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Cosmetics online shop development on Magento 1


After the style icon Ricarda M. retired from the tele-shopping business in 2013 after 15 years, an online shop was needed to keep her brand alive and to continue to offer customers the diversity of the cult beauty brand. The company Ricarda M. therefore commissioned us with the complete development of a cosmetics online shop with Magento 1.

Ricarda M. Logo

Beauty Online Shop Magento 1

Ricarda M. – Exclusive cosmetic products

Ricarda M. continuously inspires her customers with new products and innovations in cosmetics, fragrances, jewellery and sometimes even fashion. Customers have the option of purchasing products in the channel’s online shop as well as ordering directly from Ricarda M. Customer service via social media and telephone works smoothly and creates a trusting relationship with customers.

“By setting up the online shop, our regular customers can continue to shop for their favourite products in a modern and secure environment.”

Ricarda M. Hofmann, Trademark and Rights Owner

Ricarda M. Hofmann, trademark and rights owner



Development of a cosmetics online shop on Magento 1


Magento 1

Target group



Magento development

Frontend development

UI and UX design

Connection of Inxmail

Marketing campaigns

The goal of Ricarda M.: creating a brand identity

As there was no online shop for the Ricarda M. brand yet and the teleshopping queen retired from the industry, a platform was to be provided where customers and fans could still access the cosmetics brand’s products. The goal was to realise an online shop that was modern for the time and to build a brand identity that would inspire trust among customers. The individual design and the personal content should have the effect that customers can feel closer to Ricarda M.
Ricarda M. Hofmann, Trademark and Rights Owner


This resulted in the following tasks for us

  • Development of the online shop on the basis of Magento 1 technology
  • Creation and implementation of an appealing shop design
  • Development of a logic for fraud protection/risk management for purchase on account
  • Connection to the logistics centre and their ERP system for inventory management
  • Connection of payment service providers (PayPal and credit card payment)
  • Performance optimisation (frontend cache optimisation, performance increase)
  • Remember Me logic for notification in case of re-availability of sold-out products
  • Integration of countdown functions and graphic components to establish a link to teleshopping
  • Integration of Inxmail for newsletter creation
  • Creation of a marketing calendar and coordination of promotions with our client
  • Creation of marketing campaigns for effective customer retention

From goal setting to implementation - the solutions for the beauty online shop

Building a Beauty B2C Onlineshop with Magento 1

Development of the online shop in Magento 1

Together with the customer, we decided on Magento 1. As a flexible open source system with most standard functions, Magento 1 offered the best prerequisites in terms of expandability, customer care, logistics and accounts receivable management. Since many accesses to the online shop were to be expected due to promotions such as competitions, Magento 1 was also the right choice in terms of performance.

Development of a logic for fraud protection/risk management for purchase on account

To enable customers to purchase on account, we implemented a specially developed system for fraud protection and risk management in the online shop. The fraud prevention and detection system ensures a reliable and secure purchase. During the process, customer details are always checked against our list – if they are on it, the system blocks the order or puts it on hold. All collection files are regularly entered into the system and the postcode is stored in the system with the customer address. In addition to the purchase on account, the payment service providers PayPal and credit card payment could be connected to the online shop.

Teleshopping reference with countdown functions

Special functions such as a countdown to the end of the offer or graphic components were implemented by us into the system and prominently displayed on the start page. These marketing tools are automatically displayed when offer prices or certain categories are stored. Categories such as Magic Month, Magic Week etc. are intended to create a link to teleshopping.

Connection of Inxmail for newsletter creation

A newsletter provider was connected for the registration and deregistration in the shop and the newsletter registration process. In order to guarantee efficient e-mail marketing, we have connected the Inxmail tool for newsletter creation with a shop interface, which is used for the automatic retrieval of product information.

Creation of marketing actions for effective customer retention

We implemented marketing campaigns such as sending out a newsletter, Facebook posts or Google Ads campaigns in consultation with the customer. Promotions such as competitions, “customers recruit customers” or a gift service ensure sustainable and effective customer loyalty.

Marketing actions for effective customer retention

The result: a cosmetics shop with visibility and user-friendliness


Finally, in October 2013, the online shop for cosmetics on Magento 1 went live in the DACH regions. Thanks to us, the Ricarda M. brand has a modern online shop with an appealing design, suitable for the target group, with which our customer is optimally prepared for the future. The online shop convinces with a versatile assortment consisting of quality products from the areas of cosmetics, jewellery and fashion. By setting up an online shop, we enable regular customers to continue buying Ricarda M.’s products and also to participate in their lives.

In addition, we also implemented the e-commerce marketing for the Ricarda M. online shop and the redesign for the Ricarda M. cosmetics shop.

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