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Magento 2 relaunch for a modern cosmetics shop

Ricarda M. Online shop

The company Ricarda M. approached us with the wish to carry out a relaunch and migration of the existing online shop to Magento 2. The manufacturer support for the previously used shop system Magento 1 was terminated. As a result, the system no longer receives updates and the online shop no longer meets all current security standards.

Ricarda M. Logo

Relaunch of Ricarda M. on Magento 2

Ricarda M. – Exclusive cosmetic products

The Ricarda M. brand stands for exclusivity and beauty. As an ambassador for her brand, Ricarda M. Hofmann takes great care to ensure that her products are of the highest quality and perfectly enhance the beauty of each of her customers. Ricarda M. continuously inspires her regular customers with new products and innovations in the world of cosmetics and fragrances.

Cosmetic products from Ricarda M.



Shop relaunch and migration to Magento 2


Magento 2

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Relaunch, Migration & Hypercare

Ricarda M.’s goal: More security and modernity for your B2C shop

With the relaunch to a current shop system like Magento 2, important security aspects can be restored. The basis for the new, modern platform remains the design of the already existing online shop. In order to offer customers more payment options in the future, credit card payment should be possible again in the new shop.

This resulted in the following tasks for us

  • Frontend development of the existing shop design
  • Adoption of purchase on account and optimisation of fraud protection
  • Payment extension for credit card payment
  • Takeover of existing functions
  • Server provider move from root360 to maxcluster
  • Data migration for the relaunch

The relaunch from Magento 1 to Magento 2


Store relaunch on Magento 2

Same shop, new system – the decision for Magento 2

In close cooperation with our customer, we decided to switch from Magento 1 to Magento 2, as the new platform offers many advantages. igniti already has groundbreaking experience with the Magento shop system and has successfully implemented similar projects in the past. One of the most important advantages of such a relaunch is that the basic online shop processes are almost identical in both systems.

Thanks to a migration tool, the data migration for the relaunch could be carried out without any major problems. Only the transfer of the Magento 1 shop design required more preparation, as a 1 to 1 transfer was not possible with the given means. By customising a selected Magento 2 theme, we were able to reconstruct the existing established UX design. In addition, we were able to recreate many functions from the old Magento 1 system in Magento 2.

Adjustment of payment options – automated protection against fraud

In order to provide the end customers with more payment options, a payment service provider was connected. For a long time, customers could only order by invoice, but now they can also pay by credit card. After a short time, however, we had to deactivate credit card payment again. The payment service provider does not easily support all of the ingredients that the products in the shop contain. As igniti, we have no influence on this factor – after our customer’s decision not to enter into further negotiations with the payment service provider, we now only offer purchase on account as a payment method again.

The invoice purchase taken over from the old system was adapted in Magento 2. We have re-implemented and optimised the fraud protection process. The process serves to reduce fraud and was maintained and carried out manually in Magento 1. By the system now regularly fetching the dunning statuses, all new entries will be added to the list of suspicious cases in the future.

Payment service for the online store Ricarda M.

Migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2

Adoption of existing functions in Magento 2

When moving to the new shop system Magento 2, we took over some functions that were already part of the Magento 1 shop. A connection to the logistics centre and their ERP system was essential due to the inventory management. For the secure and compliant use of cookies and tracking, we took over the already used Consent Management Platform and the Tag Management System.

At the request of the customer service, we took care of providing multi-coupon functionality in the new shop. The end customers should be able to use several coupon codes in one order without any of them losing their validity.


New System, New Server – Server Provider Move from root360 to maxcluster

In addition to the change from Magento 1 to Magento 2, the shop also moved to a new server provider. The reason for this was a business decision and not of a technical nature. The cloud infrastructure on which the online shop ran before the relaunch generated running costs because it was designed for very high loads. In addition, the technical handling of this structure proved to be less than optimal.

We decided to host the new online shop with Magento 2 at maxcluster. As igniti, we have already had very good experience with this server provider in many other projects. By changing the hosting provider, we were able to improve the deployment process of the Ricarda M. online shop.

The move to Magento 2 resulted in the following advantages for the shop:

  • Magento 2 is maintained and receives updates
  • Accessibility of Magento support
  • Improved and simplified maintenance of CMS content using content tool
  • Improved performance
  • Better mobile view in Magento 2 standard
  • SEO optimisation due to improved performance and mobile view

The result: a modern B2C shop with more security for all user groups

Since mid-November 2022, the company Ricarda M. has a modern online shop based on an up-to-date, secure and stable shop system. Through an optimised code base and implemented features, we were able to sustainably improve the performance of the shop. The migration to the newer system makes it possible to contact Magento support again in case of security problems and questions. In addition, thanks to Magento’s own content tool, content maintenance is much easier for us compared to Magento 1. After adapting the payment methods, some security updates were made in January 2023.

In addition to the relaunch, we are already supporting the company in the development of the online shop on Magento and are responsible for its e-commerce marketing.

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