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SEO-optimisation and SEA for industrial wholesalers

Boie B2B Onlineshop

Boie GmbH commissioned us with online marketing consulting in the areas of SEA and SEO for their B2B online shop. The online shop needed improved SEO performance for more organic visibility as well as reach and a targeted SEA campaign for generic traffic to Boie products.

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SEA & SEO Success Story for Boie

Boie – traditional company in the industry

Boie GmbH can already look back on a long corporate history – today, the company is one of the largest technical trading companies in Baden-Württemberg. In its online shop, the specialist retailer sells products from the fields of automation, industrial supplies, mechanics and tools.

“”The applied online marketing measures bring our company significantly more visibility as well as reach and the customer is optimally addressed.”

Dr. Hans Boie, Managing Director of Boie GmbH



Better visibility for the B2B shop


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The goal of Boie:
More visibility for their B2B shop

With the relaunch on the Intershop platform, new opportunities arose to lead users to the products with better organic findability. In other words, the best conditions to gain more visibility with the domain, which in turn we aimed for in terms of reach and traffic. The focus should be on the keyword optimisation of search queries – industry-typical keywords such as roller bearings, clamping screws, guide pins or gas springs should ultimately be easy to find 24/7 for the customer & new customer. An additional added value consists of the product numbers that customers prefer to search for, these should also appear in search queries with the Boie domain. For all other and special target groups, new traffic for the online shop should also be generated with targeted generic traffic by means of SEA campaigns. The SEA campaigns on a product basis should be planned, implemented and reported.

This resulted in the following tasks for us

  • Comprehensive SEO OnPage analysis to find weak points
  • SEO consulting for the e-commerce system based on Intershop
  • Optimisation of the crawl budget for efficient crawling
  • Optimising rich snippets for SEO – for more attention in Google search results
  • SEA consulting and targeted campaigns for customer acquisition

From search engine optimisation to user optimisation - the solutions for the B2B shop

SEA SEO-optimisation Intershop Boie

SEO OnPage analysis for improved performance

At the beginning, we carried out an OnPage analysis for the online shop in order to uncover errors that influence the current performance. Documentation was created in the areas of technology, content and SEO performance for meta data, page structures, URLs, PageSpeed, 404 errors, sitemaps and many other focal points. This formed the basis for the next steps in the optimisation.

SEO Consulting for the Intershop Shop System

For a better configuration of the shop system, we supported Boie GmbH in a consulting capacity and showed our customer solutions for performance problems. Here we again relied on the cooperation with Intershop, who implemented our proposed solutions. Through the constant further development of the shop system, we create quality for the entire commerce platform and thus ensure an increase in visibility, reach and traffic.

Optimising the crawl budget for the B2B online shop

The Boie shop, with a six-figure number of URLs, was to be optimised for crawling. The aim was for the crawler to find the pages faster and bring them into the search results. For this purpose, various adjustments were made to the Intershop system so that the crawler can read the URLs efficiently and does not generate high abort rates. We also optimised the creation of the sitemaps to give the crawler a guide to the shop structure given the high number of URLs.

SEA consulting and campaigns for effective customer retention

In order to attract more customers to the B2B shop and to draw attention to special offers, we set up SEA campaigns for various campaigns. Keyword research was used to filter out suitable search terms, which in B2B often consist of specific product numbers or variants. To increase user attention, the most important benefits were mentioned in the text ads and ad extensions were used. By setting up user tracking with Google Analytics, the campaigns can be optimised and target groups can be specifically addressed. In addition, we gave our client Boie advice on functions in a training session on Google Analytics so that they can use the tool independently.

SEO and SEA optimisation in the Intershop shop system from Boie

The result: a B2B shop with more visibility for all user groups.

We have been supporting Boie GmbH since 2019 with online marketing measures that have led to a significant increase in the reach and visibility of the online shop. Within a short period of time, the Boie shop can boast 50% more top 10 rankings as well as 50% more keywords. This increased the visibility of the domain in search engines such as Google by a remarkable 300 %. The increased visibility also offers the shop more opportunities for new customers and a better conversion rate in the future.

We also developed the user-optimised UI & UX design for the B2B online shop for Boie.

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