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Business Intelligence for the spice trade

Lay Gewürze GmbH

Lay Gewürze GmbH was looking for a partner to improve its sales processes by introducing a business intelligence tool. Specifically, they were looking for a B2B sales display that would support the sales representatives in clearly displaying current sales figures in a dashboard as well as providing options for business analysis.

Lay Gewürze - Gewürzgroßhandel für die Industrie

Business Intelligence Sucess Story for Lay Gewuerze

Lay Gewürze GmbH – a company with a long history

With over 100 years of company history, the Lay Gewürze company can look back on a long and successful history in the food industry. The range of products for industrial customers primarily includes herb and spice mixtures as well as products for the refinement of various foodstuffs.

“The digital sales display constantly supports the field staff with current sales figures and is an optimal solution for digital sales analysis.”

Jörg Gerstein, Managing Director of Lay Gewürze GmbH



Digital turnover display for sales representatives



Target group



Business Intelligence

The goal of Lay Gewürze:
Optimising sales with business intelligence

With the use of BI, the company wants to improve sales processes by providing the previous monthly evaluation through a back-end dashboard for each sales representative, which displays sales digitally, accessible at any time and clearly. The turnover display is intended to provide employees with current key figures from sales and associated filtering options to enable additional analysis.

This resulted in the following tasks for us

  • Analysis and advice on the provision of a suitable BI tool
  • Integration of data sets for target-oriented evaluations
  • Implementation of an individual dashboard for sales
  • Filtering options for additional sales analyses

The implementation: Cumulative turnover display for the sales department

ERP System - Case for Lay Gewuerze

Needs analysis and selection of a suitable BI tool

Due to the functionality requirements and the budget, the B2B turnover display was realised with Metabase. The business intelligence solution Metabase is available as a free open source programme, which is why there are no further expenses for using the tool.

With the decision for Metabase, an independent platform for the evaluation of digital sales was also created to ensure independent functionality and updateability of the online shop (Shopware).

Integration of the relevant data and evaluations

For the realisation of the B2B turnover display, the database of Lay Gewürze’s ERP system was fully integrated in the BI tool Metabase in order to bring together all relevant data.

Metabase combines different database tables with each other and offers suitable functions for visual data evaluation. In addition, it is possible to flexibly expand analyses as well as evaluations at any time. Furthermore, a real-time link can be generated for the data evaluation for a temporally accurate display.

An individual dashboard for each sales representative

An individual dashboard was created in Metabase for each sales representative. The dashboard contains the sales figures that originate from the customer’s ERP system and reflects the cumulative turnover of the sales representatives.

The sales generated by the sales agents are allocated in digital sales based on the corresponding sales territories. To ensure that a sales representative can only view their own sales figures, additional tables have been created in the database for unique allocation.

Filtering for flexible data analysis

Further advantages for business data analysis and sales also result from the extensive filtering options within the sales display.

Possibility of filtering for independent evaluations by the sales representative:

  • Date
  • Short description of the customer
  • Customer number
  • Customer group
  • Article description
  • Article number
  • Article group
  • Transaction number

Customised online shop dashboard for Lay Gewuerze

The result: Individual sales display for sales analysis

By introducing Business Intelligence, the company Lay Gewürze has created the basis for a strategic evaluation and optimisation for its own sales. The available data is made analytically usable and can be used as a basis for further adjustments and improvement of the own sales activities.

Advantages in sales through the implemented Business Intelligence solution:

  • Daily updated sales figures available for customers
  • Filtering options and individual adjustments
  • Visual preparation of the turnover figures

The implemented B2B turnover display supports the employees in their daily work and provides an up-to-date and clear presentation of the relevant sales activities.

In addition, we took over the implementation of the online shop with Shopware 6 for Lay Gewürze and thus supported the company in the digitalisation of sales.

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