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Live Shopping Mobile App for Grocery Retailers

Supermarket Dütmann Gartmann GmbH

The company Dütmann Gartmann GmbH was looking for new ways to offer a digital shopping experience and services for its customers. The goal was to create an alternative shopping option with limited contact options. For this purpose, a mobile app was planned and implemented that enables customers to conduct consultations, sales talks and purchases regardless of their location. The customers and users of the app can thus make their purchases flexibly in terms of time and also exchange information and receive advice from the sales staff.

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Dütmann Gartmann – first-class retail service

For more than 50 years, the family-owned company Dütmann Gartmann has stood for high-quality products and first-class service in the retail sector. The company’s long history goes back even further and originally began with a farm on the Dütmann farm in Oesede. The business grew from there to include its own store, bakery, mill and a pub as a venue for community events.

Duetmann Gartmann Edeka

Today, Dütmann Gartmann GmbH is still family-owned and continues to enjoy economic success. As a cornerstone for the success, Heinrich Gartmann once built one of the largest supermarkets at that time with over 400 square meters of usable space. Later, other locations were added, which have also developed successfully. In addition to the location in Georgsmarienhütte, the company currently has further branches in Bad Iburg, Hasbergen and Wallenhorst.


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Food retail


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Mobile App

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Dütmann Gartmann's goal: alternative and modern shopping options


The company Dütmann Gartmann is exploring new and innovative ways to create modern shopping experiences for its customers. For this purpose, we were commissioned to develop a mobile app for online consultations and sales conversations in retail. The implementation was done with Qt as the base technology. With the framework, the backend of the app and the frontend with the corresponding UI design were conceived and realized.

Mobile app development for location independent shopping

Mobile app development for location independent shopping

The goal is to develop a mobile app to give customers a secure and flexible alternative to visiting the store in person. By using the app, customers can do their shopping regardless of location. This provides the possibility of a secure and flexible shopping experience with the associated services.

One task in the realization was to enable a simple and quick registration for the customers in the app. Registration is the first step in order to be able to make purchases via the mobile app. When shopping via the app, certain sales areas can then be displayed by individual camera settings in the store itself. The app user can fill his shopping cart with the desired products and then place a commissioned order.

The objective resulted in the following tasks for us:

  • Development of a mobile app as an alternative digital point of sale
  • User-friendly application with intuitive operating options
  • Clear presentation of sales areas within the app
  • Interactive user interface with simple navigation options
  • Implementation of a shopping cart for processing customer orders

The implementation: Qt 6 as the basis for mobile app development

Qt as a basic technology

For the implementation of the mobile app and the integrated live shopping experience, Qt was chosen as the base technology. In the first development step, a basic system design was carried out for the entire implementation of the software. Based on this, the planning and setup of the necessary software infrastructure took place.

Jitsi Meet, Springboot & Vue.js

Within the backend development, the technology Jitsi Meet was used for integrated video features and Springboot. Springboot was also used as a framework, reducing the complexity of configuring new Spring projects. The implementation of the associated frontend was done with Qt’s own programming language QML. The connection to Jitsi Meet for the implemented video conferencing function was also created. In addition, the frontend management tool Vue.js was used in the frontend implementation. The management tool is used to integrate a wide variety of content sources for the application in parallel.

Optimized user interface for live shopping

For the user interface, two different views were designed and implemented during development: A view for the customers who make their purchases via the app and a view for the salespeople to process the corresponding customer requests. When the mobile application is launched, a view for the respective users to log in first appears. After logging in, customers are presented with an overview of the markets registered in the app. A corresponding waiting list then appears on the vendor page with the names of the registered customers. The salesperson can then accept this and initiate the interaction for the video conference. In addition to the sales talk and advice, there is a shopping cart, which can then be filled and emptied accordingly by the salesperson. Afterwards, the check-out takes place within the app.

Mobile App Development with Qt

A mobile app for secure and flexible shopping experiences - igniti

The result: A mobile app for secure and flexible shopping experiences

The result is a developed mobile app with functions for video communication with queue, vendor selection and shopping list function. In addition, a management tool for creating new vendors and user management was implemented.

Through the mobile app, users have an alternative to the analog market visit and at the same time a personal and vivid support of the shopping experience with additional service functions. This is made possible by the implemented video function for different areas. There is also the alternative for direct sales advice. This means that customers do not have to click through the entire store on their own, but have the same service as when shopping on site.

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