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Customised software solutions: Process, benefits & areas


published at 18.08.2022 from Tom Buschbeck

For the most part, there is no ready-made standard solution in the industrial environment for upcoming software projects that provides the desired services. Especially for larger groups in leading industries, the requirements for software solutions continue to increase with advancing digitalisation.

Accordingly, hardly anyone can avoid individual software solutions. Through innovative software solutions and competent software development, however, companies receive the individual software they desire and which is perfectly tailored to them.

In this article, we explain which processes are necessary for specialised software, which areas individual software covers and how individual software solutions can specifically help you to make your IT landscape more efficient.

Individuelle Softwarelösungen: Prozess, Vorteile & Bereiche


What processes are needed for an individual software solution?

Whether for desktop or mobile devices, cloud and web solutions or embedded software systems, in three steps companies receive the individual software that best meets their requirements.

Requirements analysis software solutions

1. detailed requirements analysis

Establishing functional and non-functional requirements for the software system creates the basis. Developers with diverse IT knowledge can offer professional advice and make recommendations.

Flexible software development

2. flexible software development

The software can be developed in different programming languages and frameworks, such as C++ with the framework Qt (but also C, C#, JAVA and MFC development etc. are possible). The process should be flexible from start to finish, and the product should be continuously controlled by software testing to ensure the quality of the software.

Individual software solution

3. custom software solution

Individual software solutions are used in all areas and industries (e.g. software development for medical technology, automotive, aerospace). The result should be precisely tailored to the needs of your company as well as to your customers.

Software Agency igniti

The foundation: Laying the foundation for customised software with a requirements analysis

Efficiency is the foundation of a profitable business. High-performance software is not only of high priority for your customers or users, but also to optimise the company’s internal processes. The business software must therefore meet the highest standards. In order to be able to define these clearly and make an offer, we first analyse all the requirements for the new software solution and the current status quo of your system landscape. To ensure that the customised software solution can optimally support you in your day-to-day business and bring your company to new life, every detail should be taken into account and included in the development process.

The process: software development for the perfect solution, not the perfect plan

After the idea for the new software solution has been concretised, the next step is to develop the software for reality. The individual software is usually developed in the common programming languages (C++, C, C#, JAVA, PHP) and with the help of various frameworks, such as the cross-platform Qt. Since the creation of individual software that is supposed to fit perfectly in the end never goes straight from start to finish, it should always be flexibly adapted to the current circumstances and changing requirements. After all, inflexibility rarely produces innovation. Close customer contact and constant exchange as well as quality assurance during development are particularly important. This is how the best results emerge in the end, with which both sides are happy.

Software development with C++,C, C#, Java and PHP

The result: individual software solutions for versatile areas of application

First and foremost, you should be fully satisfied with your new technology, which, in contrast to standard software, should be an optimal fit for you. The core competence of the commissioned software agency should lie primarily in the software development of applications optimised for desktop and mobile devices under the operating systems Android, iOS, Windows, Linux and Mac, as well as in the networking of server landscapes.

Software development for medical technology

What are the different software solutions?

  • Smart Services
  • Apps
  • Backend & Frontend
  • Designs (C++ und C#)
  • Computer Vision Solutions
  • Industrial Software Solutions
  • Embedded Software
  • Device Driver
  • 3D Visualisations
  • Security Software
  • Cloud Services
  • Open Plattform Communication
  • and much more

The advantages of customised software

It should be no secret that customised software involves a certain amount of expense in the first step. After all, you don’t get a ready-made product off the shelf, but are measured from head to toe so that everything fits perfectly in the end. But that’s not the only reason why it’s worth investing in custom software. In the end, you save a lot of time with a customised solution and only invest in what you really need to run your business efficiently or operate equipment according to your requirements.

Customised software solutions can offer you these additional advantages:

  • Decide for yourself which services you need and which you don’t – no superfluous software tools for which you pay empty.
  • Individual software integrates immediately and seamlessly into existing systems.
  • Individual adaptations and extensions can be implemented quickly and inexpensively at any time. In this way, functions and design always remain to your taste and up-to-date.
  • Plan your future investments and digital projects more securely.
  • With customised software, you can secure an edge over the competition.

Which areas do individual software solutions cover?

User-friendly, modern frontend designs

With the framework Qt, the 1:1 implementation for a new frontend succeeds, which enables intuitive and particularly precise work.

Example reference: Innovative frontend for a medical device for the application of different eye laser methods.

Optimally personalised logistics apps

The technical conversion of the system landscape to new, app-based processes for maximum efficiency and safety in production is not only innovative, but should be approached individually.

Example reference: A mobile app for tablet and smartphone that, in conjunction with a glove scanner, compares component lists by barcode.

Platform-independent, reusable widgets

Based on dynamic parameters, widgets are developed for the display of various elements such as input, selection and output controls as well as for the visualisation of data on medical devices and much more. Developed.

Shop system extensions

An online shop can be equipped and extended with new functions and processes through individual software solutions.

We develop your individual software with individual software solutions

Individual software solutions help you to optimise your IT landscape and achieve your business goals.
Maybe you only know that something needs to be changed, but not yet what and how? As software developers, we are happy to take a look at the status quo of your architecture and advise you on the upcoming project. The sooner we get started, the better your chances are in the competition for digitalisation.

We are already looking forward to the challenge of developing a customised technology for your business!

Software agency igniti for your software solutions

Tom Buschbeck

about the author

Tom Buschbeck

Tom hat an der Technischen Universität Ilmenau seinen Bachelor in Ingenieurinformatik absolviert, und praktische Erfahrungen in diversen Softwareunternehmen gesammelt, bevor er 2015 zur igniti kam und zunächst als Softwareentwickler für C++ den Bereich mit aufgebaut hat. Als Head of Digital Solutions kümmerte er sich bis 2023 um sämtliche Bereiche im Unternehmen, um diese weiter voran zu bringen.

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