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Our values, our culture


We have been pursuing the vision of a digital world for many years. We make it our shared mission and we try to outdo ourselves every day.

How do we do this? By aligning the inner and outer values of our digital agency. We have found that both sets of values are equally important in order to create the kind of culture we want. The interpersonal relationships in a team are a crucial factor for success or failure.

igniti makes sure that all colleagues as well as small project teams harmonize well and that all Ignitians can start the day with a good feeling.

Values culture igniti digital agency

Company culture igniti

Ignitian Culture

We sum it up in the words of our esteemed tribal leader:

„I’m very proud of what I do every day, but more importantly, who I’ve done it with.“

Everyone at igniti is very concerned about making sure that the harmony is right – internally and externally. To ensure this, we listen carefully to every wish, no matter how small, to build a strong foundation for personal and company growth.

Our way of celebrating together is as clean and disciplined as our way of working. The “Beer Tuesday” has become a long-standing tradition at igniti, where not only active colleagues, but also external friends of the company and alumni like to make their way to us from 6 p.m. onwards to drink one or more other cold beers in a relaxed atmosphere and sometimes to exchange ideas on topics outside of work. The ulterior motive is to promote a good sense of community, even after work. Occasionally, we get together in smaller groups to do some sports, such as beach volleyball, hiking, climbing, go-karting, or boating on the river Saale. Jena offers the best conditions for a variety of team activities.

An integral part of our Ignatian culture is our sense of humor! What would be a day without a smile? In our eyes, a wasted life. That’s why we try to make our daily work as fun as possible, even if the jokes are bad. It is good for your mental health not to take yourself and the world too seriously all the time. The appreciation and warmth with which one is welcomed into the Igniti family completes the Ignitian experience.

By and by we improve the world little by little…
…and if it’s not perfect in the end, at least our work-life balance is right!

igniti culture

igniti culture

igniti culture

Our values

We asked our team themselves which values (and the associated beliefs) they see as the core of our corporate culture.

Here’s what they said:

Check Icon  Independence
igniti is independent in terms of its decisions, financial matters, technical expertise and opinion. We use this to company advantage.

Check Icon  Eagerness
Our interest in new topics and technologies goes beyond our current customer projects. Finding new ways and learning from others are essential parts of our work.

Check Icon  Cohesion
The community is particularly important to us, each individual is not only seen and treated as a colleague or customer, but as a human being.

Check Icon  Joy
The igniti humor is an important part of our culture and is regularly celebrated outside of work.

Check Icon  Vertrauenswürdigkeit/Trustworthiness/Commitment
You can trust us, you can rely on our word. This benefits both colleagues and customers.

Check Icon  Respect
We treat every person with respect. The design of these values is only limited in everyday life by the corporate goals.

Why igniti as an employer?



Check Icon   Flexible arrangements

We know how individual people and their life situations are. That is why we do not insist on a “9 to 5” week or continuous attendance. We follow the principle that “communication is key”, i.e. Do you want to get out of your usual four walls for a few days and work remote? Do you have a pet that doesn’t like to be left home alone? Is your concentration at its best after dark? Then talk to us and together we will find a solution that works for everyone. What matters in the end is that the results are right and that customers and colleagues can rely on the quality of your work and your availability at key times.

Project diversity

Check Icon   Project diversity & well-known clients

Both the e-commerce and the digital solutions teams never get bored at igniti! On the one hand, our clients are well-known worldwide and entrust us with challenging projects. On the other hand, they come from a wide variety of industries, which makes each digital solution unique and always offers you new challenges.

Further education academy

Check Icon   Individual training & the “igniti academy”

You can never have enough knowledge and skill. Sharing what we know makes us better together and helps drivespersonal development. That’s why we offer you the opportunity to learn with and about us. Tell us what you are interested in and we will find you continuing education in that subject or learn from colleagues in lectures and workshops. Our large joint training budget makes this possible. We would also like you to share some of your expertise with us!


Check Icon   Regular team events & spontaneous foosball games

We like to spend time together outside of work. Beach volleyball, climbing, trampolining, go-karting, or just sitting around with a few cold beers and a round or two of office foosball followed by a visit to the bar. It’s always great! The motto is of course: “Everything possible nothing’s mandatory!”

Fruits Coffee Beverages

Check Icon   Fruit, coffee, water, etc. are provided for you to enjoy at your leisure:

Not only are the walls of our communal kitchen colorful, so is the food on the table. Fresh fruit and vegetables are served twice a week. If you just don’t feel like eating healthy, our Fair Bear is just a few steps away with all the culinary delights for happy sweet tooths. To keep your mind sharp, there is an inexhaustible supply of water, tea, mate and coffees.

The digital agency igniti in the JenTower

Check Icon   Unbeatable location & view over Jena

The Jentower is not only the landmark of our beautiful city, but also the center with the best view and therefore one of the most popular office buildings far and wide. You have everything around the corner: restaurants, cafes, shops, ample parking… Coming by train? Great! At igniti you can get a job ticket and/or a Job Bike and save not only a lot of CO2, but money as well.

Current Jobs


Jobs for coders, developers and software testers

Lead C++ Software Developer (m/f/x)Senior C++ Software Developer (m/f/x)

Jobs for strategists and creative minds

Do we want to get to know each other better?


We are Geli and Nadia, your contact persons if you have found an interesting position at igniti.

To get to know each other (digitally), we only need a current CV from you. You will receive an answer from us in any case. Subsequent personal meetings takes place in two rounds, currently via video call, otherwise over a cup of coffee. We look forward to seeing you!

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