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Spryker B2B Commerce


With Spryker, you are choosing the most advanced B2B Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution on the market, built on a headless API architecture, cloud-ready and enterprise-ready. Are you ready to think big and deliver an exceptional customer experience to your business customers? Whatever your vision for B2B e-commerce, don’t let it be boxed in – define your own format.

With Spryker in B2B you remove all limits.


We promise you one thing: the Spryker Commerce OS is not a standard e-commerce system. The innovative concept offers limitless Commerce Comfort for your business and provides you with more than 1000 component-by-component updwellable modules, with which even very specific and unique B2B requirements can be realized. The clarity of the storefront, numerous individual configuration options and intuitive navigation lead to a simplification of processes in the retail and marketplace environment.


Your new Spryker B2B shop will enable your business customers to process extensive orders digitally in just as relaxed as the morning shopping at the bakery counter – to your advantage!


Spryker B2B Shop

These are the highlights in your new Spryker B2B shop:

✓ Sales Assistant

Would you like to be able to advise your business customers online at any time? The Spryker feature “Agent Assist” enables your back office users to slip into the role of the user on demand and provide practical support in selecting products or creating shopping lists in the storefront. This strengthens the bond and increases your conversion rate.


✓ Rights management

In B2B purchasing, several decision-makers always have responsibility for what ends up in the shopping cart. This requires a system that assigns various granular roles and rights to individuals along the entire purchasing process and simplifies planning. With Spryker, your users always have an overview, even in particularly large departments. From creating the shopping list(s), sharing the shopping cart to clicking on the “Buy” button, everyone always knows who has to do what and when.


✓ Process automation

The workflow for your business when ordering online has never been smoother. The B2B shop handles the majority of agreements and approvals with automated digital processes. Your users will hardly notice a difference with offline trading. The punchout functionality, session management as well as the possibility of quick orders and other services offer security and save buyers enormous time.


✓ Versatile product and catalog management

A clear storefront is one of the most decisive factors in the shopping experience. In order for prospective buyers to find what they are looking for as quickly as possible – with you and not with the competition – you can use selected attributes to structure products into logical category trees. With Spryker, barcode shopping is possible, and you can suggest individually configurable product bundles that round off the purchase.


✓ Individual multi-store concept

Do you run more than one local or international B2B shop? The multi-store concept allows you to get all product information from one database while adapting it to the different local needs of the territory, such as currencies, languages, SEO, prices, product availability, etc. The multi-locale also allows the business logic to be adapted to individual country branches. Even different B2B brands can be easily operated by duplicating and adapting the original shop system into a new Spryker Cloud Commerce OS.


✓ Offer management

The communication between you and your shop users is resolved with a pre-built, extensively automated inquiry-offer process with just a few clicks. The “Request a Quote” rule forwards customer requests – e.g. for a better price based on the zip code – to the responsible sales agent, who can then conveniently adjust and accept them in their backend. A comment function on each article optionally serves to explain decisions.


We are Spryker Gold Partner

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Other benefits of Spryker B2B Commerce

For B2B companies with large turnovers, a Spryker shop brings the best conditions to become an internationally successful player on the online market. For ambitious newcomers to e-commerce as well as for transformation businesses, the B2B framework is a guarantee of success, especially in the UK, the Benelux countries and the Nordics. Among other things, for these reasons:

Well navigated to the fuller shopping cart

Give your users incentives to increase their order value. All clever tricks known from face-to-face sales talks also work digitally with Spryker. For example, in the administration of your product range, you have the option of putting together different product bundles or placing upselling offers. These bundles can even be individually configured by the users themselves according to their exact requirements and placed in the shopping cart or saved for a later date. Barcodes, Specific Pricing (CPQ), Multi Warehousing and other product management functions make the processing of orders much more efficient for both sides of the business relationship. The improved shopping experience translates into loyalty and increased sales.

Spryker Bundles

One backend – a thousand possibilities

Spryker knows that your business customers can’t all be lumped together, and therefore ensures very individual user experiences and digital services, tailored to the specifics of each of your target groups and the locations where you sell your product range. For example, we can create an individual storefront design for each country and adapt the territory-specific business logic accordingly. This is thanks to the decoupling of the “Zed” backend, which is already included with PIM, ERP, CMS, etc. and is decoupled from the “Yves” frontend. In this way, look & feel can be adapted more quickly to different interfaces, and you can reach your B2B customers at every digital touchpoint – regardless of where they are and which device they use.

Use the latest commerce trends and tools

Those who break away from the standard think in wider spheres than an average retailer. Since Spryker relies on its own architecture with a high-performance interface technology, the so-called “GLUE APIs”, extensions of all kinds can be integrated. These quickly open up suitable possibilities as a user of the platform. Recognize a trend – e.g. voice control in the search function and would like to offer it rather than your competition? Spryker makes it easy to implement new modules into existing systems. Transform and grow your business as the market demands based on real data, because Spryker is made to adapt agilely to current needs.

Spryker B2B Consulting

igniti realizes your B2B vision with Spryker Commerce OS

As part of the Mindcurv Group and a Spryker partner, igniti has the advantage of experienced, international developers in all areas of the e-commerce journey who think along and ahead for your success. We always respond to ideas with motivation, speed and precision. But before we jump head first into the implementation of your e-commerce project, let us analyze the status quo of your commerce structure and identify potentials in a detailed Spryker consultation including a guided tour through the current B2B demo shop.


Well prepared, it’s time to go – and at full throttle! Reach your target group perfectly at every digital touchpoint, despite the most complex requirements. We support you in the development of a B2B online strategy as well as with our technical expertise in setting up, operating and further developing your Spryker Commerce platform and integrating your existing third-party software into the new system. With a user-oriented UX/UI design, targeted digital marketing, business intelligence measures and high-performance product data management, we round off your business platform according to your needs and continuously drive the numbers up!


Our pride and joy


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