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Software development semiconductor industry

Are you looking for a software development partner who can support you in semiconductor production and at the same time guarantee high quality assurance requirements? Then igniti is the right place for you! We help you to use specialised and individual software in semiconductor production and the technology devices used there.

At igniti, you receive a comprehensive service characterised by expert knowledge, a professional approach and individual customer care. We offer our customers a holistic approach and agile project management. In addition, we can guarantee high scalability and take care of quality assurance (QA) in software development at the same time. With our team, we support you in further developing the appropriate device software for your semiconductor manufacturing or even optimising existing software for a specific system.

Software development for the semiconductor industry

Specialised software for high-tech equipment in the semiconductor industry

Associated with the production of microchips and semiconductors is the use of specialised software for the high-technology devices used there. With our software development semiconductor industry and our know-how, we support companies in the industry that already have a technology deployment and need additional software services, for example for semiconductor production.

We work together with leading manufacturers in semiconductor technology and microchip production and can comprehensively support the further development of existing software as a service provider. Since there are no standardised software solutions in this segment, with igniti you have a specialist at hand who can offer you individual software solutions and already has important experience in this area.


Central service areas:

  • Development and programming
  • Project management and consulting
  • Quality assurance and QA testing


  • C#
  • WinForms
  • WPF

Quality assurance and software testing

When developing specific software, we take over the associated test management and create important test plans for automation as well as for general quality assurance.

Thorough testing in software development saves time and costs. That is why we rely on test automation, which we do through the special software testing application such as Ranorex. Furthermore, we also work with other technologies within software testing. These fundamentally enable a high software quality thanks to extensive tests of individual subareas (units). Thanks to the technology used, we can offer our customers a complete takeover of the tasks in quality assurance (QA) or strive for a flexible cooperation in the area of software testing.

Software development in the semiconductor industry - quality assurance and software testing

Agile and flexible project management

At igniti, we follow an agile project management approach that can be flexibly adapted within the cooperation. This gives us the opportunity to react to changes and increasing requirements at any time. Within project implementation, we rely on proactive teamwork and promote innovative ways of thinking among all participants.

Practical experience and know-how in software development for the semiconductor industry

Within the high-tech sector of the semiconductor industry, we cooperate as partners with leading manufacturers who distribute high-tech equipment for semiconductor manufacturing and microchip production. In semiconductor manufacturing and optical lithography, structures are deposited on a wafer by so-called photomasks at different frequencies. In this process, it is particularly important to quickly identify errors and defects on the mask so that they can be corrected and not transferred to the wafer. This defect detection process is supported by customised software application to ensure error-free exposure. The associated software engineering aims precisely to avoid errors in the production of semiconductors and to use the technology more efficiently and cost-savingly. We already know the concrete requirements of the industry and bring the appropriate know-how and solutions to your development. As a service provider, we can also flexibly expand an existing software according to requirements and deliver exactly the development resources you need at the moment.

In the aforementioned cooperations, we primarily worked with the programming language C# in technology deployment and applied the appropriate frameworks such as WinForms, WPF and

Do not hesitate with your questions and feel free to contact us directly if you would like to learn more about this special sector and our software development semiconductor industry.

Software for the semiconductor industry

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