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UX Test and Conversion Optimization

A high conversion rate is the goal of every online shop owner, this is a KPI that is not easy to optimize. To achieve this, errors and optimization potential in usability must be uncovered and then corrected. And not just once, but on a regular basis, because the optimizations we implement are not always immediately effective. With usability analyses and tests at fixed intervals, we keep your online shop in shape and your customers in the mood to buy.

Why a UX test pays off in the long run!

If you are involved in the development of a product yourself, you have a different, biased view of it and usually cannot discover all the potential that would be possible. External, real test subjects, however, can deliver decisive empirical results in a professionally conducted UX test in order to round off the user experience and eliminate all stumbling blocks on the way to a successful purchase.


The result: a win-win situation.  The customer is happy about the purchase of a new product and you about the increase in your sales. With each repetition of the UX test, your online shop becomes a little better and together we can continuously react to significant changes in behavior.


Traffic increase for your online shop

If the conversion rate is satisfactory for the time being, the traffic can be screwed. After all, even the highest online shop traffic remains a zero business in the end if users do not convert to buyers. It is important to note that not all traffic is the same. A basic distinction is made between organic and paid traffic, referral and direct traffic, social traffic and newsletter traffic. Ultimately, many roads lead to your B2C or B2B online shop.


However, it is not only through which channels how many prospective buyers flow in, but also the traffic quality must be right. This is decisively influenced by the “stickiness” of a page. The better this is, the longer the time on site, another central KPI in e-commerce, becomes. How long users stay with you can also be controlled by certain UX tricks. With a UX test, we can measure for you whether they also fulfill your function.


UX Test Conversion Optimization

UX testing methods – the real experience

You can usually rely on the intuition, experience and tact of UX designers, but regular usability analyses and tests are definitely recommended for safeguarding. There are more than a dozen different UX testing methods that we can use depending on the phase and development stage of your project. Possible methods include task or context analyses, on-site surveys, expert-based evaluation, rapid prototyping or usability tests with web controlling tools.

The more specific the problem, the more accurately it is possible to test with the right method and define questions in order to obtain optimally usable results. Just ask us.

Guiding questions during testing can be as follows, for example:

  • How is the idea received by the target group?
  • Are terms, navigation levels and categories understood/considered appropriate/do they correspond to the user’s language?
  • Is the product flawless to use?
  • Does the target group expect, miss or wish for anything else?
  • What is the feeling, the trust and fun factor when interacting with the product?
  • How was the product found, were there any difficulties in navigation?
  • How is the brand/product perceived?

Our pride and joy


Usability optimization for the optimal conversion rate

One of the most common problems of online shop operators is that users add products to their shopping cart, but then do not complete the process. There can be countless internal and external reasons for this. A usability test can take a targeted look at problems of this kind in order to find out which factors, for example, cause the purchase abandonment and then apply concrete levers of conversion rate optimization in the right place.


The usability test as a first measure for conversion optimization for your online shop

A usability test is almost always worthwhile. Whether for the revision of a prototype, bug fixes during agile product development or the status quo determination of an existing shop. The observation and survey of your users provides useful, detailed information about their needs at any point in the project, so that we can adapt your online shop perfectly to them.


A/B testing for usability comparison

An A/B test is used to quantitatively evaluate the new version, which has emerged from the findings of the UX analysis, with your actual online shop users. The direct comparison of the new variant with the old one provides the definitive answer to whether the adaptation of the user interface design has a positive effect on the conversion rate or not. If your site does not yet have enough traffic to gain valid results from an A/B test, we can alternatively fall back on conversion hay risks based on our cross-industry experience.

Workflow Usability Optimisation

UX test and conversion optimization by the UX design agency igniti

In summary, our UX testing and CR optimization procedures offer you these advantages:

  • A secure basis for argumentation: With usability tests, you can plan decisions based on empirical data and with more reliable results
  • Time and effort savings: We select the right tool and take care of the implementation – you increase CR and sales without burdening development capacities
  • Ongoing optimization: With our circular workflow, you never lose sight of the goal – a complete (profit-maximizing) online shop


So if you think that your KPIs still have upward potential, we can use the user view to show you exactly your potential and thus generate hypotheses that are highly likely to drive up your conversion.


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