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The publishing industry is characterised by the regular publication of new print articles, such as books and magazines. Accordingly, it can quickly become a challenge in e-commerce to structure and organise these articles with all the associated product data. This is because supposedly identical products (based on their name) have a different print run or are different editions of the magazine.

To categorise product data in online shops from the publishing industry accordingly, a PIM (product information management) system is suitable, which collects all data centrally in one place. It can be individualised with its own attributes and thus map the particularly important attribute of the edition or publication date in the publishing industry.

Thanks to PIM, online shops can capture the complexity of products and information holistically and respond to the changing user behaviour of customers as a result of digitalisation with adapted, target group-specific product communication in order to keep up with e-commerce (business) in the best possible way.

Heise Shopware migration


Shop relaunch

PIM setup




Akeneo PIM

Our services for the Heise online shop

As a future-orientated and widely diversified company, Heise Medien GmbH & Co. KG provides information in the media and publishing industry. The Heise online shop is the e-commerce platform of the associated Heise Mediengruppe, Germany’s largest IT publisher. The online shop offers all of the publisher’s current magazines, selected specialist books, e-books and digital magazines as well as various subscription models for additional content. We carried out a major relaunch for the client, which now fully fulfils the requirements of the online shop.

  • Advice on the shop system
  • Migration from Magento 1 to Shopware 6
  • PIM – centralises product data and simplifies processes
  • Customised development of an interface from Akeneo PIM to Shopware 6
  • Search engine optimisation for better visibility
  • UI design enables better usability
  • New technologies ensure efficient processes in the shop

Success Stories

More about the individual projects of Heise Medien and igniti

Relaunch heiseshop on Magento - igniti

Shop relaunch on Magento

Relaunch on Magento and further development of the existing Heise online shop.

to the success story

Shop relaunch from Magento to Shopware

A modern, secure and high-performance shop system after the end of life of Magento 1.

to the success story
Shopware PIM for the digital upgrade - Heise

Shopware PIM

A competitive online shop through the interaction of Akeneo PIM and Shopware.

to the success story

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