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Shopware 5 end of support is coming soon

Make your store secure again with Shopware 5 End of Life - we help you!

Do you have an online store based on Shopware 5? Then it’s high time for a Shopware 5 migration. Because Shopware 5 technology is inexorably approaching the End of Life. What does this mean for your e-commerce? Quite simply – the Shopware 5 end of support is coming. Official support for the technology will be discontinued until June 2024 and there will be no further updates for the system next year.

We offer holistic support for your Shopware 5 migration and work with you to answer the important questions. This includes the entire migration procedure, security aspects, compatibility, the timing and period, as well as technologies used, responsibilities and costs of migration.

Learn from us which steps are necessary from now on to make your Shopware store secure again.

Shopware 5 to migration igniti en

We support and advise you during the Shopware 5 migration

As experts for Shopware, igniti is available to advise you during the Shopware 5 End of Life. We understand exactly what challenges the end of support for Shopware 5 brings with it. For this, we offer you customized solutions for the entire migration, based on your needs. Our support begins with a comprehensive consultation to precisely identify your specific requirements. This is the basis for your individual migration plan, which we create together. In this way, we ensure that you migrate all store data safely and that no losses occur.

At the same time, our Shopware developers will take care of the entire implementation to guarantee the efficiency and smooth functioning of your online store. With the migration completed, we offer additional training to help your team work successfully with Shopware 6. In addition, we are of course at your side with ongoing support. Our common goal is to make your Shopware 5 migration as simple and straightforward as possible

We have the right guide for your Shopware 5 migration:

  • Initial consultation, preparation and planning
  • Compatibility check of the plugins and templates used
  • Complete data migration
  • Adaptation of templates and designs
  • Testing for all store processes
  • Training and documentation
  • Go-live and monitoring
  • Support and aftercare

Create a smooth Shopware 5 update with igniti

With our extensive experience and expertise in Shopware migration, we are here to help you successfully migrate your store to Shopware 6. Get ready to delight your customers with an engaging and smooth shopping experience. Migrating from Shopware 5 to 6 brings numerous new benefits to your e-commerce business. You’ll gain access to a modernized user interface, improved features, and the latest security updates. Shopware is continually revising and developing new features for version 6, so you’ll be offered a full scope in the future.

With Shopware 5 support ending, you have the chance to move to a completely new technological system. Enhance your online store with new capabilities to improve user experience and meet your business needs. Benefit from the latest features and improvements offered by the system. Let’s work together to make sure your online store has the best system and stays up to date! But what will the migration from Shopware 5 to 6 cost you?

We offer transparent and fair prices for our migration service. Our experts will carefully analyze your store to provide you with a customized migration plan and quote that fits your individual requirements.

Shopware 6 new interface igniti en

What is there to consider when migrating from Shopware 5 to 6?

Shopware successful migration igniti en

A migration to Shopware 6 requires effort, resources and, above all, time. Therefore, start planning the relaunch early. The transfer of store data from Shopware 5 to Shopware 6 is an important step in the Shopware 5 migration. A flawless data transfer ensures a complete, correct and consistent migration for your store and your product. Our experienced developers ensure that your products, customer data and orders are transferred smoothly to Shopware 6.

At igniti, we bring the technical knowledge to ensure a smooth process for you. We also provide training and support to ensure you get the most out of your online store with the latest technology. Benefit from all the advantages, improvements and security updates of the software with the Shopware 5 update to the new version 6.

Checklist for the migration to Shopware 6

The todo list for download

The igniti Shopware 5 End of Life Checklist is essential for anyone looking to migrate from Shopware 5 to Shopware 6. It provides a detailed overview of the migration processes and ensures that you go through each important step effectively and smoothly with igniti. Download our migration checklist now, if you have any questions about the migration process, please contact us.

Exclusively for Shopware 5 merchants: Request the checklist for the migration from Shopware 5 to Shopware 6 now!

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    Increase your success with Shopware 6!

    Shopware 6 is a powerful e-commerce platform that allows you to optimize your store and increase efficiency. Through an improved user experience, you will increase customer satisfaction and successfully differentiate yourself in the market. What does Shopware 6 have to offer that is new, which feature is important for your system?

    Shopware 6 customer journey igniti en

    Learn more about the exciting possibilities Shopware 6 has in store for you:

    • Flexibility & Adaptability
    • Extensive expansion options
    • Mobile-First approach
    • Better user experience
    • Multishop functionality
    • Better Performance
    • SEO friendly
    • Active Community & Support
    • Future proof
    • International Expansion

    Shopware 5 End of Life - Here's what's happening with the security of your Shopware 5 store

    The Shopware 5 End of Life (EOL) marks a milestone in its development history and remains usable. It still offers users the opportunity to benefit from the proven features of this system. However, companies that decide to continue using Shopware 5 after the Shopware 5 EOL should consider all security aspects. Shopware will continue to provide security patches and bug fixes until the End of Life in 2024. After that, official support and further development for version 5 will be complete.

    Due to the Shopware 5 support end, continued use for your store will involve potential compatibility issues with other systems and technologies. Updates to servers and databases often only ensure the functionality of new and supported systems. Security standards and best practices continue to evolve over time.

    Migrate your online store to the supported Shopware version 6 together with igniti. Regular updates and support of Shopware will ensure that your store is protected with the latest security measures, ensuring the continued success of your online business.

    Shopware 5 secure migration igniti en

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