in their code. You will make a decisive contribution to the innovation and quality of our software solutions. At igniti, you have the opportunity to develop and expand your tester qualities with each new project.

The job of a software tester at igniti includes both manual software testing as well as the preparation and application of test automation for various application areas. Usually, we work in small tester teams with project management that requires agile, responsive action. From unit to exploratory testing, you can go wild with testing methods and take advantage of all the opportunities that the profession brings. The primary objective is that an excellent product be delivered to our customers with a clear conscience and that everyone can use the new software problem free.

Your Team

If we choose each other, you will soon spend a lot of your time with your fellow lovely ignitians. We are colorful, diverse and complement each other perfectly in all projects. Though the software development and e-commerce areas are separate, we continue to act and function as one big team. Our team leaders Tom and Marc see to it that you are extensively trained, well prepared for your tasks and in the right position from the start. They always have an open ear and above all, trust in your abilities. To enable you to take on tasks independently, you will receive an introduction to our internal system, tools and our IT administrator will up your work equipment. Experience how lively e-commerce and software projects can develop when everyone from the working student to management pulls together.

Software tester team at igniti

Your benefits

Flexible Arrangements

Great Project Variety & Well-Known Customers

Individual Continuing Education & the “igniti Academy”

Regular Team Events & Spontaneous foosball Rounds

Balanced Water, Caffeine, Vitamin & Endorphin Balance

Unbeatable Location & Jena Overview

Check out your benefits in detail!

Your new view

As Thuringians, we love our idyllic state and especially Jena. The city is known for the Jentower, our office HQ and extremely popular photo motif/viewing platform. Who wouldn’t love see the surrounding hills, rivers and valleys from their desk in the states tallest building?

If you want to save yourself the commute or circumstances don’t allow for everyday office work in Jentower, as a digital agency Home Office work has always been acceptable.

In some projects, you even have the opportunity to change the wallpaper and work directly at the client’s location, making interactions with other project members easier and more lively.

Software tester location Jena igniti

Your Fit

So, you share our enthusiasm for innovative software testing, modern working conditions and a relaxed, productive working atmosphere with constant development? Great, that’s half the battle! The other is competence level. Obviously, a degree in computer science or IT field training is most desirable, but more important to us is your actual knowledge and skills – both on a professional and human level.

We are looking for software testers who at least have more empathy than Siri and Alexa, know something about communication (both on an interpersonal level and in human-machine interaction) and also have a supernatural sense for bugs. Are you interested in these jobs?


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Current jobs



Lead C++ Software Developer (m/f/x)Senior C++ Software Developer (m/f/x)


Shall we get to know each other better?


We are Geli and Susanne, your contacts if you have found an interesting position for you at igniti.


To enable us to get to know each other (digitally), we initially only need a current CV from you. You can always count on a reply from us. The subsequent personal meeting takes place in two rounds, currently by video call, otherwise over a cup of coffee. We look forward to seeing you!

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