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Modern software development with the ASP.NET framework

ASP.NET provides the perfect environment for designing, developing, testing, and deploying unique software. We develop professional web applications and web services for you using this universal and established framework technology.

With this open source framework, we can deliver high-performance Web applications, dynamic Web sites, and scalable Web services for your future-proof digitalization. The technology offers you an effective way to realize digital platforms, web portals and mobile applications. No matter what kind of process digitalization and software development with ASP.NET you need, we have the right developers for a successful implementation.

With igniti and ASP.NET to your software solution

With ASP.NET technology, you get sustainable process digitization in the form of innovative applications that meet your exact needs. We can help you realize your digital transformation with ASP.NET as an established feature that extends the well-known. NET technology with key tools and libraries.

Our services with ASP.NET at a glance:

• Process digitization & web app development
• Implementation of dynamic websites with Web Forms & MVC
• Development of Web APIs & Web Sockets
• Maintenance of existing ASP.NET applications



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Modern software development for web applications and web services with ASP.NET

With ASP.NET, you can develop secure, reliable and scalable apps, dynamic websites and interactive services. The popular technology gives you all the tools and libraries you need to quickly deploy multi-functional web applications. At the same time, the framework enables cross-platform software development so that the software solutions can be used on different systems such as Windows, Linux, macOS and Docker.

One of the most important advantages is the high compatibility with other languages such as HTML, C#, JS, VB.NET, WML, XML or JScript.NET.

Software development with ASP.NET

We can develop these solutions with the ASP.NET Framework

ASP.NET Web Apps

Web Applications

ASP.NET is a .NET framework technology for building web applications such as web platforms or portals. Development is cross-platform, lightweight, and modular, providing a unified environment for creating the web user interface. Almost everything that exists on the web today can be implemented with ASP.NET. This makes the framework a future proof safe bet, especially when developing web applications for different devices and application areas.


Web APIs

Web APIs are applications that primarily provide data in the background using HTTP. JavaScript then handles the visualization and rendering. The ASP.NET Web API is a framework that makes it easy to create HTTP services that can serve a variety of different clients, including browsers and mobile devices. The ASP.NET Web API is an ideal platform for creating REST APIs within the .NET technology.

ASP.NET Real Time Echtzeittechnologien

Real-Time Technologies

ASP.NET SignalR is a library for ASP.NET that makes it easy to develop real-time Web capabilities. SignalR enables bi-directional communication between servers and clients. Servers can pass information directly to connected clients as it becomes available. SignalR supports Web Sockets and relies on other compatible techniques for legacy browsers. The software library includes APIs for connection management (join and disconnect), connection grouping, and authorization.

Key ASP.NET features for effective software development

Blazor – the interactive Web user interface tool with C#

Blazor, developed by Microsoft, is a separate Web framework within the ASP.NET technology. With Blazor we can develop interactive web UIs for you using C# instead of JavaScript. The applications with Blazor consist of reusable web UI components implemented with C#, HTML and CSS. Both the client and server code is written in C#, which allows us to share code and libraries.

Model View Controller with ASP.NET

ASP.NET MVC is a web application framework developed by Microsoft that effectively implements the Model View Controller (MVC) model. This allows our software developers to build your web application as a composition of three roles. The MVC model has a data layer that is used to display data. The controller then provides a control layer that makes sure the right data is available in the right form. So from model to view and back again.

ASP.NET Web Forms

ASP.NET Web Forms is a framework for Web applications and is one of several programming models supported by Microsoft ASP.NET technology. Web Forms applications can be written in any programming language that supports the Common Language Runtime (C# or Visual Basic). We use this particular form of ASP.NET development to create dynamic, small, and fast-running Web applications.

Effective and fast development steps with ASP.NET for your application

ASP.NET as a framework allows for a significant reduction in coding time, especially when developing large applications. There are several types of code reviews that consistently improve code quality. An important feature of ASP.NET is that both client-side and server-side scripts can be used. The MVC architecture used allows for separate input, processing, and output within an application. This three-tier architecture has interconnected parts and can handle specific development aspects of software applications

The framework technology provides excellent performance and scalability through features such as just-in-time compilation, early binding, native optimization, and caching services. ASP.NET also has a rich toolbox that is delivered through an integrated development environment (Visual Studio). This toolbox acts as an important basic framework and helps the developer to realize applications very quickly.

Effektive und schnelle Entwicklungsschritte mit ASP.NET für Ihre Anwendung

ASP.NET Offers Performance and Flexibility

ASP.NET offers performance and flexibility. The framework language is based on the Common Language Runtime. This means that all application developers can take advantage of the flexibility and performance of the entire platform. The technology is language independent, so you can choose one language for your application or even split your application into multiple languages.

Any task can be performed in an understandable and simple way – even the most complicated and complex. The Common Language Runtime simplifies the development process with services such as garbage collection and automatic reference counting. The framework can also be used to create user interfaces that separate application logic from the presentation layer.

Web development extensions to the .NET Framework through ASP.NET:

• Basic framework for processing Web requests in C# or F#
• Syntax for creating Web page templates (Razor) and dynamic Web pages with C#
• Libraries for established concepts such as Model View Controller (MVC)
• Authentication using libraries, a database, and template pages for logins
• Multi-factor authentication with external authentication to Google or Twitter
• Editor enhancements, syntax highlighting, code completion and other special features for website development

ASP.NET liefert Performance und Flexibilität

Sie haben Interesse an einer Softwareentwicklung mit ASP.NET?

Interested in Software Development with ASP.NET?

Interested in software development with ASP.NET? Just contact us. Together we will find out which solution and project digitalization is the best for your project. Our interdisciplinary team of developers is sure to have the optimal software solution with the ASP.NET framework ready.

If you want to know more, just contact us. We are happy to help and look forward to hearing from you.

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