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E-commerce marketing for the beauty & cosmetics shop


The company Ricarda M. approached us with the request for a full-service e-commerce, which included the development of the online shop on Magento 1 as well as the support of the shop management. In addition, social media and newsletter marketing as well as SEA campaigns and personal customer care were to increase the reach and create proximity and trust with the customers.

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Ricarda M. – Exclusive cosmetic products

In 1998, the entrepreneur Ricarda Manuela Hofmann fulfilled her dream of self-employment and founded Ricarda M. Vertriebs GmbH. Since then, she has been delighting her customers with new products and innovations in the fields of cosmetics, fragrances, jewellery and fashion. Every week there are changing offers as well as super discounts and customers can secure exclusive customer benefits.

“The targeted online marketing measures bring our company significantly more reach and build trust and proximity to our customers.”

Ricarda M. Hofmann, brand and rights owner



Full-service e-commerce for online shop


Magento 1

Target group



Onlineshop on Magento 1

Shop management

Social media marketing

Newsletter marketing


Ricarda M.’s goal: more reach and customer proximity for her B2C shop

Together with our client, we decided to implement various e-commerce marketing measures. The focus was to be on consulting, strategy and shop management for the shop in order to generate more reach and sales for Ricarda M. products. The SEA and newsletter campaigns on a product basis were to be planned, implemented and reported on.





This resulted in the following tasks for us

  • Social media marketing for more reach
  • Implementation, creation and realisation of the newsletter for effective customer retention
  • Marketplace management to generate more reach
  • SEA measures, remarketing and display campaigns for efficient customer acquisition
  • Efficient shop management – support, reporting and (SEO) optimisations

From conception to implementation of the e-commerce marketing strategy


Social Media Marketing for Ricarda M.

High-reach social media marketing

In order to attract more users to the online shop, a social media strategy was developed. This includes regular Facebook posts about the current promotions with a focus on the special price. By connecting the product feed to the Facebook shop, users can quickly go from Facebook to the product detail page and buy the products directly. Facebook campaigns were also carried out to attract new customers.

Newsletter marketing for efficient customer retention

For effective customer retention, Ricarda M. customer newsletters are published weekly with regular updates on current products as well as special newsletters during TV shows. For this purpose, we designed the newsletter and connected it with the tool Inxmail, and prepared it in a customer-effective way with graphics.

Marketplace connection and management for more reach

For marketplace management, we connected the product data via our partner Lengow. By tapping into online marketplaces such as Amazon and the Facebook shop, we were quickly able to generate a high reach for the online shop. To meet the requirements of Amazon and Facebook, we prepare the product data and update and maintain the product feed.

SEA campaigns, remarketing and display campaigns to attract customers

In order to attract more customers to the Ricarda M. online shop, we connected Google Ads and ran SEA campaigns in the Google search network. With remarketing measures, potential customers should return to the B2C online shop and target groups should be optimally addressed. For this purpose, banners with special promotions (e.g. free shipping) as well as standard banners with products are played out as responsive ads in the display network.

SEA, Remarketing & Display Campaigns for Ricarda M.

Shop management & shop optimisation for Ricarda M.

Comprehensive shop management


For optimal shop management, we discuss marketing campaigns and implementation options in the system with our customer and prepare detailed reports. With a detailed marketing plan, we evaluate the entire shop from different perspectives in line with the target group. The focus is on the various marketing channels, the performance of the shop, the user level and the turnover. Based on this, we make recommendations and optimisation proposals for the coming months.

In addition, we create magazine and blog articles that inform existing customers about new products and provide insights into Ricarda M.’s life. The articles have a high SEO relevance, which should bring new users into the shop through search queries on e.g. Google. We also pay attention to content and technical SEO when creating the products in order to generate more visibility for the online shop. The meta data for the graphic creation bring the goals of the users, Google and a fast website in line. To attract more customers to the B2C shop, we adapt the UX/UI design to seasons and special offers, such as the Magic Sale.

The result: a cosmetics shop with more reach for the target group.

We have been looking after and supporting the Ricarda M. online shop since 2013, taking on the consulting, strategy and implementation of the shop and implementing extensive online marketing measures. Thanks to product and image campaigns, we were able to win more customers for the Ricarda M. brand and generate enormous enthusiasm for the products. Because more users were made aware of the shop, brand awareness as well as sales increased significantly.

In addition to the complete development of the Magento online shop for Ricarda M., we also took on the redesign of the Ricarda M. online shop.

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