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The Shopware B2B shop for your business customer


Are you wondering what Shopware can do more or better in B2B e-commerce than other shop systems and whether the shop system is the right solution for your project? We are happy to advise you individually on the subject of Shopware B2B and support you every step of the way if you decide to have a professional Shopware B2B shop created.

No more time-consuming B2B commerce and complicated communication channels. Enter the world of B2B e-commerce with Shopware and igniti as a trustworthy Shopware agency and experience how the new sales channels have a positive effect on your sales.

Shopware’s open-source e-commerce software offers the solution for all digital B2B business models. We advise and support you in the creation of your Shopware B2B shop. You decide whether the narrower Shopware Community Edition with many useful B2B features, or the limitless Shopware 6 Enterprise Edition with the Shopware B2B Suite is best suited for your purposes. With both packages, unique, high-performance shop solutions can be implemented based on your requirements.

Shopware 6 B2B Shop en

Before your Shopware consultation, we will give you a taste of what Shopware B2B can do for you:

✓ API First Approach

You already have a PIM, CRM, ERP or several software systems that you want to connect to your new Shopware B2B shop? A big advantage of Shopware is that the shop system works with API interfaces and the integration of your existing system landscape or newly added components is fast and uncomplicated.

✓ Content Commerce meets B2B

Hardly any B2B shop system offers an intuitive, modern option in the field of layout creation that skilfully combines content and commerce like Shopware. The shop pages can be easily put together individually by drag-n-drop and then adapted with your corporate design. Voilá – a modern storefront is born. Try something new? Done in 2 clicks.

✓ Elasticsearch

B2B e-commerce is often about an enormous amount of products. With its powerful search function, Shopware ensures that no customer has to click through hundreds of pages in the B2B shop to find the right product. Elasticsearch provides an administration interface to configure the search and the information to be indexed in a very granular manner. It includes product and category data, manufacturer information, and more.

✓ Granular rights and role management

Let your B2B customers take control of their business with the B2B Suite. Even for large teams and complex structures in the procurement process or local separation, a Shopware B2B shop is no obstacle. Roles and rights can be precisely assigned to individual employees and individual budgets or purchasing limits can be set.

✓ Efficient approval processes

If the framework cannot be adhered to, the release by the next decision-making person is also automated with Shopware B2B. One notification – one glance – one click – and the orders in your online store can be completed. In this way, you can avoid purchase abandonment by making the internal communication of your customers more efficient and thus increase your conversion.

✓ Cost-efficient, simple Shopware updates

With Shopware as your B2B shop system, you no longer have to wait months for new features and security updates. Thanks to the shorter update cycles (usually 2-4 weeks), minor updates iteratively close minor security gaps or system problems and regularly add new features. As a result, your Shopware B2B shop will grow faster than your competition and will always be visibly and tangibly improved.

The extra boost for your B2B e-commerce project: the Shopware B2B Suite


Probably the most interesting Shopware 6 plugin is the B2B Suite. This comes as a very valuable extension with the Shopware Enterprise version. The modular, flexible framework supports your customers in managing budgets and quotas as well as in creating job lists and quick orders for the perfect B2B user experience.

We can say from experience: A Shopware shop with integrated B2B Suite is well received by your customers, as the processes in purchasing are designed to be as uncomplicated as possible, among other things thanks to these functions:

  • Customer-specific prices and discounts
  • Self-administration for corporate customer accounts
  • Determination of quotas and budgets
  • Quick order function via upload or article numbers
  • Unlimited watch lists, which can be converted directly to order lists
  • Extensive reporting and evaluations, even in the company account
  • Request and negotiation of quotations

Shopware B2B Suite for the business shop

We are Shopware Solution Partners

Shopware Partner igniti

Other benefits of Shopware for your B2B business

Shopware ERP – Pickware

Pickware ERP is a fully integrated merchandise management system for Shopware 6. It integrates 1:1 into the administration interface and provides all the necessary ERP functions for B2B shop operators. The complete order processing, starting with picking, invoicing and dispatching of the goods up to the entire returns processing including cancellations and credit notes can be managed comfortably and intuitively via the administration. Complete supplier and warehouse management round off the package to a full-service solution. The merchandise management system supports and automates the shipping and storage process with a barcode scanner and two associated apps.

Roles and rights management in Shopware B2B


Those who know Shopware 5 as well as the scalability and challenges of an international rollout will discover a new world with Shopware 6. The configuration of country-specific requirements such as different currencies, tax rates, products and translations is no problem with the Shopware B2B Suite. Shopware itself is expanding into many European countries to grow and strengthen the international open source community.

Rule Builder

An extensive set of rules allows you to create individual if-then rules that can be used in many areas of the shop. A WYSIWYG editor makes it easy to create rules at the shopping cart level, for calculating shipping costs, or for customer-specific prices. Nothing stands in the way of creating personalized shopping experiences.

Shopware 6 Consultation

Create a custom Shopware B2B shop with ease

Does the road ahead seem arduous to you? Hop on Partner! Let igniti take you up the mountain. Clearly a Shopware B2B shop does not fall from the sky. You have to build it yourself. If you lack the necessary know-how in shopware development, UX design for B2B and digital data management, you will quickly realize: You need a professional Shopware B2B agency.

igniti offers you a strong e-commerce team with extensive experience in Shopware 6 and the Shopware B2B suite. We have already successfully launched Shopware shops for spices, stationery wholesalers and other large B2B clients. All you have to do to join the series of successes is to trust us with your expectations, according to which we can create your Shopware B2B shop. Then sit back and let us do the work.

Why create a B2B shop with Shopware 6?

Shopware has established itself as the most popular provider of e-commerce shop systems. Its latest version, Shopware 6, offers the perfect online solution for any business model. The system, developed together with merchants, is more powerful and flexible than ever before, with less complexity. Nevertheless, all the popular Shopware plugins remain in the new version and have been partially enhanced, so that your B2B e-commerce platform can be fully customized and adapted.

In short: Shopware 6 offers a comprehensive, uncomplicated out-of-the-box shop system for diverse, efficient B2B commerce.

Shopware Worlds of Experience B2B

Tired of reading? Now is the time to go straight to digitalization. We would like to go this way with you and create your Shopware B2B Shop. Let us advise you without obligation and click through our Shopware B2B Demo Shop! igniti offers you an unbeatable all-in-one Shopware solution.

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