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Mobile App Development by igniti

With Qt and .NET technologies

We build custom mobile apps with the right technologies and a lot of passion. We support you holistically in the implementation of your app ideas to improve business areas and deliver an exceptional experience to your users.

With igniti’s mobile app development, you get a needs-based solution to optimize your business processes and usage for different users. For example, your employees in quality assurance, sales, administration and production. For your customers, e.g. to exchange messages, access services, make purchases and much more. For the realisation of your mobile application, we rely on suitable frameworks such as Qt or .NET.


Applications can be developed as native apps for one operating system (iOS or Android), as hybrid apps with native and web-based technologies, or as cross-platform apps for multiple systems (iOS and Android). We deliver the final application to your users via the App Store or Play Store.

Customised Mobile App Solutions Qt NET igniti

Unser Our know-how in mobile app development

By adapting the application to the wearable devices, we can integrate special features such as GPS, camera, touch screen or motion sensor into the overall user experience. Using the application on the mobile device also results in special features, navigation and interaction options. We also take these into account to create a unique user experience.

For the implementation we use special frameworks like .NET (NET-MAUI) or Qt. These tools provide us with a diverse technology environment with the right performance, scalability and flexibility thanks to cross-platform capability.  As a result, we get visible results in a short time and accelerate the entire development process. At the same time, the technologies provide us with the ability to customize and extend. This allows us to quickly implement simple mobile applications, as well as deliver complex, feature-rich mobile applications with optimal development time.

Together, we look at your current challenges, the market, and your user groups to deliver an application with real value. Depending on the individual requirements of the project, we always adapt the mobile application to your wishes, goals and needs.

Our services in mobile app development:

  • End-2-End Mobile App Implementation
  • Development for Android or iOS
  • Cross-platform development for multiple operating systems
  • Converting a website to a mobile app
  • Adaptations and extensions
  • Troubleshooting existing mobile apps
  • Replacement of outdated apps through app relaunch

Our experience in mobile app development

In addition to know-how and suitable technologies, a good mobile app also requires the right experience. A large number of customers from various industries have already had a mobile app developed by igniti, so we know the conditions in different industries and are familiar with the requirements.

As a specialized mobile app agency, igniti offers innovative and cost-effective solutions for your mobile needs. Our experienced team of developers is proficient in the latest technologies such as Qt and .NET to create customized, state-of-the-art apps. Our commitment to quality and performance, combined with our ability to develop diverse app solutions, sets us apart in the industry. Our main goal is to meet your specific requirements while ensuring manageable costs. With us, you don’t just get a mobile app, you get a strategic solution that drives your business. Trust igniti to transform your vision into an effective, highly functional mobile app.

Depending on your individual requirements, we therefore deliver the right project management for the entire implementation right away. Development with agile and lean methods is just as much a matter of course as the use of Scrum and incremental work in specialized teams. If required, we also deliver suitable method combinations and make ongoing adjustments.

If you’re looking for a different kind of app that runs in a web browser, for example, then it’s best to take a look at our web app development.

Mobile app development with Qt and .Net by igniti

How we develop your mobile app – from initial concept to finished product in the App Store

During development, we focus on the performance of the app, intuitive usability, and clean design for a unique user experience. We take a holistic approach to development, from the initial idea to the finished product:

The first step is to answer key conceptual and design questions. These concern the visual appearance of the mobile application, such as the user interface, software design, and system architecture. Together, we determine which framework technology is best suited. In addition, page types, functions and embedded services are defined and linked in the design phase. As we move into the development phase, we provide you with user interface (UI) click dummies and wireframes to give you a first impression of your mobile application and to accommodate change requests.

As specialized developers, we rely on frameworks such as Qt or .NET in mobile app development. The technologies are ideally suited for the creation of a modern user interface and offer sufficient functions for further connections to keep the development effort as low as possible. The realization is carried out through incremental work in multifunctional teams to ensure effective development with the preliminary work from the design phase. During development, there are ongoing tests of the already created code and preparations for deployment.

Once the development phase begins, we begin test automation as soon as possible. Using continuous integration, we repeatedly check every change to the mobile app code for errors. At selected points, we perform additional manual tests, which we record in the test matrix. For test automation we use Appium, Squish or other suitable tools. Additional load tests are performed to verify and ensure stability. All in all, we can perform tests for all types of mobile applications, whether native, hybrid or cross-platform.

The first step in deployment is to create an executable application from the previously developed code using a CI pipeline. This is done by compiling the code. Next, the app is made available to users in the go-live phase. Mobile apps are made available to users via the well-known distribution platforms Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Benefits Mobile App Development igniti

The benefits of a mobile app

Overall, mobile applications offer many benefits that are important to both users and business processes. They can extend your reach, create new touch points, and enhance the user experience. Because they are optimized for mobile devices, they offer unique usability and interaction capabilities. You can also seamlessly access other features such as camera, microphone, GPS, Bluetooth and phone functions.

A mobile app is accessible anytime, anywhere, as long as a smartphone or tablet is available. App users can easily access the app’s content and use its features without the need for a computer or laptop. With a mobile app, you also have the ability to work offline. This means that users can still access certain features and content even when they are not connected to the Internet.

The mobile app also offers the ability to personalize the user experience based on the user’s needs and interests. By using user data, the applications can provide personalized content, recommendations and settings at any time. In addition, mobile applications have a potentially higher usability than, for example, a website or Web application. Users can access features and content quickly and easily without long load times or cumbersome navigation.

We bring your ideas to the App Store and Play Store

Mobile apps can improve parts of your business through targeted digitization. They enable easy access to benefits, functions and services for different target groups via their mobile devices. Thanks to the frameworks we use, such as .NET or Qt, you can quickly achieve visible results with optimal development effort. Native, hybrid or cross-platform development. Thanks to our expertise and the appropriate technologies, we save you time and money and provide you with an optimal result.

Implementing your mobile application with the right frameworks gives you a user-centric and flexible solution for your business success. From simple apps to complex applications that can be quickly and easily distributed via the App Store or Play Store and used on any smartphone or tablet.

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