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News from e-commerce and individual software development

Do you always want to be up-to-date with the latest topics, technologies and trends in the IT and software industry? You've come to the right place! In our e-commerce blog and software blog, everything revolves around the latest developments in the areas of e-commerce and individual software development. According to the motto "Only what changes remains", as a digital agency with many years of experience, we tackle challenges and develop concrete solutions. Digital change is advancing rapidly - so that you don't miss anything, we provide you with expert articles on exciting new concepts and models from the software and e-commerce industry, and also give you helpful recommendations and tips on which special features to look out for or how processes can be made even more efficient. In short, with our e-commerce blog and software blog we want to give updates on developments, offer solutions, inform and also inspire. We hope you enjoy reading it!


21. December 2023 from Vanessa Schröter

Qt World Summit 2023

After a two-year break, during which the conference only took place online, the Qt World Summit 2023 returns to the big live stage on 28 and 29 November. Numerous developers, experts and technology enthusiasts gathered in Berlin to gain up-to-date insights into the latest developments and trends in Qt technology.

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31. August 2022 from Tom Buschbeck

Individual software development

Flexible. Incremental. Agile. Lean. Customer-focused. Individual. Reliable. These attributes can all describe individual software development. What matters is the individuality, which is determined by the uniqueness of the customer project in every development. Therefore, each company should be treated according to its personal prerequisites ...

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Customized Software solutions

18. August 2022 from Tom Buschbeck

Individual software solutions

For the most part, there is no ready-made standard solution in the industrial environment for upcoming software projects that provides the desired services. Especially for larger groups in leading industries, the requirements for software solutions continue to increase ...

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Cross platform development

28. June 2022 from Tom Buschbeck

Cross platform development

The first impression of a web application and device applications is enormously important for a positive user experience. It determines whether your users will find the app intuitive and easy to use and whether they will continue to use it. Of course, the user interface (UI) has a major influence. Especially in cross-platform development ...

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